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Sorry about that, blog emergency declared

We had one of those malware attacks, and while the security service blocked it and cleaned it up, it also broke some things on the blog. So I have to declare a funding emergency. As I have discussed before, the … Continue reading ?

Macro Malware Employs Advanced Sandbox-Evasion Techniques

During the past couple of weeks, McAfee Labs has observed a new variant of macro malware. With this variant when we click on a doc file, we see the message “This document is protected against unauthorized use. Enable Editing and Enable Content to read content” along with a request to enable macros. Show More Summary

The most dangerous celebrities to look up on Google

One of the more common ways that purveyors of malware are able to trick unsuspecting users into downloading malicious software is to prey upon the public’s insatiable appetite for celebrity news, photos and gossip. As a result, some celebrity-oriented search queries tend to be associated with a greater likelihood of downloading malware than others. Show More Summary

How Can We Stop ‘ROP’ Cyberattacks?

IBM recently announced a software-oriented solution to help eradicate attacks by return-oriented programming (ROP) malware. ROP malware is a significant and growing problem in the industry. Crafty hackers will use snippets of code from other trusted programs and stitch them together to create their attacks. Show More Summary

'Amy Schumer' is the celebrity search most likely to give you a virus

Falling victim to a virus or malware online is no laughing matter, but there's something at least a little bit funny about the on-brand coincidence that "Amy Schumer" is the celebrity internet search most likely to infect your computer. Show More Summary

10 Most Dangerous Celebrities Online Right Now

Enterprising cybercriminals often attach celebrity names to malware. Read on to find out which online searches could compromise your device.

Musicians Dominate Most Dangerous Celebrities Study

In its 10th year, McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrities study names which celebrities generate the most dangerous search results that could expose consumers to malware. Amy Schumer comes in at No. 1, but Bieber a close second, followed by celebrities Will Smith, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. ________________________________________ McAfee’s Most...

European police say this threat now tops cyber crime

In a new report, Europol warns one specific threat is now "overshadowing traditional malware threats"

Who's the most dangerous celebrity on the internet?

Intel is out with its annual list of the celeb searches most likely to put you at risk of computer viruses or malware

New Mac Trojan uses the Russian space program as a front

3 days agoTechnology / Apple : Macworld

Security researchers have found a new Mac OS X malware that appears to be targeting the aerospace industry. The Trojan, called Komplex, can download, execute, and delete files from an infected Mac, according to security firm Palo Alto Networks. Show More Summary

Microsoft Doubles Down on Cybersecurity with Improvements to Windows Defender

The latest Microsoft's Windows Defender update is getting a major retooling to improve its ability to combat malware and other cybersecurity threats.

The top antivirus programs for your iPhone

Hackers and malware developers are doing their best to crack into your phone, will take a short look at some of the top antivirus software you can use on your iPhone.

How to Find Out If Google Has Been Listening to You

Throughout 2016, it has become increasingly apparent that our smartphones have been misbehaving. Malware is bad enough, issues with the device chipset can be patched, and you should have set a PIN for your device just in case. But those things — concerning as they are — have been a mere sideshow to the real privacy scandal taking place right now. Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: September 25, 2016

So you like watching stupid stuff? Here you go, a scene from Bones that tops the infamous ‘IP backtrace with Visual Basic’ or ‘four-handed keyboard’ scenes from other TV shows. Someone hacked the bones by embedding malware in a calcium fractal pattern. Show More Summary

Street Fighter V Update Pulled Because It Made PCs Vulnerable To Malware

Thursday night’s Street Fighter V update added stage KOs , among other things, like Express Men’s bad-ass, Urien, and a little thing called Versus CPU mode. Read more...

Don't Stick a Strange Drive In Your USB Port

With recent surveys suggesting many people find it hard to resist popping a found USB stick into their computer, it's no surprise that hackers are using them to try to spread malware. Cops in Australia reported this week that a number of the diminutive storage drives have been left in the mailboxes of residents in a suburb of Melbourne. Show More Summary

There Is Literally No Excuse For Plugging In An Unfamiliar USB Stick

Earlier this week, the Victorian Police issued an alert about malware-laden USB thumb drives being found in residents’ mailboxes. The idea of distributing malware through USB sticks isn’t new and yet research has found that many people would plug in a USB drive that they find in a public place. Show More Summary

Twitter Issues Malware Warning Against Prominent Liberal, Reinstates Conservative After Violent Tweet

During the heated protests in Charlotte, North Carolina last night, well known conservative blogger and USA Today columnist Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds tweeted a violent response, "Run Them Down" as the protest was happening. Twitter...Show More Summary

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin may become a target in the fight against ransomware

Many crimes can be solved by following the money, and that may hold true for the growth of ransomware attacks — though the money itself may be different. Countering the increasing use of ransomware — malware that attacks computers and...Show More Summary

Another Judge Declares FBI's Playpen Warrant Invalid, Suppresses All Evidence

last weekIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Cyrus Farivar of Ars Technica reports that another federal judge has found the warrant used by the FBI to deploy its Tor-busting malware is invalid. This finding isn't unique. Multiple judges in various jurisdictions have found the warrant invalid due to Rule 41, which limits execution of warrants to the jurisdiction where they were issued. Show More Summary

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