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Illustration Throwback Thursday #45

I did the pencils and inks (I think) for the cover of this “Mr. Lizard” one shot 3-D comic for NOW Comics, circa 1993.

Conservationists rid Florida of invasive iguanas by smashing their heads

Invasive iguana populations have soared in Florida, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission launched a $63,000 research project to figure out the best way to get rid of the lizards. But the Sun Sentinel and Gizmodo reported some people are taking issue with one method: that of smashing in the iguanas' heads.[...]

Four-legged fugitive: Big lizard is on the lam from San Diego pet shop

Residents near San Diego are warned to watch out for a four-legged fugitive: a 5-foot monitor lizard that wriggled out of its cage. Mike Estevez tells KGTV that the 35-pound reptile named Bubbles was last seen on Sunday at his store, Mike’s Pets in Spring Valley. Estevez says the carnivorous critter...

People In Cars: Candid Photos of Drivers in Los Angeles in the 1970s

Mike Mandel grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and as an kid in the 1950s could walk just about everywhere he needed to go: to school, or later down the street to the open field to collect rocks or catch lizards. All of his friends lived on his block, so he didn’t think too much about the time he spent in a car. Show More Summary

Ancient Animal Could Take Itself Apart to Escape Predators

A fossil lizard is the oldest known reptile that can lose its tail and survive, an ability still seen in modern species.

Super Troopers 2 Posters: Who's Ready for Another Mustache Ride?

2 weeks agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

Broken Lizard has released two new epic posters for Super Troopers 2, coming this spring.

Study sheds light on biodiversity of Anole lizard family trees

Lizards have special superpowers. While birds can regrow feathers and mammals can regrow skin, lizards can regenerate entire structures such as their tails. Despite these differences, all have evolved from the same ancestor as lizar...

Why are there so many types of lizards?

(Arizona State University) Researchers from Arizona State University School of Life Sciences and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute have sequenced the complete genetic code -- the genome -- of several vertebrate species from Panama. Show More Summary

Prehistoric lizards could sprint on two legs

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Fossilized footprints provide new insight on ancient lizard behavior Fossilized lizard footprints dating back to the Cretaceous indicate the little scaly beasts could get up and run on two legs. Illustration by Chuang Zhao 110 million years ago, in the late Cretaceous, lizards schlepped through...

A Reptile Dysfunction

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Meowsondeck posted a picture of a friend's cat that had been playing with a lizard. I believe the lizard won that game. SchnoodleDoodleDo had to write a poem about it. my name is cati play wif lizi don tink heknoze wat fun is -you bite...Show More Summary

Team finds the movement behavior of an anole species to be more dynamic than previously thought

Anolis lizards have a thing or two to teach humans about love—or in scientific speak, sexual selection—at least when it comes to territoriality.

Lizard love

(University of California - Santa Barbara) Anolis lizards have a thing or two to teach humans about love -- or in scientific speak, sexual selection -- at least when it comes to territoriality.Decades of behavioral research on the lizard's...Show More Summary

Lizards Up on Two Feet in the Early Cretaceous

Lizards Sprinted to Safety to Avoid Predation A team of international scientists writing in the journal "Scientific Reports", have described the oldest lizard trackways known to science that record bipedal behaviour.  The little lizards lived around 110 million years ago, in what is now South Korea, it has been speculated that just like extant lizards,

Learn About Robotics with This Bionic Lizard

Interested in learning more about robotics? The DIY Bionic Robot Lizard is a perfect way to make robotics education really fun. Designed for STEM education, this mechanical lizard can provide hours of amusement to both beginners…

Fossil Footprints Are Oldest Traces of Lizards Running on Two Legs

The lizard's sprint may have helped it avoid predators, such as winged reptiles called pterosaurs.

Making a Glass Sea Turtle

Glass artist Raven Skyriver demonstrates the team effort required to create a large sculpture of a sea turtle. His studio creates all kinds of incredible glass animals, including lizards, sharks, whales, seahorses, fish, octopi, and more. Video by Derek Klein Films.

Thursday assorted links

1. Russ Roberts’s 12 Rules for Life. 2. The rise and fall of the waterbed. 3. Spy lizards? (speculative, very speculative) 4. The Posner-Weyl proposal for individual hosting of immigrants. 5. Small steps toward a much better world, Norwegian...Show More Summary

Four legs good, two better: study tracks lizard bipedalism

Mexico's Jesus lizard got its name from an unusual ability to run over water on its hind legs, its body semi-erect and its front limbs dangling in the air.

Iranian Official Accuses West of Using Lizard Spies

“In their possessions were a variety of reptile desert species like lizards, chameleons… We found out that their skin attracts atomic waves and that they were nuclear spies who wanted to find out where inside the Islamic Republic of Iran we have uranium mines and where we are engaged in atomic activities.” Is this the... Read more »

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