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Nano 'sandwich' offers unique properties

Rice University researchers have modeled a nanoscale sandwich, the first in what they hope will become a molecular deli for materials scientists.

Nano 'sandwich' offers unique properties

(Rice University) Nanoclusters of magnesium oxide sandwiched between layers of graphene make a compound with unique electronic and optical properties, according to researchers at Rice University who built computer simulations of the material.

A Detailed Look at The 1984 Seiko Chariot ‘Steve Jobs’ Watch

It looks as though watch brand Seiko is bringing back the Seiko Chariot, seen in the iconic black-and-white Time portrait of Steve Jobs from 1984. The new model, Seiko Nano Universe, shares the same minimalist design with a few subtle modifications. The ad shows him sitting on the floor with an early Apple Macintosh computer […]

Lingo Media: Financial Update Shows Good Fundamentals And Great Outlook

One of the nano cap stocks we have covered frequently is Lingo Media. The company offers English online courses, in e-learning format, and is focused on non-English speaking countries. Its target market is huge, as Latin American and Asian countries have a growing need to improve English in

New nano approach could cut dose of leading HIV treatment in half

Successful results have utilized nanotechnology to improve drug therapies for HIV patients.

Nano Thread Enables Scientists to Extend Length of Brain Implant Efficacy

Researcher Dr. Luan and his interdisciplinary team from the University of Texas at Austin have developed an ultra flexible nanoelectronic thread (NET) that has the potential to offer a new type of the long-term neural implants. Neural probes are used to directly measure or even stimulate electrical activity in specific regions of the brain. Show More Summary

Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano – MultiWii & LED Ring

This tutorial is about the connection between a Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano and the DFRobot LED Ring. Some folks around the MultiWii project (software that runs inside the Quadrino Nano) developed a piece of software to get visual feedback from the flight controller to an available LED ring. Show More Summary

LG launches 2017 SUPER UHD TV lineup featuring Nano Cell display in Seoul

LG today announced the launch of its 2017 SUPER UHD TV lineup featuring Nano Cell display lineup at its R&D Center in Seoul today. Alongside the amazingly thin LG SIGNATURE OLED TV.. The post LG launches 2017 SUPER UHD TV lineup featuring Nano Cell display in Seoul appeared first on Gadgets, gizmos, and tech from the East.

From Zero to Nano

Have you ever wanted to build your own Arduino from scratch? [Pratik Makwana] shares the entire process of designing, building and flashing an Arduino Nano clone. This is not an entry-level project and requires some knowledge of soldering to succeed with such small components, but it is highly rewarding to make. Show More Summary

New nano approach could cut dose of leading HIV treatment in half

Successful results of a University of Liverpool-led trial that utilised nanotechnology to improve drug therapies for HIV patients has been presented at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Seattle, a leading annual conference of HIV research, clinical practice and progress.

Insta360's VR cameras have iPhone, Android and pro users covered

Insta360's affordable Nano and Air cameras clip onto smartphones to live stream and record panoramic 360-degree video. But it's the Pro we like the look of. It packs in six cameras, image stabilization and a whopping 8K resolution at...Show More Summary

Liquid metal nano printing set to revolutionize electronics

(RMIT University) New technique uses liquid metals to create large wafers around 1.5 nanometres in depth to produce integrated circuits.

Liquid metal nano printing set to revolutionize electronics

A new technique using liquid metals to create integrated circuits that are just atoms thick could lead to the next big advance for electronics.

Plant-made virus shells could deliver drugs directly to cancer cells

(American Chemical Society) Viruses are extremely efficient at targeting and delivering cargo to cells. In the journal ACS Nano, researchers report they have harnessed this well-honed ability -- minus the part that makes us sick -- to develop virus-like nanoparticles to deliver drugs straight to affected cells. Show More Summary

India launches record-breaking 104 satellites from single rocket

Indian PM Narendra Modi hails ‘exceptional achievement’ that overtakes Russian record of 37 satellites in single launch India’s space agency has announced the successful launch of a record-breaking 104 nano satellites into orbit, all onboard a single rocket. Show More Summary

Turning up the heat for perfect (nano)diamonds

Quantum mechanics, the physics that governs nature at the atomic and subatomic scale, contains a host of new physical phenomena to explore quantum states at the nanoscale. Though tricky, there are ways to exploit these inherently fragile and sensitive systems for quantum sensing. Show More Summary

Turning up the heat for perfect (nano)diamonds

(American Institute of Physics) For use in quantum sensing, the bulk nanodiamond crystal surrounding the point defect must be highly perfect. Any deviation from perfection will adversely affect the quantum behavior of the material. Highly perfect nanodiamonds are also quite expensive and difficult to make. Show More Summary

Inside San Francisco's 21st Century World's Fair

It's been a while since we've had a World's Fair, but this might soon change. They've been redesigned as the "Worlds Fair Nano," and will be making their way across the states over the next few years. Here's what happens when you recreate history...

How to Convert Micro SIM into a Nano SIM Card for HTC One M8

The new HTC One (M8) is a substantial smartphone, most likely about it. Still, with those BoomSound speakers, 5-inch show, and 2600mAh battery, it’s a ponder they figured out how to pack everything in that flawless, unibody metal shell. Show More Summary

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