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Where Will the Next Social Movement Come From?

How Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street can transform the Ivory Tower. Much of our future is reliably unpredictable, and what more so than the moments when mass movements suddenly break out and sweep across our world? Who expected,...Show More Summary

It Begins… Angry Bernie Sanders Supporters Plan To Occupy the DNC (VIDEO)

It’s a well established fact that Bernie Sanders is the preferred candidate of the Occupy Wall Street movement so it’s... The post It Begins… Angry Bernie Sanders Supporters Plan To Occupy the DNC (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Legal Tender Finds Art at the Intersection of Love and Money

Legal Tender Finds Art at the Intersection of Love and Money by Jen Graves S omewhere embedded within the 500 pages of Debt: The First 5,000 Years, David Graeber—a leading thinker behind Occupy Wall Street—almost proposes that debt is good. Show More Summary

The Nevada Convention: Where Democracy Went To Die

The revolution will be live streamed. It’s already happening. Since Occupy Wall Street several years ago, protestors and activists have taken their message online in an effort to document political and economic corruption. And there is no turning back. Show More Summary

Deadline Disruptors: A Look Back At How Francois Truffaut And Jean-Luc Godard Brought The Revolution To Cannes In 1968

Before there was Occupy Wall Street or Nuit Debout, there was Paris, 1968. In a revolutionary year—think the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, Bobby Kennedy's assassination—May was a particularly revolutionary month. Show More Summary

Then and Now: One Man's Journey From the Upper East Side to Occupy Wall Street

2 weeks agoNews : Newsweek: US

In 1966, Newsweek published a landmark cover story, “The Teen-Agers: A Newsweek Survey of What They’re Really Like,” investigating everything from politics and pop culture to teens' views on their parents, their future and the world....Show More Summary

The Spirit of Activism: From Occupy Wall Street to a New Playbook for Revolution

"People can't ignore my book," says Dr. Micah White, PhD. Well, people can, but once they've read the award-winning activist's innovative call-to-arms The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution, they won't want to. Part manifesto, part memoir, and part history of activism, The End of Protest is a radical document in every sense of the word. Show More Summary


NEVER LET IT BE SAID THAT BERNIE SANDERS DOESN’T TAKE RECYCLING SERIOUSLY! Bernie: Create a Tea Party off the Left Within the Democratic Party Now. Well, other than Occupy Wall Street, and their predecessors, including, as Glenn noted in 2011, “the Coffee Party, the Brownbaggers, The Other 95%, A New Way Forward, [and] the One […]

In Battle for New York, Occupy Wall Streeters Turn Out for Bernie

Four and half years ago, watching the Occupy Wall Street movement take off, Bernie Sanders hailed the "extremely important" work activists were doing in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park and across the country. "We have got to continue to focus on the greed of Wall Street, and we've got to bring about real...

UC Davis California Censored Google With University Funds To Suppress Pepper-Spray Incident

UC Davis California appears to have paid a lot of money to censor Google search results in order to protect its public image. The maneuver came after video went viral of a group of young Occupy Wall Street protesters being pepper sprayed by police. Show More Summary

Gutfeld: Democratic Debate Was ‘So Depressing’ ‘Like a Rock Concert for Occupy Wall Street

In a break from the more traditional post-debate analysis routine, the Fox News Channel chose to award the cast of The Five its sole post-Democratic debate hour on Thursday and, of course, it featured humorous quips from co-host Greg Gutfeld. Show More Summary

Two Weeks Into a Major Uprising, French Activists Continue to Stay ‘Up All Night’

2 months agoNews : Truthdig

Like the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Paris “Nuit Debout” protests over labor reforms are fueled by social media, which allow people to communicate instantly with one another and bypass corporate media when it ignores them.

UC Davis Tried Really, Really Hard to Erase That 2011 Pepper Spray Incident From the Internet

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Remember the November 2011 pepper-spray incident at UC Davis? After video footage of a campus police officer casually blanketing Occupy Wall Street student protestors with pepper-spray went viral, the episode prompted mass outrage, sparked conversations about the militarization of police, and launched a thousand memes. Read more...

The Occupied Wall Street Journal Is Back In Print For Bernie Sanders

The loose collective of writers, editors, and designers who five years ago reminded their readers in Zuccotti Park that “our system is broken” is now urging registered Democrats to get out and vote for Senator Bernie Sanders in next week’s primary election. [ more › ]

Can This Replica of Thoreau's Cabin Stop a Controversial Pipeline Project?

The protest power of architecture Protest architecture has taken many forms -- from the tent cities of Occupy Wall Street to the "Trojan Polar Bear" that appeared outside of Shell's London office last year. But now, in a remote Massachusetts field, a new structure of protest has taken shape -- a model of Henry David Thoreau's cabin on Walden pond. Show More Summary

What Is France's 'Nuit Debout' Protest Movement?

2 months agoNews : Newsweek: US

The Nuit Debout (“Up All Night”) protest movement that is sweeping France has grown far faster than its ideological cousin, the Occupy Wall Street movement, according to one of the original organizers of that 2011 protest. “What’s remarkable...Show More Summary

On The Ground Coverage: Occupy Wall Street Rebrands As "Democracy Spring" For Capitol Hill Sit-Ins

A new name for an old group will be "sitting in" at the US Capital throughout the week. Democracy Spring claims the have signed up more than 1,000...

A Taxonomy of the Species You Encounter Waiting in Line For Shakespeare in the Park

The early-morning line for Shakespeare in the Park tickets is a realm unto itself, an eco-system unlike any other. It's Occupy Wall Street, but instead of demanding a radical redistribution of wealth, we politely ask to see free outdoor classical theater. Show More Summary

How the legacies of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street are shaping the 2016 race

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

As they continue to tear up their respective parties, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are tapping into rich veins of “anti-establishment” fury. And while they’ve managed to create movements of a force not seen at the ballot box in years, they clearly owe a debt to the US’s two biggest protest...

Five Years After Occupy Wall Street, Bernie Sanders Continues Its Fight

On September 17, 2011, the Occupy Wall Street movement exploded onto the scene. Peaceful protestors set up tents and sleeping bags in New York City’s Zuccotti Park. The movement’s slogan was “We are the 99 percent.” Protestors railed against big banks, the growing foreclosure scandal, and political corruption. Show More Summary

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