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There Might Be A Chance For Multiplayer In Next Zelda Game

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is likely shaping up to be the most anticipated game of 2017 for the Nintendo NX and Wii U. However, Eiji Aonuma, a producer at Nintendo, is already looking ahead at the possibilities for the next Zelda game, which might feature a multiplayer...

Uncharted 4 patch 1.08 and first multiplayer DLC to be released next week

Naughty Dog will release the first multiplayer DLC and next major update to Uncharted 4 multiplayer next week. This is the first content release listed in a road map provided by the studio back in May. Those who own the triple pack will also be handed the items in MP Pack 1. The content includes: […]

Face-Off: Umbrella Corps

Developed by Capcom Osaka, Umbrella Corps takes elements from the Resident Evil series and places them into an online multiplayer shooter with first and third-person perspectives. Available on PS4 and PC, and built using the Unity engine,...Show More Summary

Eiji Aonuma wants more multiplayer for Zelda, but do you?

Multiplayer gameplay doesn't mix often with the Zelda series, but when it does, it usually puts forth enough panache to be worth it. Take Four Swords, one of my favorite Zelda games ever (especially the Anniversary Edition) -- it takes such a simple formula that was cemented with the very first game and runs with it. Show More Summary

Titanfall 2 may fix one of the biggest problems with team-based multiplayer games - CNET

Do you play Overwatch? Rainbow Six? Evolve? Even if you're not interested in Titanfall, you may want to hear this idea.

Titanfall 2's free DLC, Resi 7's secret ending & Mass Effect Andromeda: The New Show

This week on the news show Leon takes a look at Titanfall 2's commitment to free multiplayer DLC post release, we examine the fuss behind Resident Evil 7's (maybe) secret demo ending and mystery finger

Raging cocks and dopey rainbows: GTA’s Power Play update is a head-flip firefight freakout

GTA Online got one of its best multiplayer modes in years this week, but you wouldn’t know it. “A bonkers firefight that spews game-changing power-ups across the map, pulling the rug from under your ass as you attempt to dominate the other team of psychopaths.” Overshadowed by the release of the fastest car in the […]

One year on, Devil’s Third is shutting down – but you can pick it up on the cheap today

Near universally-derided Wii U exclusive quietly shutting up shop in December. Nintendo has announced it will close down online services for Devil’s Third. As of December 28 the game’s online multiplayer will be unavailable, although the single-player campaign will be unaffected. Since the Valhalla action affair launched in North America in December 2016, that’s a […]

Halo 5 gets Warzone Firefight on June 29, play the whole game free until July 5

Firefight, a fan-favorite Halo multiplayer mode, is finally ready to arrive in Halo 5: Guardians

Devil's Third's online multiplayer is shutting down this year

Devil's Third, the debut effort of Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki's Valhalla Game Studios, only launched last August but it's already shuttering its online multiplayer at the end of the year. According to Nintendo's official site, Devil's Third is going offline on 29th December at 4am UK time. Show More Summary

The popular Warzone mode is finally coming to Halo 5 multiplayer on June 29, Microsoft announced tod

The popular Warzone mode is finally coming to Halo 5 multiplayer on June 29, Microsoft announced today. It’s part of a large package of content that’ll include new maps, Forge options, and more. Read more...

Bungie has issued a Destiny hotfix that they say should fix the bug in the “Players In Activity” fea

Bungie has issued a Destiny hotfix that they say should fix the bug in the “Players In Activity” feature that forced them to cancel multiplayer events like the Trials of Osiris and this week’s Iron Banner. Both events “may” return this weekend (Trials) and next week (Iron Banner), provided everything checks out post-hotfix. More info here. Read more...

Amazon backs 'Vainglory' mobile eSports tournament

Amazon is throwing its weight behind mobile eSports yet again. The company -- the Amazon Appstore, in particular -- is the main sponsor of the 2016 Vainglory summer eSports season. Vainglory is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for touchscreen devices, which Apple demoed on stage back in 2014 to show off the power of its A8 chip. Show More Summary

Devil's Third multiplayer to go offline at the end of 2016

When Devil's Third launched, practically nobody managed to get their hands on a copy and even fewer critics ended up liking it. Our own Chris Carter gave the game a fairly tepid review, calling the campaign "disappointing" but giving the multiplayer high marks. Show More Summary

PS4 top-down shooter Kill Strain is out in July

Kill Strain has been given a release date on PlayStation 4. Kill Strain, the PlayStation 4 top-down competitive multiplayer shooter, finally has a release date. Developed by Sony San Diego, the free-to-play twin-stick shooter was announced at PSX 2014. Kill Strain will be out July 12 for PlayStation Plus members, and July 19 for everyone […]

The multiplayer online for Wii U title Devil’s Third will end in Japan on December 29, Inside report

The multiplayer online for Wii U title Devil’s Third will end in Japan on December 29, Inside reports. In-game microtransactions are also shutting down, and the game will be marked down to 3,618 yen (US$35) from June 24 in Japan. No word on similar changes to the game internationally. Read more...

Sony's F2P asymmetrical twin-stick shooter Kill Strain sets release date

Sony's asymmetrical multiplayer twin-stick shooter Kill Strain will launch on 19th July as a free-to-play title. PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive it one week earlier on 12th July. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Kill Strain's...Show More Summary

Team Fortress 2 Game Fills With Streamers, Descends Into Chaos

These days, it’s not all that uncommon to run into somebody who’s streaming and commentating while you’re playing a multiplayer game. If they’re not A Tool Of The Actual Devil, they might mute their mic. But in a team-based game you can’t always afford to do that. Read more...

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