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There Is.. Another.. Bieber Baby

What? He loves his fans. SPEAK NONE OF THIS BULL! For those of you who don’t remember the Mariah Yeater incident, let me sum it up for you in a nutshell: In 2010, a 20-year-old California woman was raped backstage by Justin Bieber resulting in a pregnancy which she carried to term. After suing him Read More...

Justin Bieber Gets New Baby Daddy Accusation and This One Might Be True

Post by Ericka Sóuter It's happening again. Another woman claims that Justin Bieber fathered her daughter. You may recall, single mom Mariah Yeater filed a paternity lawsuit against the singer in 2011, claiming he impregnated her after a concert at L.A.'s Staples Center. Show More Summary

Justin Bieber Wishes Anne Frank Was A Belieber

Before this weekend, if you had asked me what’s the worst thing Justin Bieber‘s ever done to a woman, I would’ve said raped Mariah Yeater then used his power and influence to destroy her in the press by making it look like the resulting baby was her drug addict ex-boyfriend’s. Except that was then and Read More...

Justin Bieber’s A Fine, Upstanding Christian Boy

Back in April, I was already convinced Justin Bieber definitely raped Mariah Yeater and completely ducked being responsible for the child that resulted from it. But just in case some of you aren’t master detectives like myself, here he is just straight groping a fan’s breasts at a Miami meet and greet this week that Read More...

Justin Bieber’s DNA Proof He's Not the Daddy May Have Gotten Lost in the Mail

Post by Kiri BlakeleyTo hear Justin Bieber tell it, as he did on Oprah's Next Chapter, The View, and Late Night With David Letterman, he took a DNA paternity test to prove he wasn't the father of Mariah Yeater's baby. He apparently took the test a year ago. Show More Summary

Justin Bieber Paternity Drama Is Alive And Well

Justin Bieber paternity drama flared up online again after Mariah Yeater’s original attorney claimed he had never seen the DNA results which were supposed to indicate the identity of the baby’s father. Yeater filed court documents demanding a DNA test after claiming she and Bieber had a tryst backstage after a concert, according to Radar [...]Show More Summary

Justin Bieber Paternity Case Refuses to Die

We all laugh-barfed when Mariah Yeater claimed she conceived a son during a backstage rendezvous with then-16-year-old Justin Bieber in 2010, and breathed a sigh of relief when her paternity suit against him seemed to go away quietly. But that, apparently, was wishful thinking: Yeater's lawyer tells the New York...

Man Sues Justin Bieber For Borrowing Abortion Money

Remember when Mariah Yeater claimed Justin Bieber impregnated her despite having no real evidence the two had ever even met? In retrospect, her claim sounds pretty damn believable when compared against a new lawsuit the Biebs was just hit with. Show More Summary

Hey, Whatever Happened to That Chick Justin Bieber (Allegedly) Impregnated?

Justin Bieber…you are NOT the father! Or are you? I really don’t know. Undoubtedly due to Bieber’s fine team of publicists, this story came and went. So whatever happened? Is Bieber the father? Where is Mariah Yeater? And most importantly, does this baby have swag? “I’m talking to you, Maria / Why you wanna do [...]

Justin Bieber talks sex in Rolling Stone: Wait until you're in love

Bieber, of course, was recently part of a bogus paternity scandal when a fan named Mariah Yeater -- who he says he never met -- claimed to have given birth to his child.

Justin Bieber features Matt Lauer on song about Mariah Yeater

The song, which was clearly written about Mariah Yeater's bogus paternity suit against Bieber, begins with Lauer asking Bieber, "Do you know this woman?" from an interview that took place last November.

Justin Bieber's 'Maria' vs. Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber's new album, "Believe," drops today and on it is a special message for Mariah Yeater, the young woman who accused the 18-year-old of...

Bieber remembers an icon, echoes 'Billie Jean' on 'Maria'

The last track on 'Believe' refers to Mariah Yeater, who claimed last year that she was pregnant with the singer's child.

Justin Bieber Writes A Song About His Baby Mama

It’s been about six months since we last heard about Justin Bieber‘s alleged baby mama, Mariah Yeater who alleged that the pop star fathered a child with her. Now, Justin is firing back with his side of the story with … Continue reading »

So Remember When Mariah Yeater Tried To Say Justin Bieber Raped Her?

You have my attention. Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Splash News, WENNRead More...

Do You Think Justin Bieber Battered The Photographer?

Late last year, a woman named Mariah Yeater attempted to blow holes in Justin Bieber?s squeaky pop star image by accusing him of fathering her child. After weeks of threats and attempts to schedule DNA tests, the mother decided to withdraw her claim and slowly exited stage left, leaving the Biebs just as airbrushed as ever.

Justin Bieber: I Nearly Quit Music!

Of all the songs penned for his new album, Justin Bieber wrote one for Mariah Yeater and one for Selena Gomez. He also dedicated a single to his fans. It's the title track on "Believe" and its lyrics include the line: You kept my heart...Show More Summary

Bieber Calls Mariah Yeater Song His 'Billie Jean'

Justin Bieber stopped by MTV Thursday to introduce his "swaggy" new "Boyfriend" video and chat with Sway Calloway about his latest album, Believe. Bieber told...

Some Bieber News, Y'all...

Biebz has written a song about Mariah Yeater, the girl who said she was going to have his baby, from the BBC : Discussing the inspiration for his next album, Bieber said he’d written “songs like that girl – Mariah Yeater – who said she...Show More Summary

Justin Bieber Wrote a Song About Mariah Yeater?!?

While most everyone else on the planet has forgotten the name Mariah Yeater by now, Justin Bieber is once again making it clear that this blackmailing 20-year old remains very much on his mind. A couple days after the singer tauntedShow More Summary

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