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Cuddling and Egg McMuffins Show Economic Slowdown Underway

What do escorts and McDonald’s have in common? Both are responding to the end of economic growth, says Andrew Zatlin of Moneyball Economics. When times get tough and people are less willing to part with their money, businesses get creative. Zatlin tracks...

'Moneyball' 2.0: Championship Strategies Converge for Sports and Technology

Sports and technology -- traditionally they have been the "oil and water" of business, just not mixing well. There could not have been two more opposite business models or participants, so much so that society actually segregated the...Show More Summary

15 Biggest Dead Money Salaries In MLB

Dead money is a fascinating concept in Major League Baseball. Think back to the scene in Moneyball where Billy Bean explains to a disgruntled David Justice that the Yankees are paying half his salary. To play in Oakland. That is called dead money; when teams pay players to play somewhere else. Show More Summary

The book about the 2016 A's would be sad as hell

The A's weren't very good last year, and they've somehow gotten worse. How did they get here? A's fans, by and large, probably want to punch Moneyball right in the nose. No other franchise has to live under the shadow of a 13-year-old...Show More Summary

College Students Can Now Major In Moneyball

Syracuse will offer the first undergraduate degree in sports analytics

5 lessons from ‘Moneyball’ to up your real estate game

I recently heard Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane (subject of the book and movie "Moneyball") speak at an industry conference. I don’t normally read business or sports books, but Beane’s talk was so fascinating that, by the time I left the conference hall, I had pulled up my library’s website and requested a copy. And it didn’t disappoint...

Moneyball Is Changing the Way NFL Teams Assemble Their Rosters

Are you ready to "embrace analytics"? The phrase makes the marriage of research and scouting sound like a forbidden romance—a coach and a statistician locked in each other's arms on the cover of some sleazy beach paperback. You can almost hear the dismissive eye roll when old-school types mention analytics. Show More Summary

Chicago BoothVoice: The Moneyball Approach Takes The Football Field

One morning last fall, before the San Francisco 49ers began their second season in a glitzy new $1.3 billion stadium, Moon Javaid, ’12, manager of business operations for the team, took a hard look at concessions. Sure, this is football. Concession sales were going to be strong. But, he asked, [...]

The four most important things to know about data governance

In the 2011 film Moneyball, Jonah Hill plays Oakland Athletics Assistant General Manager Peter Brand. He approaches General Manager Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) with an idea: the low-budget, low-talent Athletics can compete with the top teams in the league if they harness the power of data and apply it to player selection. Show More Summary

And now, the documentary on the Dodgers TV situation: 'Moneyball Too'

A free screening of "Moneyball Too" is available until 9 p.m. PT Thursday at :: I'll confess that I'm coming around on this television blackout. I now think it must be a good thing. After all, the Dodgers lead baseball in attendance, have a clubhouse full of stars and...

Semiconductors Tell The Real Story Of The Global Economic Slowdown

Submitted by Andrew Zeitlin of Moneyball Economics Semiconductors Tell the Real Story of Global GDP The industrial slowdown predicted by semiconductors is coming true. “We are operating in an environment of sluggish global economic growth, deflationary raw material trends, and heightened geopolitical tensions. Show More Summary

The Anti-Moneyball Election

In 2003, when Michael Lewis published “Moneyball,” his book about the ingenious, shoestring operations of the Oakland Athletics and their supremo Billy Beane, he gave the culture a way of describing a certain kind of insurrection, in...Show More Summary

John Elway isn't playing 'Moneyball,' he's just being cheap

Now the Broncos are reportedly balking at the going rate for Von Miller, the Super Bowl MVP and one of the league's premier pass rushers. Seriously??? Contract talks with Von Miller could get "messy." Charles Robinson at Yahoo! reports...Show More Summary


(April 13, 2016 02:07 AM, by David Henderson) My wife had surgery yesterday and, with the anesthetic taking hours to wear off, had trouble reading. So I read her my favorite front-page story from a recent Wall Street Journal, a story about her and my favorite team--the... (0 COMMENTS)

Report suggests Hue Jackson is a bad fit for Browns’ analytics staff

The new front office executives hired by the Browns this offseason come from an analytics background, led by new chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta, who was an important figure in Moneyball and a longtime baseball analytics guru. But the Browns’ new head coach does not come from an analytics background, and a new ESPN Magazine…

A 'Moneyball' approach for the Browns might not work in the NFL

The NFL landscape may not be all that favorable to the analytics movement. While Cleveland Browns executive Paul DePodesta was waiting in line to head home from the NFL Combine, he says he heard several of his peers openly mocking him. Show More Summary

Valeant: Why Moneyball Failed in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The past few months have been terrible ones for investors in Valeant Pharmaceuticals. In February, the company disclosed that it had accounted incorrectly for fifty-eight million dollars worth of sales by Philidor, a specialty pharmacy...Show More Summary

Law Firms Increasingly Use 'Moneyball' Analytics In Lateral Partner Hiring

The American Lawyer, How to Hire a Home-Run Lateral? Look at Their Stats: Recruiting lateral partners is starting to look more like scouting for Major League Baseball. Law firms are beginning to use statistical analysis similar to the "sabermetrics" methods used to evaluate ballplayers and made famous by the book...

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