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Trouble Sign for Donald Trump: Ambivalence in Exurbs

Donald Trump must at least match Mitt Romney's showing in the exurbs, especially given signs in opinion polls that he is underperforming his GOP predecessor in the nation's suburbs.

Romney Donors Shun Trump for Downballot Races

An ABC News analysis of several of Mitt Romney’s top donors in 2012 revealed that they have so far declined to donate to Donald Trump’s campaign, joint victory fund, or super PACs backing him, instead shifting their contributions to congressional [...]

Republicans to Trump: Where’s the cash?

19 hours agoNews : The Newsroom

Donald Trump has sent the party far less money than nominee Mitt Romney had by this time four years ago.

Gary Johnson Polls Plateau As Candidate Guarantees Mitt Romney A Place In His Administration

Gary Johnson polls are steady after a surge to 10 percent but without a growing number, the September presidential debates are looking more and more like a pipe dream at this point. According to the Huffington Post, Gary Johnson polls have increased to 10 percent after sitting at 8 percent for a few weeks but... Show More Summary

Fellow Republicans still waiting for Trump’s promised cash

Analysis shows Trump has work to do to match the amount of financial aid Mitt Romney gave the GOP four years ago The post Fellow Republicans still waiting for Trump’s promised cash appeared first on

History of the Meta-analysis

Live from Trumpland: I fear for my country when I reflect that Mitt Romney was so much less ridiculous as a candidate for president than is Donald Trump, and yet there polls are in the same range: _[Sam Wang][]_: [Sam Wang]: 2012: 2016:

If Donald Trump Hired a Personal Songwriter, It’d Be This Guy

William Tapley, the Christian singer who has written unofficial campaign songs for Mitt Romney and Donald Trump and Mike Pence is back with a song for Hillary Clinton. Let's just say he's not a fan...

John Oliver Breaks Down the Shocking Mismanagement of America's Charter Schools

yesterdayNews : Newsweek: US

Most people agree that charter schools are good. Even politicians. George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and, yes, Donald Trump have spoken in support of the publicly funded, privately operated educational institutions. Because both Democrats and Republicans support charter schools, charter schools get a lot of government money. Show More Summary

Democratic donors step up efforts on Senate, Clinton bids

Yet few of the GOP's biggest donors have put major money into Trump efforts, a striking change from four years ago when Mitt Romney had more million-dollar donors on his side than did President Barack Obama. The presidential candidates...Show More Summary

Former Romney official's strong endorsement of Clinton: She 'knows her stuff'

Former Mitt Romney national finance committee chair David Nierenberg penned an op-ed Friday for CNBC in which he said he would both endorse Hillary Clinton and vote for her. Every other candidate who earned his vote would be a "real Republican," he said, but Hillary had the temperament, experience, and diplomatic skills to lead the country. Show More Summary

Mitt Romney's Finance Chair: 'Trump Will Never Be Fit To Be The President Of US'

David Nierenberg, Romney’s former finance chair, discussed his decision to vote for Hillary Clinton with MSNBC and declared that Trump is "unfit" to be the president. He told Craig Melvin that Trump doesn't have the "temperament andShow More Summary

You’d want to live in the Breitbart world, too

Donald Trump is tied with Hillary Clinton in Georgia, of all places. North Carolina Republicans are writing off the state, telling the media that Trump has done little organizing there. (Mitt Romney won both states by 8 and 3 points, respectively.) Nationally Trump is losing his edge with white males — the cornerstone of his entire electoral strategy, which depends on […]

DONALD TRUMP Surging with Black Voters, Bests Romney, McCain with Latino Voters

Republican Donald Trump is surging with African American voters and gaining more support from Latino voters than Mitt Romney and... The post DONALD TRUMP Surging with Black Voters, Bests Romney, McCain with Latino Voters appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Clinton Looks to Dreamers To Destroy Trump’s Wall

It’s no secret that Democrats really want to dominate with the Hispanic demographic. It contributed to their victory over Mitt Romney in 2012, and...

Hillary Clinton Twists the Knife in Donald Trump’s Tax Proposals

6 days agoNews : NYTimes: News

Just as President Obama attacked Mitt Romney for paying a lower effective tax rate than most Americans, Mrs. Clinton said Mr. Trump’s plan would benefit people in his own bracket.

Trump's millennial disaster in Texas bodes well for Democrats in future Lone Star State elections

Donald Trump is only leading Hillary Clinton by six points (44 to 38 percent) in, of all places, Texas—the second biggest electoral prize at 38 behind California's 55. By comparison, Mitt Romney won this GOP staple by 16 points. As PPP points...Show More Summary

Donald Trump blows off black voters badly—even by Republican standards

Is Donald Trump trying to underperform John McCain and Mitt Romney among African-American voters? For context, McCain got four percent and Romney got six percent—both against Obama, of course. But Trump appears to be trying really hard: In attempting to fashion a populist message, Mr. Show More Summary


YAWN: MOVIE AND TV STAR ROSE McGOWAN THINKS TRUMP IS A ‘MURDEROUS’ ‘TERROR CANCER.’ Gee, as opposed to mild-mannered patrician Mitt Romney – whom the Obama campaign accused of literally giving his employees cancer? Not to mention his wife: Newsweek Columnist Michelle Goldberg likened “insufferable” Ann Romney to Hitler, Stalin. But then, when it comes […]

The Mitt Romney Treatment? Hillary Clinton Released 2015’s Tax Returns

Her tax returns can be read here. But no one is going to logically argue that Hillary Clinton, who got millions of dollars for speaking fees, is working for the American middle class, are they? Oh, and her charitable donations have been to her own Clinton Foundation, so is that really charitable?

How Much Does Trump Pay in Taxes?

Mitt Romney was excoriated during the 2012 presidential campaign for paying $4.9 million in federal income tax, or an average of just 14 percent of his adjusted gross income, in the two years for which he released returns. No one should be surprised, though, if Donald J. Show More Summary

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