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The Republican Party and its handlers, including the right wing talk radio jocks such as Rush Limbaugh, and the bought-and-paid-for media such as FOX news, did not create the Tea Party. Michele Bachmann and a few others did that. But once the Tea Party got going, mainstream conservative Republicans, including and especially leaders in Congress,…

Will Trump Rebrand GOP As White Nationalist Party?

Is Donald Trump a 'populist', the candidate of resentment and privilege or simply the final embodiment of the Crazy, the Crazy made flesh and coming amongst us, the Jesus who was foretold by Michele Bachmann's John the Baptist. One of...Show More Summary

Trump Isn't Just Leading the GOP Polls. Most Republicans Now Think Trump Will Win the Nomination

One way to know that Donald Trump isn't just a flash in the pan doomed to go the way of Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann is to look at who...

Bachmann Trump Overdrive

last weekHumor / odd : Snopes

FACT CHECK: Did Michele Bachmann compare the Great Wall of China to a U.S.-Mexico border fence?

Birthright Citizenship Becomes an Issue for Republicans

First Read: “Usually, what happens in August tends to stay in August — think Michele Bachmann’s straw poll win in 2011 or Rick Perry electrifying conservatives at the Red State convention that same year. And a year from now, we [......

'Outrageous, Irresponsible:' WEA Chair on Nuclear Weapons Slams Mike Huckabee's 'Holocaust,' Michele Bachmann's Biblical End Times Rhetoric on US-Iran Deal

The World Evangelical Alliance Chairman of the Global Task Force on Nuclear Weapons has personally come out in defense of the widely debated U.S.-Iran nuclear deal, and criticized what he called "outrageous" and "irresponsible" remarks...Show More Summary

Michele Bachmann slams Carly Fiorina for praising Islam after 9/11 — just like George W. Bush did

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Michele Bachmann praised an attack against Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who committed the politically incorrect sin of praising historical Islam in the weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The former GOP congresswoman passed along a blistering attack written by conservative...

Michele Bachmann Attacks Carly Fiorina for ‘Praising Muslims’

last weekNews : Mediaite

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has come under fire for having once given a post-9/11 speech where she praised medieval Islam.

Trump Is The Republicans’ Nightmare And They Won’t Wake Up From It

When Donald Trump initially rocketed to the top of national Republican polls, it was fashionable to compare him to Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Newt Gingrich — a flamboyant media personality, briefly capturing the spotlight, but doomed to immolate. Show More Summary

Trump Is the Republicans’ Nightmare and They Won’t Wake Up From It

When Donald Trump initially rocketed to the top of national Republican polls, it was fashionable to compare him to Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Newt Gingrich — a flamboyant media personality, briefly capturing the spotlight, but doomed to immolate. But Trump is not running a race like those other candidates, nor... More »

Two Rand Paul aides are under federal indictment

Back in 2011, the Ron Paul campaign received a lot of attention when the chairman of Michele Bachmann's Iowa campaign, state senator Kent Sorenson, defected to Ron Paul: Talk about fairweather friends. Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson (R), who was Minnesota Rep. Show More Summary

Anderson Cooper: Can’t Compare Trump to Past ‘Fringe’ Candidates

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

As Donald Trump remains atop the polls even following last week's first GOP presidential debate, the argument that he is merely a "fringe" candidate like Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain from the 2012 election cycle is starting to sound less credible. Chris Christie used it earlier this month and last night Seth Meyers brought it up during his interview with Anderson Cooper.

Michele Bachmann Contemplates the Privilege of Seeing End Times Unfold

Former congresswoman and one time presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann (remember her?) joined conservative talk show host Jan Markell to discuss, among other things, how bombing Iran would be “one of the greatest acts of peace,” if not for how President Obama's attempts at diplomacy are instead ushering in a nuclear apocalypse and end times. Show More Summary

Leader of group fundraising for Rand Paul indicted for bribing Iowa Repub to not back Michele Bachmann

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Two allies of U.S. Republican presidential contender Rand Paul were charged on Wednesday along with another man with concealing payments made to a local politician to secure an endorsement for Paul’s father during the 2012 presidential election campaign. The thee men concealed payments to an...

Chris Christie Compares Trump to Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann

3 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

By any measure, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is still on the bubble of making the top ten cut for Thursday's first GOP debate on Fox News. But in a new interview on Monday with CNBC's John Harwood, he said he's "not worried at all" about dropping below the necessary threshold.

Democracy goes trivial with the Donald Trump/Lindsey Graham feud

Apparently, the six months leading up to the first presidential primary can now be aptly christened as the Silly Season. Four years ago, it seemed as if the nuttiness could not be topped, with Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain setting a high mark for unintentional comedy, but that mark has now been...

Open Thread - Scott Walker, Awful Lip Reading

This isn't by the original "Bad Lip Reading" folks, who still hold the gold cup for their Michelle Bachmann effort, BUT.... Open thread below....

How Donald Trump Destroyed the Republican Party’s Best-Laid Plans

The last Republican nominating contest was dominated by a succession of increasingly pathetic protest candidates — Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum — serving as placeholders with whom conservative activists could register their amorphous rage. The experience has instilled justifiable caution among reporters, some of whom (myself included)... More »

Is Donald Trump Enjoying a Michele Bachmann Moment?

As a tea party favorite in the 2012 Republican primary, Michele Bachmann tapped into the anti-establishment and anti-Obama anger that animated the tea-party movement. That same anger is helping to fuel Donald Trump's candidacy.

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