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"You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat" - Does Size Matter When It Comes To The Debt Markets

Back in June we presented for the first time the writing of former Dallas Fed advisor to president Dick Fisher, Danielle DiMartino, who in a CNBC interview slammed The Fed for "allowing the [market] tail to wag the [monetary policy] dog," warning that "The Fed's credibility itself is at stake... Show More Summary

2015 Recession Probabilities And Bear Markets

What Causes A Bear Market? Bear markets typically have an economic or monetary policy catalyst. David Rosenberg, Chief Economist & Strategist for Gluskin Sheff, summed up the things to look for during a transition from a bull market to a bear market as follows, via Business Insider: “For stocks, it always comes down to the Fed [...]

IT'S A HUGE WEEK FOR THE US ECONOMY: Here's your complete preview (DJIA, SPY, SPX, QQQ)

It's all about economic data. As the Federal Reserve prepares the world for tighter monetary policy via interest-rate hikes, it continues to reiterate that tightening will depend on the incoming economic data, not some fixed schedule. Show More Summary

Monetary policy at the zero lower bound

Does monetary policy really face a zero lower bound or could policy rates be pushed materially below zero per cent? And would the benefits of reforms to achieve negative policy rates outweigh the costs? This column, which reports the...Show More Summary

US Stocks to Open Flat Ahead of GDP Amidst Fed Uncertainty

Futures bets on Wall Street were flat to negative overnight amidst little clarity of the Fed hike timeframe, while the upcoming US GDP figures are in sight for more clues on future moves in monetary policy.

US Q2 Economic Expansion Falls Short of Projections, Q1 GDP Revised Upward

GDP figures, though more balanced and nearly matching projections, are still insufficient to support a change in monetary policy.

The forces driving Japan's global buying spree

The rapid pace of offshore Japanese activity goes beyond access to ultra-cheap funding provided by Japan's unconventional monetary policies.

Fed: no change in monetary policy for now

Central bank says labor market continues to improve, sees two rate hikes as likely in 2015

Here comes the Fed ... (DIA, SPX, SPY, QQQ, TLT, IWM)

Here it is. The Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee is expected to release its latest monetary policy decision at the top of the hour. Expectations are for the Fed to do nothing, keeping the benchmark interest rate pegged...Show More Summary

US Stock Futures Rise Amidst Even Odds for September Fed Hike

The multiple factors determining future moves of the US Federal Reserve on monetary policy suggest the chances for a September hike are 50%, however, the regulator might not wish to announce it to the public today.

The Fate Of China's Monetary Policy Is In The Hoofs Of Pigs

It seems China's efforts to stabilize their economy stock market knows no bounds - nowhere better exemplified than the 5% spike in an hour last night after injecting $100bn into the sovereign (rescue) fund - and western observers applaud the efforts as if they are costlessly saving the world. Show More Summary

Peaks and valleys

FED watchers mull automating monetary policy, emerging markets feel the effects of China's stockmarket slump and exchange-traded funds surpass hedge funds

Economist Gertjan Vlieghe to Join BOE Rate-Setting Committee

The U.K. government Tuesday named Gertjan Vlieghe, an economist at Brevan Howard Asset Management, to sit on the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee.

'Should Central Bankers Stick to Talking about Monetary Policy?'

Simon Wren-Lewis on whether "central bankers need to keep quiet about policy matters that are not within their remit": Should central bankers stick to talking about monetary policy?: Few disagree that the recent remarks on corporate governance and investment made...

The Irony Of Market Manipulation

Having gazed ominously at the extreme monetary policy smoke-and-mirrors intervention in bond markets, and previously explained that "the stock market is to important to leave to the vagaries of an actual market." While the rest of the...Show More Summary

Global Liquidity and U.S. Monetary Policy

by Joseph Joyce Global Liquidity and U.S. Monetary Policy The events in Greece and the Ukraine have only partially drawn attention away from the financial markets’ focus on changes in U.S. monetary policy. Federal Reserve officials seem to be split over when they will raise their Federal Funds rate target, and by how much. But […]

This is the GOP's plan to strip the New York Fed of a crucial role in policymaking

Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee took their first step toward stripping the New York Federal Reserve bank of a key designation that could have an impact on how US monetary policy is set in the future. Right now the...Show More Summary

Proxies for monetary disequilibrium

Perhaps we should think about monetary policy this way. If all prices were perfectly flexible, monetary policy wouldn't matter much. Monetary policy matters because not all prices are perfectly flexible, which means that bad monetary policy causes monetary disequilibrium, which...

Making monetary policy like it’s 1973: James Saft

July 23 (Reuters) – The last time unemployment claims were this low, in 1973, the Federal Reserve chair was the last one to lose control of inflation: Arthur Burns. In Burns’ defense he faced outrageous political pressure from Richard Nixon, not to mention the inflation and economic nightmare of the Arab oil embargo, but still […]

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