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Kepler discovers most potentially habitable planet yet

32 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

The search for extraterrestrial life zeroed in a bit today as NASA announced that its unmanned Kepler Space Telescope detected the most Earth-like planet yet found beyond the Solar System. Named Kepler-186f, the new planet orbits a red...Show More Summary

Google’s Project Tango teams up with NASA for autonomous space robots

Google’s ATAP team and NASA are using the Project Tango smartphone with 3D motion tracking to help navigate robots in the International Space Station. The smartphone’s Myriad 1 vision processor chip is capable of making a quarter millions 3D measurements per second. Show More Summary

Planetary discovery! NASA’s Kepler mission found first Earth-size planet in a “habitable zone”

Meet Kepler-186f: It is an exo-planet whose Earth-like size and orbit are the right conditions for life

NASA finds the first ‘Earth-like’ planet that could possibly support life

2 hours agoOdd : Death and Taxes

NASA announced that it found such a planet circling a red dwarf, about 500 light years away in a solar system containing four other planets within the constellation Cygnus.

1991 Nikon-Kodak hack was first DSLR in space

What was the first digital camera in space? It turns out in 1991 NASA sent a modified Nikon F3 with small Kodak CCD sensor and external processing unit on a shuttle mission. Called the Hawkeye II, this system used a RS-232 serial port to connect to its external gear. Show More Summary

NASA's found an Earth-sized planet that could support life

2 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Engadget

NASA's Kepler telescope has discovered a veritable bounty of alien planets, but none of them have been quite like Earth -- until now. Today, the agency announced that Kepler-186f is the first confirmed Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of...

NASA Just Found the Most Earth-Like Planet Yet

Hello. Good day. NASA just announced that astronomers have discovered the most Earth-like planet yet. Kepler-186f is the first Goldilocks planet—not too hot for water, not too cold for water—ever identified that is roughly the same size as Earth. Show More Summary

First potentially habitable Earth-sized planet confirmed by Gemini and Keck observatories

The first Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting within the habitable zone of another star has been confirmed by observations with both the W. M. Keck Observatory and the Gemini Observatory. The initial discovery, made by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, is one of a handful of smaller planets found by Kepler and verified using large ground-based telescopes. Show More Summary

Astronomers Find 'Earth Twin' in Nearby Star System

5 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

NASA scientists announced today the discovery of a planet that is the most like our own than they have ever discovered, the NYT reports: The planet, known as Kepler 186f, named after NASA’s Kepler planet-finding misison, which found it, has...

Meet Kepler-186f, the First Validated Earth-Sized Planet in the Habitable Zone of a Red Dwarf

5 hours agoOdd : Geekosystem

We now know what NASA's big Kepler announcement it. It's still going on, so we'll be updating this post. What we know now is that this is the first validated Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of a star other than our Sun. That's a big deal.

Epic Discovery! NASA Announces First Earth-Size Planet Found That Could Support Life

Scientists have discovered an alien planet, Kepler-186f, slightly bigger than Earth, in the habitable zone of its host star, a dim red dwarf star about 490 light-years from Earth that might have liquid water and the right conditions for life....

NASA discovers Earth-sized planet in habitable zone

It was only a matter of time. [ NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-CalTech] Today, researchers at NASA pinpointed the best candidate for life elsewhere in the universe: an Earth-sized planet — Kepler-186f, orbiting a dwarf star. The star, Kepler 18 is6 500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. Show More Summary

Astronomers discover Earth-sized planet in habitable zone

Notre Dame astrophysicist Justin R. Crepp and researchers from NASA working with the Kepler space mission have detected an Earth-like planet orbiting the habitable zone of a cool star. The planet which was found using the Kepler Space Telescope has been identified as Kepler-186f and is 1.11 times the radius of the Earth. Show More Summary

Watch Live as NASA Makes Kepler Planet-Hunting Mission Announcement at 2:00PM EDT

6 hours agoOdd : Geekosystem

NASA is going to be making an announcement about the Kepler planet-hunting mission's latest discovery. The Kepler telescope is being used to find potentially habitable planets. Our guess is they'll be announcing new planets or one that happens to be very interesting. In this case interesting means habitable.

Know how to recycle oxygen? Tell NASA

9 hours agoTechnology : Tech Talk

NASA is trying to invent a way to turn carbon dioxide into clean oxygen for future deep-space voyages, but the space agency is stuck

A cross-section of the universe

An image of a galaxy cluster taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope gives a remarkable cross-section of the Universe, showing objects at different distances and stages in cosmic history. They range from cosmic near neighbours to objects seen in the early years of the Universe. Show More Summary

The rings of Saturn are either giving birth to a moon, or destroying one

10 hours agoOdd : Boing Boing

In a series of photos dating back to May 2012, NASA scientists have identified a bright object at the edge of Saturn's outermost ring.

NASA Mars Orbiter spies rover near Martian Butte

Scientists using NASA's Curiosity Mars rover are eyeing a rock layer surrounding the base of a small butte, called "Mount Remarkable," as a target for investigating with tools on the rover's robotic arm. read more

US-Russia relations: Crimea stoush puts NASA in spotlight

A SpaceX Dragon capsule docked with the International Space Station. Among the competing portfolios in America's vast government, NASA normally rests quietly as a low-tier agency. It lacks the huge budgets allocated to defence or welfare. Show More Summary

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