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Yosemite official says: Expect to wait up to three hours for a parking space this weekend

After a winter marked by unrelenting storms, Yosemite National Park is waking up, flaunting its natural beauty and moving full-speed into its busy season.

Try Parqex And Get A Free Credit

Here's a deal from Uptown United and Parqex: a $25 credit toward a reserved parking space."One of Business Partners' newest members has a special offer for Uptowners: ParqEx - The Private Parking Marketplace - connects people with underutilized parking spots to people looking for parking in busy neighborhoods.Click HERE for $25 in free parking from ParqEx!"

Fancy working from home? Take a look at these jobs where your base is your own house

Wake up, cup of tea and no commute before work. Some like the idea of working from home, wearing what you want and setting your alarms a bit later than those who have to find a parking space or squeeze onto a bus before we can even start our tasks. Recruiters are advertising work-from-home roles...

Solitary Confinement Makes Prisoners Behave Badly and Screws up Their Brains

last monthNews : Newsweek: US

Nearly one in five prisoners in the U.S. is put in solitary confinement, where they spend 23 hours a day in a spartan concrete box the size of a parking space.

L.A.'s grassy parkways should not be parking spaces

Of course people shouldn’t park their cars on the city’s parkways, the often grassy strip of land between the sidewalk and the street curb. Planting cars on the parkways is ugly, destructive to public infrastructure and, because the cars drive over or block the sidewalks as well, dangerous for...

20 Scattered Thoughts after the Election

last monthHealth / Weight Loss : Jenful

Several years ago I saw a car accident about to happen as I was walking out of an Ace Hardware store. I could see the van driving slowly down the aisle of the parking lot, and I could see the sedan pulling out of its parking space directly towards the side of the van, but... [Read More] The post 20 Scattered Thoughts after the Election appeared first on Jennette Fulda.

HILARIOUS! Watch What Jeep Drivers Do To Guy Taking Up TWO Parking Spaces! [VIDEO]

I can certainly relate to this video. I think we all can. How many times have you driven around a parking lot forever looking for a parking place? We call

Apple Park consumed more by parking space than actual offices - report

When it opens to workers later this month, Apple Park will reportedly offer nearly 3.5 million square feet of parking -- even more than the roughly 3.4 million square feet of offices people will actually work in.

Apple’s new campus will have more parking spaces than office space

Oh, and guess what it’s called? Apple Park When it opens later this month, Apple’s shiny new Norman Foster-designed headquarters in Cupertino, California will be more than just a spaceship-like orb nestled in 175 acres of trees. It will...Show More Summary

Apple Says Its New Headquarters Could Be the Greenest Building in the World. Not With 11,000 Parking Spaces!

This month, Apple starts the long move into Apple Park, its new, ring-shaped headquarters designed by Foster + Partners. Popularly known as the Spaceship, the building has ambitions to match. With 2.8 million square feet of office space, Apple Park has more interior space than the Empire State Building. Show More Summary

Parking Markers for Dummies

2 months agoArts : Yanko Design

Parking Markers for Dummies “Mobile Marking for Parking Spaces” might not feel quite as special getting that parking space plaque along with your work promotion… but there’s no denying just...

Canadian Now Legally Owns Parking Space Just Because She Parked There For A While

2 months agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

It turns out that, in Canada, a “real place,” you could just, like, park your car in a spot. For a decade. And then you own it. The entire parking spot. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if someone else owned it. You own it now. Somehow. Read more...

That Jeep Pushing A Badly-Parked BMW Into A Spot Is Almost Certainly Staged

2 months agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

I’m sure by now at least one of your social-media friends or bots or friend-bots has sent you this video of a well-modded Jeep Wrangler shoving a douchily-parked BMW into the solitary parking space it actually deserves. On the off-chance that hasn’t happened, here it is: Read more...

NC: Jacksonville to Construct First Park and Ride

Nestled between an amphitheater and baseball diamonds is the future site of Jacksonville's first park and ride. The facility, which will hold about 200 parking spaces, is designed to provide access to combined forms of transportatio...

Parallel Parking Grand Champion: There’s a Whole Lot of Right or a Whole Lot of Wrong in This Photo

TweetThose unfamiliar with Frisco, many ppl, have asked me if cars ever get stuck in street parking spaces, owing to no lines telling you where to park. Anyway, if Bro here, who’s now trying to escape, parked in this space without causing mayhem and then managed to expertly go on his way, well then BRAVO: […]

CA: BART's Long-Awaited Warm Springs Extension to Open March 25

BART's long-delayed extension to Warm Springs will open in two weeks, moving the Bay Area's regional transit backbone closer to serving San Jose and bringing thousands more parking spaces.

Pricey parking spot in Brooklyn on the market for $300,000

A parking space at a garage in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is on the market for $300,000. NBC New York says the last one there sold for $280,000. A neighborhood resident, Julie Hollar, says the... To view the full story, click the title l...

D.C. man dies after altercation in construction zone

Anger over a parking space and traffic cones left one man dead in Northeast and another man facing charges.

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