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The End Of Rhetoric?

Four years ago, I did some handicapping of the first Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barak Obama based on each candidate's rhetorical success or failure. As it turned out, that first debate demonstrated that Obama's skill...Show More Summary

Oh Good: The KGB Is Back

Remember this exchange from the 2012 presidential election? Turns out Mitt Romney was right, again.In recent years, Russian President Vladimir...

Excuses for Losing Just Don’t Cut It

When Mitt Romney lost in 2012, there was very little discussion of blame. Everyone assumed that Romney simply lost because he didn’t do a good enough job of convincing voters

84 Million Watch First 2016 Presidential Debate

This was the most-watched presidential debate in U.S. television history, and up 25 percent from the first debate of the 2012 cycle between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Hillary Turns Trump Into Mitt Romney

“Donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis,” Hillary Clinton said during the Presidential debate last night, on Long Island. “He said, back in 2006, ‘Gee, I hope it does collapse, because then I can go in and buy some and make some money.’ Well, it did collapse.” At this, Trump interjected, “That’s called business, by the way.”

Hillary Clinton Goes After Donald Trump As The New Mitt Romney

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. ? If it worked against Mitt Romney, it might just work against Donald Trump. At least that’s what the Clinton campaign now hopes. The Democratic nominee aggressively attacked her opponent as a fraud and a scam artistShow More Summary

HILLARY SAYS TRUMP PAYS NO INCOME TAXES: Didn’t Harry Reid say that about Mitt Romney?

HILLARY SAYS TRUMP PAYS NO INCOME TAXES: Didn’t Harry Reid say that about Mitt Romney?

Donald Trump Had One Piece of Debate Advice for Mitt Romney, and Romney Ignored It

Donald Trump had some advice for Mitt Romney heading into the first 2012 presidential debate: It was time for the former Massachusetts governor to go birther. In debate, @MittRomney should ask Obama why autobiography states "born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia." — Donald J. Show More Summary

Clinton Campaign Demands Fact Checking at Debate, Gets Rejected

Candy Crowley's infamous interruption of Mitt Romney during the second presidential debate of 2012 became one of the defining moments of the...

The great moderator debate: Would you rather be remembered as Candy Crowley or Matt Lauer?

In advance of Monday’s debate, Republicans have been pounding on the moment from 2012 when CNN anchor Candy Crowley corrected a false assertion by Mitt Romney. He said President Obama had not characterized the Benghazi attack as an "act of terror" the day following the assault on the U.S. Show More Summary

The Only 30 Minutes That Matter

Politico: “That’s when Al Gore first sighed, Mitt Romney knocked President Obama on his heels, and Marco Rubio, earlier this year, glitched in repeating the same talking point — over and over and over. It’s when Gore tried, unsuccessfully, to [...] The post The Only 30 Minutes That Matter appeared first on Political Wire.

What Hillary Can Learn From Obama’s Disastrous First Debate Against Mitt Romney

Hillary Clinton is running to be President Barack Obama’s heir, but there’s one aspect of his legacy that she’ll want to avoid imitating: his disastrous performance in the first presidential debate against Mitt Romney in 2012. is remembered as an unmitigated disaster, one that some pundits at the time thought was fatal to Obama’s re-election bid. Show More Summary

"Gaming out every potential permutation of what might happen in the 90-minute showdown helps a candidate calculate how to respond."

Really?Then why didn't Mitt Romney know what to do when Candy Crowley propped up Barack Obama with the infamous "transcript" remark?Just when you think you've got everything "gamed out," there's one more game, the one you didn't imagine. Show More Summary

Two New Polls Show a Dead Heat

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by just two points among likely voters, 46% to 44%. Key finding: Trump leads by 59 points among non-college educated white men, a group Mitt Romney won in [...] The post Two New Polls Show a Dead Heat appeared first on Political Wire.

How Candidates Can Use Spy Tech To Cheat During Presidential Debates

Remember this? During the January 2008 Republican presidential debate in Boca Raton, MSNBC moderator Tim Russert asked Mitt Romney, "Will you do for Social Security what Ronald Reagan did in 1983?" A disembodied whisper of, "He raised...Show More Summary

Trump Underperforms Romney Among Every Group

To win in November, obviously, Donald Trump will have to rack up stronger margins over his opponent than Mitt Romney did in 2012. And for Hillary Clinton to win, she can't do significantly worse than Barack Obama did. So what's keeping this race tight? Both candidates, in different ways, are trailing their 2012 equivalents in key measures. Show More Summary

"I used to enjoy occasionally pointing out that Mitt Romney had once driven his family to Canada with Seamus the Irish setter strapped to the roof of the car."

"A campaign consultant told me that the Seamus story elicited stronger reactions from focus groups than any other aspect of the 2012 campaign. Donald Trump doesn’t have any pets.... If Trump has ever in his life had a pet, his campaign doesn’t know about it. Show More Summary

Debate moderators won’t talk about climate change because it isn’t sexy enough

4 days agoNews : The Raw Story

Four years ago, CNN’s Candy Crowley had the perfect opportunity to ask President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney what they would do about climate change. An audience question on gas prices sparked a heated debate about energy policy and oil drilling. But when neither candidate mentioned...

Poll: 2016 Trump losing badly to 2012 Romney

Rachel Maddow shares the results of a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll and compares Donald Trump's numbers now to Mitt Romney's losing numbers in the...

Deplorable? Trump more so than Clinton, AP-GfK poll finds

The gaffe, they hoped, was a way to cement an image as an out-of-touch snob, just as Democrats did four years ago to Mitt Romney after he said "47 percent" of voters backed President Barack Obama because they were "dependent on government." Despite...Show More Summary

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