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The Last Defining Court Battle of Obama's Presidency

President Barack Obama will unveil his most ambitious climate change plan to date on Monday, setting off perhaps the last defining legal battle of his administration. As with Obamacare, his plan is opposed by most Republicans and likely to be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court. Will Chief

Blowing Against the Idiot Wind

7 hours agoNews : The Daily Beast

While Trump grabs headlines for suggesting he’d ‘Repeal [Obamacare] and replace it with something terrific,’ brave souls like Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul are offering real policies.

Wage Growth Accelerating? By How Much? Total Compensation and the Obamacare Effect

On July 24, the Conference Board asked the question: Is Wage Growth Accelerating? The Board's answer was "All signs point to Yes!" One big question regarding the US economy is whether wage growth is accelerating. You might think that this is a pretty straightforward question to answer, but it’s not. Show More Summary

Number of unpaid hospital bills shrinks under Obamacare

20 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

The number of unpaid medical bills is shrinking across the United States thanks to the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act. As more people sign up for private health insurance, and as more states expand Medicaid programs for low-income Americans, hospital companies are reporting lower...

As Obamacare Takes Hold, Unpaid Hospital Bills Vanish

As hospital operators begin to report second period earnings -- the sixth consecutive quarter of new revenue from once uninsured patients -- the number and size of unpaid medical bills continues to fall thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The health law last year began to provide subsidized private health [...]

Vetoes, continued

Ramesh reminds me that no actual repeal measure of Obamacare has reached the president’s desk. It’s one of those things that feels like it happened, but didn’t. Remarkable. That would have been the easy part, in any case. The really hard work would have been getting the entire Republican conference to endorse and pass an alternative. Show More Summary

Obamacare insured 68 percent of previously uncovered Californians

The Kaiser Family Foundation decided to do a longitudinal study of the uninsured and the effects of the Affordable Care Act on their lives and health. They chose California as a relatively representative population and began by establishing baselines in 2013, prior to the full implementation of the law. Show More Summary

ACA Database: Are There Any Plans in the Works to Force Doctors to Accept Obamacare?

By THCBist After several attempts at trying to find doctors who accept my lame-o ACA health plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield advantage HMO), I finally reached my limit today when a rather important appointment got cancelled unless I wanted to pay cash, because “we don’t accept your policy”.  When I googled “none of my doctors

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Hillary comes out swinging

Politico: “I don’t think you can credibly say that everyone has a right to rise and then say you’re for phasing out Medicare, or repealing Obamacare,” Clinton said, a jab at Bush’s well-known PAC slogan, “Right to Rise.” “People can’t rise if they can’t afford healthcare,” she continued. Show More Summary

Clinton skewers Jeb!'s 'Right to Rise' rhetoric at National Urban League

Hillary Clinton didn't waste any time Friday impugning Jeb!'s "Right to Rise" campaign slogan by highlighting his plans to phase out Medicare and repeal Obamacare and his criticisms of a federal minimum wage and affirmative action. Here...Show More Summary

Yes, ObamaCare is a Government Takeover of Health Insurance and Care

Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner is always a good read: In 2014, according to new data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services published in the journal Health Affairs, “[h]ealth care spending sponsored by the federal government is projected to have risen by 10.1 percent.” This was the year that Obamacare added millions […]

The Latest on Wonk Wire

Here’s what’s trending on Wonk Wire today: Obamacare Led to Increased Competition Who Appeals to the Very Conservative? The Rent is Too Damn High California’s Obamacare Success: A Model for the Nation? Trump’s Upward Momentum Slows

Obamacare is (still) working: California puts the lie to right-wing horror stories

In the Golden State, the uninsured are getting covered and costs are staying low, which is bad news for GOP critics

Donald Trump Will Repeal Obamacare, Replace It With Terrific Fence

Donald Trump has the YOOGEST, CLASSIEST plan ever to replace Obamacare, and it’s going to be so incredible, it will probably blow his already-perfect plans for defeating ISIS out of the water, that’s how good it is. On CNN this week,...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Goes After Jeb Bush’s ‘Right To Rise’ Mantra

"I don't think you can credibly say that everyone has a right to rise and then say you are for phasing out Medicare and repealing Obamacare." The post Hillary Clinton Goes After Jeb Bush’s ‘Right To Rise’ Mantra appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Republicans eager for shutdown over Planned Parenthood

For the first time in several years, Republicans in Congress aren't talking about shutting down government over defunding Obamacare. That's because they want a shut down over defunding Planned Parenthood. What started out as a push from socially conservative firebrands like Sens. Show More Summary

Cancer patients lose faith in healthcare system if referred late by GP

There are concerns in America about the ability of patients who are not wealthy, connected elites to get prompt medical care in an Obamacare future. In the past, the government was the great equalizer because they trumped insurance companies, but now the government is the insurance company and there is greater worry about have and have nots. Show More Summary

TRAIN WRECK: AP: Audit finds 22 of 23 taxpayer-backed ObamaCare co-ops lost money in 2014. “As re…

TRAIN WRECK: AP: Audit finds 22 of 23 taxpayer-backed ObamaCare co-ops lost money in 2014. “As recently as the spring, the White House touted co-ops as an accomplishment.”

IRS Fines Millions for Not Having Obamacare, While Millions in Obamacare $$ Go to People Who Don’t Even Exist!

The IRS has jumped with zealous relish into the role of fining people who haven’t gotten Obamacare. But as the IRS is so thrilled to penalize taxpayers who haven’t bothered

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