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Satellites Pinpoint Suspected Top-Secret North Korean Nuclear Site

The Institute for Science and International Security reported on Wednesday that it may have discovered a top secret facility used by North Korea to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons. The discovery could be vital in any future nuclear deal with the reclusive state.

North Korea Begins Building Advanced Nuclear Armed Ballistic Submarine

Pyongyang moves closer to constructing a ballistic missile submarine capable of launching a nuclear payload towards the United States as the most militaristic country rattles its saber once more.

Why South Korea Needs THAAD

Bruce Klingner Security, Asia North Korean missiles, to be exact.  North Korea provocatively conducted missile tests on Wednesday, a clear warning to the United States and its allies that nuclear defense systems must remain a priority. North...Show More Summary

360-degree video tour of North Korea gets you inside its isolated capital

North Korea is a bizarre place, cut off from the rest of the world under its dictatorship. Only about 2,500 foreigners reportedly visit the country every year.  Heck, most people don't want to visit North Korea because it's such a strange place. Show More Summary

Secret North Korea Nuclear Site Possibly Found, Report Says

It would represent a significant breakthrough in future negotiations if confirmed

North Korea Marks Sharpest Economic Drop in Eight Years

North Korea’s economy shrunk at the fastest rate for almost a decade last year, with its coal and iron ore exports hit hard by a drop in global commodities, the BBC reports. North Korean exports fell by almost 15 percent last year as...Show More Summary

U.S. Releases Report on Human Rights Abuses and Censorship in North Korea

Recently, the U.S. government released our first report naming specific individuals and entities involved in serious human rights abuses and censorship in North Korea. The report is the culmination of many months of painstaking work and represents the U.S.

Exclusive: Possible early North Korean nuclear site found - report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. policy institute said it may have located a secret facility used by North Korea in the early stages of building its program to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, which if confirmed would be critical to the success of any future nuclear deal, according to a report seen by Reuters on Thursday.

See inside North Korea's secretive capital with a new 360-degree virtual reality tour

Few foreigners have the chance to visit North Korea's capital Pyongyang, but a new 360-degree video gives rare access into the city's vast and barren streets. The video was created by the Singaporean photographer Aram Pan, as part of...Show More Summary

North Korea Makes Progress on Ballistic Missile Submarine Shipyard

Work on the launching way and construction hall of North Korea's Sinpo South Shipyard project is now externally complete, according to a US-based monitoring project.

South Korea's Park calls for unity over THAAD deployment

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean President Park Geun-hye said on Thursday the move to deploy a THAAD missile defense system was "inevitable" because of a growing threat from North Korea and that division in the South over its deployment is what Pyongyang seeks.

Mysterious Numbers Station Resumes In North Korea

Amid heightened regional tensions in the Korean peninsula, an encrypted radio signal is being broadcast widely out of North Korea. This marks the first time that an encrypted signal has been broadcast out of the reclusive dictatorship since 2000, after the first meeting between governments of North...

N. Korea: Missile Launch a Dry Run for Blowing Up South's Airports

Three ballistic missiles launched by North Korea Tuesday into the Sea of Japan off of South Korea's eastern coast wasn't just an arbitrary exercise, the Washington Post reports. The apparent intent of the Kim Jong Un-approved launch: A dry run at "preemptive strikes at ports and airfields in the operational...

South Korea Town Becomes Pokemon Go Haven

A glitch in Google Maps has turned the small fishing town of Sokcho, South Korea, into a Pokemon Go tourist haven. Because of Cold War era laws preventing North Korea from obtaining maps of the country, the use of Google Maps is restricted in South Korea. Show More Summary

From Pyongyang with love: North Korea restarts coded spy broadcasts

SEOUL (Reuters) - "Now we'll begin a mathematics review assignment for members of the 27th expeditionary unit of the distance learning university," the woman's voice crackled over the radio.

North Korea says missile tests simulated nuclear strike on South

North Korea said Wednesday its latest ballistic missile tests trialled detonation devices for possible nuclear strikes on US targets in South Korea and were personally monitored by supreme leader Kim Jong-Un. Tuesday’s test firing of three missiles in violation of existing UN resolutions was seen as an angry reaction to the planned deployment of a

North Korea says missile test simulated attack on South's airfields

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea said on Wednesday it had conducted a ballistic missile test that simulated preemptive strikes against South Korean ports and airfields used by the U.S. military, a likely reference to the launches of three missiles on Tuesday.

North Korea: Missile launch a test for nuclear strike

Supreme leader Kim Jong-un personally supervised Tuesday's firing of three ballistic missiles, North's state media says.

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