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What's With All These New Chameleon Names? (part 1)

Chameleons are among the most distinctive and charismatic of lizards, and a long list of anatomical features makes them unusual relative to other members of the group. Most of the sorts of things I... -- Read more on

Vigilante Hackers Fight Lizard Squad For Control Of 150,000 Home Routers

14 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Vigilante hackers are trying to remove Lizard Squad from 150,000 home routers. But with widespread vulnerabilities, the malicious malware spreaders are winning.

Australian reptiles send Kevin Hart into meltdown, Ice Cube doesn't even care

Comedian Kevin Hart is chilling with his mate Ice Cube in Australia, but he ain't chill about the local lizards and snakes. Hart appeared alongside the legendary rapper on Australian breakfast show Today Tuesday morning, where the duo...Show More Summary

"Unpimpable" to Pastors Who Prey

Un-pimp-able. I am. Unpimpable by those "pastors" who prey on the poor, who dwell in opulence, or strut like peacocks in the pulpit, wearing flashy designer suits, lizard or gator shoes, their necks dripping with golden crosses. Those who more resemble gaudy pimp-like creatures than humble men of God. Show More Summary

I Am the Lizard King: Learning to Turn Off the Hurt

Dermatographic urticaria, or "skin writing," is a condition that causes local hives-type inflammation where the skin is touched. This photo was taken moments ago, about a minute after very lightly scratching the words onto my arm. It will get puffier and puffier, look more like a scar, over the next half hour, and then it will go away. Show More Summary

The Madagascan Skink Amphiglossus Eats Crabs

Neither stream-dwelling nor crab-eating are common pieces of behaviour in lizards. Madagascar is home to a morphologically and behaviourally diverse group of skinks, and a few of those are... -- Read more on

Mind Your Fingers

The six beaded lizards breaking out of their eggs in the video above are part of an effort to help their species survive. Yes, they’re adorable—but they also bite. And are poisonous. But in the wild these lizards—cousins of the American Gila monster, and native to Mexico and northern Central America—are beset by poaching and habitat loss.

Gauli Shastra – Method of Predicting Future Based on the Sounds of a Lizard

Gauli Shastra, or Gouli Shastram, is a method of predicting future evens based on the... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Dead Lizards and Philosophical Zombies: Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer on “The Choice”

Twelve years after “The Notebook” became a surprise hit at the box office, the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation arrives in theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day. Director Ross Katz’s “The Choice” stars Benjamin Walker as Travis,...Show More Summary

PREVIEWS: "Unfollow," "Batgirl," "Nova" & More New Comics on Sale February 3, 2016

Spidey battles the Lizard and high school drama, James Gordon explores his role as the new Batman, Lara Croft battles Mr. Green and more.

Darin Morgan Brings The X-Files’ New Season to Its Best Stuff

“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” was well on its way to becoming a pantheon X-Files episode, but the graveyard scene between Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and the shape-shifting lizard creature (Flight of the Conchords regular Rhys Darby) put it over the top. “Did you lose somebody recently?” Mulder asks... More »

X-Files: "You Can't Transform into a Different Sex! That's Nuts!"

In the new X-Files episode "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster," the monster of the week is a horned lizard that transforms into a human and back. At one point the monster is hit by a former man who "transitioned last year" into a woman. Talking about it later, Fox Mulder tries to explain what transgender means to the human form of the lizard, and it does not compute.

The X-Files: Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster

Mulder & Scully are in search of a "man-size horn lizard with human teeth." Guest starring cryptid enthusiast Rhys Darby of The Cryptid Factor.

Street Fighter: Two Giant Lizards Battling In Busy Street

last weekHumor / odd : Geekologie

This is a video from possibly Thailand of two Bengal monitor lizards duking it out in a busy street. That have got some serious moves, and I think UFC figher and WWF wrestlers both could learn a thing or two from these guys. It's amazing how close all the cars are driving by and these guys don't give a single damn because they are DOING BATTLE. Show More Summary

A Manolo Blahnik Documentary Is Coming To The Big Screen

It's titled Manolo (The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards), directed by Michael Roberts, and will soon hit the big screen. A documentary about iconic shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, which shall be revealed at the Berlin Film Festival. The documentary is still in production at present, and its director, who has [...]

Fialkov's "Godzilla: Oblivion" Idolizes The Iconic Thunder Lizard

Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov talks with CBR about transforming the terrible thunder lizard a veritable god in "Godzilla Oblivion."

“You’re a big lizard, and I’m an ice cream cone”

last weekTechnology : Wordyard

A quarter-century ago when I first wrote about VR, Jaron Lanier was talking about how we could all become lobsters. Today, porn-VR entrepreneurs are talking about how we can all become lizards. Plus ca change… From “Behind the Scenes of Tori Black’s Virtual Reality Porn Debut,” by Sarah Ratchford in Vice: [VR porn exec] Young […]

Lizard Street Fight

A pair of monitor lizards duke it out in the middle of the road. Judging by the lack of reaction from the humans around them, we bet this isn’t their first round. We like to imagine they’re just the town drunks, trying to walk each other home after their usual night out.

Animal Behavior: Monitor Lizards Shoot The Fair One In The Middle Of The Street [Video]

Monitor Lizards Caught On Camera Fight In The Middle Of The Street LMAO! Why do they look like high school teenagers wrestling each other??? Image via YouTube

Determined Lizards Duel In The Middle Of A Busy Road

It was a Godzilla battle -- just on a much smaller scale.  Two monitor lizards were caught on video taking it to the streets to settle whatever beef they had, and they didn't care at all about the passing traffic. It's not clear where...Show More Summary

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