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Russell Simmons Signs Overall Deal With HBO, Developing Broken Lizard Series

Set hundreds of years in the future, 'The Broken Lizard Show' offers a comedic take on race. read more

It's baby lizard season in Los Angeles

Most of the hatchlings you will see now are either Western Fence Lizards or Side-blotched Lizards. But you never know.

Summer Style from Maurices (and a coupon!)

Leapin’ lizards, it is HOT outside! Cue my favorite summer staple: the maxi dress. They feel like pajamas, can catch a breeze, are comfortable, and look cute – why would you NOT love them?! Maurices sent over a fun box filled with summer...Show More Summary

‘Savage or Civilized? Manners in Colonial Australia’ by Penny Russell

You may remember a number of years back when Prime Minister Paul Keating had the audacity to place his hand on Her Majesty’s back to gently steer her in a crowd. He was quickly dubbed “The Lizard of Oz” by … Continue reading ?

So much for the ‘lizards are facing mass extinction due to climate change’ scare…

Guest post by David H. Middleton Truly amazing…Miocene (~20 MYA) lizards, preserved in amber, “identical to their modern cousins.” Ancient lizards in amber amaze scientists Tuesday, 28 July 2015 Stuart Gary ABC A community of lizards from the Caribbean, preserved for 20 million years in amber, have been found to be identical to their modern…

New York Lizards Dancers

The New York Lizards Dancers under the direction of Paul Sanders, perform at the home games of the Major League Lacrosse New York Lizards. I had the pleasure of visiting with the dancers at their final home game of the season back on July 9th. Unfortunately a thunderstorm rolled in at half time necessitating a [...]

These Weird Sea Creatures Puke Their Guts Up in Self-Defense

last weekHumor / odd : mental_floss

If you think it’s impressive when a dog rolls over and plays dead or a lizard regenerates its lost tail, the sea squirt Polycarpa mytiligera has a trick that will really blow your mind.

Is This Leggy Creature a Snake Ancestor? Scientists Disagree

last weekHumor / odd : mental_floss

Researchers say a new fossil from Brazil indicates that snakes evolved from burrowing lizards.

Fossil shows prehistoric snake had four feet

Scientists believe the 120 million-year-old fossil could be the missing link between snakes and lizards

Scientists Find 4-Legged Snake Fossil

The discovery of what's thought to be the first four-legged snake fossil is giving scientists a closer look at how the slithery creatures evolved from lizards. The unusual remains, 20 centimeters long with tiny 1-centimeter legs, were...Show More Summary

Newswire: Michael Jackson wanted to play Jar Jar in The Phantom Menace

In what could have been the only thing more distracting than a heavily accented space lizard doing pratfalls in the background of the most heavily anticipated sequel in science fiction movie history, Michael Jackson apparently lobbied to play the character of Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Show More Summary

Four-legged snake fossil found

An “absolutely exquisite” fossil of a snake that had four legs has been discovered by a team of scientists and may help show how snakes made the transition from lizards to serpents.

Thousands Of Pigs Left Homeless Amid Craze For Tiny Pet Swine

Whether it’s kittens, lizards, puppies or cockatoos, humans just love their pets. But often when one species has a spike in popularity, many pets are left without homes once the craze dies down, and folks realize it’s not always easy raising an animal. You know, because animals have a tendency to eat a lot, and grow, things many pig owners … [More]

Cave of the Hanging Snakes in Kantemo, México

The yellow-red rat snake (Pseudelaphe flavirufa) is a small forest snake that normally hunts rodents, lizards, and other small animals in the ground. However, in a remote cave tucked away in the jungles of the Yucatan, these snakes have...Show More Summary

H1Z1, PlanetSide boss steps down following online harassment

John Smedley, boss of Daybreak (formerly Sony Online Entertainment), has stepped down as president and CEO of the company. The move follows more than a year of online harassment from hacking group Lizard Squad - the outfit that took down PlayStation Network and Xbox Live over Christmas 2014. Show More Summary

Daybreak Game Company’s John Smedley steps down as chief executive officer

EXCLUSIVE: Just a few weeks after Lizard Squad took down Daybreak servers, one of the pioneers of massively multiplayer online games and the free-to-play strategy on home consoles is leaving his company.

Zoologger: lizard’s optical illusion makes its throat fan glow up

There's no mistaking Jamaican Gray anole lizard glowing brightly in the dark forest understory. The glow helps it communicate with other lizards

The ‘Rampage’ Adaptation Is In Serious Trouble

While I was beyond disappointed with Godzilla, I had high hopes for New Line Cinema’s Rampage, which would pit mankind against a giant gorilla, wolf and lizard. Rampage is an adaptation of the classic video game in which the players controls the aforementioned monsters in an attempt to destroy cities across the country. Now, New […]

Zoologger: Lizard’s optical illusion makes its throat fan glow

Anolis lizards use colourful throat fans to woo females and deter rivals, but they're hard to spot in the dark undergrowth. The Jamaican Gray anole has a special trick

Schleich World of History Giganotosaurus (orange) Review

A Review of the Schleich World of History Giganotosaurus (Orange) Schleich have added another meat-eating dinosaur model to their World of History collection.  It is a Giganotosaurus (the name means Giant Southern Lizard), the most colourful of all the Giganotosaurus replicas that this German manufacturer have made.  This Schleich dinosaur model is referred to as […]

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