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NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Debbie form and strengthen

The tropical low pressure area previously known as System 91P has developed into a tropical cyclone named Debbie in the Southern Pacific Ocean and threatens eastern Queensland, Australia. NASA's Aqua satellite provided an infrared look at the storm that revealed powerful thunderstorms quickly developed around the center. Debbie has already triggered warnings in Queensland.

Mars' 'Barchan' Dunes Revealed In Stunning New Image

The images were captured using the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera on board NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

What about a mission to Titan?

As you probably know, NASA recently announced plans to send a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa. If all goes well, the Europa Clipper will blast off for the world in the 2020s, and orbit the icy moon to discover all its secrets.

NASA test fires new engine controlling 'brain' for first SLS megarocket mission

Engineers carried out a critical hot fire engine test firing with the first new engine controlling 'brain' that will command the shuttle-era liquid fueled engines powering the inaugural mission of NASA's new Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket.

Something big exploded in a galaxy far, far away—what was it?

At 10:49pm Western Australian time on February 2 this year, cosmic gamma rays hit the NASA satellite, Swift, orbiting the Earth.

NASA selects mission to study churning chaos in the Milky Way and beyond

NASA has selected a science mission that will measure emissions from the interstellar medium, which is the cosmic material found between stars. This data will help scientists determine the life cycle of interstellar gas in our MilkyShow More Summary

Trump Stalls NASA Europa Lander, But There’s Another Concept in the Works

“The NIMPH system combines in situ resource utilization, miniaturization, [and] electric propulsion.”

NASA tests observing capability on Hawaii's coral reefs

NASA pulled off a scientific double play in Hawaii this winter, using the same instruments and aircraft to study both volcanoes and coral reefs. Besides helping scientists understand these two unique environments better, the data will be used to evaluate the possibility of preparing a potential future NASA satellite that would monitor ecosystem changes and natural hazards.

You can now visit Trappist-1 in Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous now has the Trappist-1 system. In February NASA announced it had detected a record seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star, called Trappist-1. The researchers said all seven could potentially support liquid water on the surface, but only three are within the conventional "habitable" zone where life is considered a possibility. Read more…

Watch how NASA trains astronauts with VR

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

NASA has always been an early adopter of technology like virtual and augmented reality for training. Here's a cool glimpse into how they train future ISS and landing party astronauts. (more…)

NASA to Test Fountain of Youth on Astronauts in Six Months

The long-duration space flight of astronaut Scott Kelly and the subsequent medical comparisons to his earth-resident twin, former astronaut Mark Kelly, highlighted to NASA just how much an astronaut’s body breaks down on even shorter space missions. What can be done to protect them from the DNA-destroying...

NASA Is Eyeing Off A Breakthrough Australian Scientific Discovery That Could Reverse Aging (And Help Get Us To Mars)

This is incredible. University of New South Wales researchers have made a discovery that could lead to a drug that actually reverses aging - and could even help NASA get its astronauts to Mars. More »      

NASA is using a mixed reality space station to train astronauts

NASA has always embraced emerging technology for visualization, even if that tech was seemingly developed for frivolous entertainment. We recently covered its holographic Mars exhibit, and the many 3D resources that NASA makes available to developers and educators. Show More Summary

UFO News 2017: Is NASA Covering Up UFOS By The International Space Station?

There has been a lot of UFO news so far in 2017, and one of the biggest news stories is what some are calling a cover-up by NASA as there have been numerous reports of UFOs sighted near the International Space Station. For instance,Show More Summary

Trump Signs Bill Funding NASA $19.5 Billion

President Donald Trump signed legislation Tuesday adding human exploration of Mars to NASA's mission. The new law authorizes $19.5 billion in spending for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the budget year that began Oct. Show More Summary

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through March 25)

ROBOTICS NASA's Origami Robots Can Squeeze Into Places Rovers Can't Mariella Moon | Engadget “Imagine a Martian rover that can send small robotic minions to crawl into crevices or climb steep slopes—everywhere a full-sized vehicle can't go to. That's the scenario a team from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory hopes to achieve by developing small origami-inspired […]

A rocket, a rover, and a moon: this week in space

Found: one enormous rogue black hole. Also, news from NASA, SpaceX and the 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. The post A rocket, a rover, and a moon: this week in space appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Juno Spacecraft on Science-Collection Flyby Near Cloud-Tops of "Amazing Giant" Jupiter (VIDEO)

NASA's Juno spacecraft will make its fifth flyby over Jupiter's mysterious cloud tops on Monday, March 27, at 1:52 a.m. PDT (4:52 a.m. EDT, 8:52 UTC). At the time of closest approach (called perijove), Juno will be about 2,700 miles...        

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