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Everything We've Learned About Mummies Using 21st Century Technology

Researchers in fields from epidemiology to genetics are studying mummies, using the latest imaging technology. Now we know more than ever before about what lies beneath the mummies’ wrappings — and these long-dead people are telling us a lot about ancient lives and cultures. Read more...

Enormous Biblical Discovery Made in Egyptian Mummy Mask… Atheists Are NOT Amused

It was a huge discovery – a fragment from the Gospel of Mark found in an Egyptian mummy mask, and atheists aren’t happy about it. The discovery was made in

#TBT: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Through the Years

Dwayne Johnson has gone from wrestling superstar to Hollywood A-lister right before our very eyes. The performer and athlete had breakout acting roles in films "The Mummy Returns" and "The Scorpion King" back in the early '00s, and has since gone on to star in some of the last decade's biggest blockbusters. Show More Summary

Researchers Mummify a Leg With Ancient Instructions

It's one thing to say that ancient Egyptians had a masterful technique for turning corpses into mummies and another to prove it. But researchers in Switzerland appear to have accomplished just that by mummifying a human leg with those ancient methods. Researchers treated the leg (it came from a woman...

Technology helps unlock secrets of mummies

4 days agoTechnology : Tech Talk

CT scans and MRIs are being used by scientists to understand everything from a mummy's sex to its cause of death

“The ghost world — that’s a very, very real thing to them,”

Smoked Mummy Helps Villagers Connect with ‘Ghost World’ Here’s how the villagers mummified loved ones: First, they scraped the bodies with a bristly plant, before placing it in a hut filled with smoke for 30 days. A bamboo pipe served as an anal spigot to evacuate the gut contents, and bodily fluids leached out of tiny [...]

British Scientists Find Trove of Animal Mummies with No Bones

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

It sounds like the beginnings of a detective tale: researchers in the UK recently scanned 300 animal mummies from Egypt only to discover that a full third held no bodies.

WOULDN’T DNA HAVE BEEN EASIER? Scientists Find Proof of Pharaohs’ Incest: They did so by measuring…

WOULDN’T DNA HAVE BEEN EASIER? Scientists Find Proof of Pharaohs’ Incest: They did so by measuring the height of 259 Egyptian mummies.

Global Quickies: Fake Mummies, Abortions in Latin America, and Alt Med

Categories: Anti-Science Feminism Religion Skepticism INDIA “A group of Islamists who cut off a teacher’s hand in revenge for “blasphemy” against the Prophet Mohamed have been jailed in India.” EGYPT/UK Scientists at University of Manchester... (Read more...)

The Alien Mummy: The Oldest Hoax In UFO history

  Now that the dust has settled around the much-maligned presentation of the so-called Roswell slides, it’s time to lean back and realize that this is not the first time that people were duped by claims of having evidence of an alien body. Precisely the same thing...

The Bizarre Honey Mummies of Ancient Arabia

Throughout human history there have been countless folk remedies, healing methods, therapies, and herbal fixes for nearly every ailment, disease, malady, affliction, or injury known to man. These run the gamut from tribal medicine men using magic to heal people, to practices that border on scientifically sound,...

A Surreal Animated Musical About A Mummy Cursed To Have No Friends

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Amumu: The Curse of the Sad Mummy provides the backstory for the League of Legends character of the same name, but even if you’re not familiar with the video game, it’s still great fun to watch the little cadaver wander through his strange world while the narrator sings his tragic tale. Read more...

Many of Egypt's Animal Mummies Don't Contain Mummies At All

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

The BBC estimates that between 800 BC and the Roman times, Egyptians mummified as many as 70 million animals for religious offerings. "Animal mummies were votive gifts. Today you'd have a candle in a cathedral; in Egyptian times you would have an animal mummy,” said Dr. Show More Summary

New Series 'Mummies Alive' Narrated by Jason Priestly to Premiere Sunday, June 7 on Smithsonian Channel

A new Smithsonian Channel series narrated by two-time Golden Globe nominee Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210) traverses four continents to reveal the extraordinary stories behind the world's most enigmatic mummies. MUMMIES ALIVE

12 Harrowing Online-Dating Encounters That Ended In Murder

“There was a big man last night and he bashed Mummy with a bat. Mummy won’t wake up to give me any breakfast.”

Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder

Who wants a boring old ball of elastic when you can have Suck UK’s Mummy Mike to hold your rubber bands? He’s perfect for those rare work moments of fidgeting or boredom. We like to think he’s Wooly Willy’s unfortunate cousin.

Not exactly news. . . . .

70 Million Mummified Animals in Egypt Reveal Dark Secret of Ancient Mummy Industry In what is described as Egypt’s “dark secret,” a staggering 70 million mummified animals have been found in underground catacombs across Egypt, including cats, birds, rodents, and even crocodiles. But surprises awaited a research team when they scanned the animal-shaped mummies and found [...]

Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummies Often Not Actually Mummified Animals

According to a new study, many animal mummies from ancient Egypt contain zero mummified animal. Cats are maybe not 100% pure unadulterated cat; ibises might be mud and some feathers. I’m sorry but the window for refunds has quite definitely closed. Read more...

Many Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummies Aren't What They Appear To Be

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

An extensive scanning project has revealed that about one-third of all ancient Egyptian animal mummies are devoid of animal remains, and are instead bundles of cloth filled with mud, sticks, and reeds. Read more...

Many of Egypt's Animal Mummies Are Really ... Nothing

Crocodiles, falcons, shrews: The Ancient Egyptians are thought to have mummified as many as 70 million animals—and a scan of more than 800 of them reveals that in many cases, what's inside is... nothing. The work done by radiographers and Egyptologists with the Manchester Museum and the University of...

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