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Embattled Nunes Paralyzes House Intel Committee

Congressman Jim Himes, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has not kept the committee updated on intelligence he talked with the media and White House about and more.

Video: Rachel Maddow on Devin Nunes and the Paralyzed House Intelligence Committee

Rachel Maddow eloquently recaps the bad craziness surrounding the Trump-Russia investigations and former Trump transition team member Devin Nunes. Everybody connected with the Trump gang is looing skeezier and skeezier.

Q1 2017 Ratings: MSNBC Has Best Quarter Ever

In Q1 of 2017, The Rachel Maddow Show delivered its largest total viewer audience ever and biggest demo audience since 4Q 2008.

Schumer On Gorsuch: Wrong Time, Wrong Nominee

2 days agoNews : The Newsroom

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about why Senate Democrats should oppose Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, and why the confirmation should be postponed until investigations of Donald Trump are resolve...

Don’t Buy Into Trump’s Plug of ‘Stunning’ Revelations on Judge Jeanine’s Show

2 days agoNews : Mediaite

Much like with Rachel Maddow and her big “Trump Taxes” scoop, it is very obvious that whatever Judge Jeannine Pirro may have is most likely to be totally irrelevant, at best.

Russia could have more tricks up their sleeve

Most regular Daily Kos readers have probably followed The Rachel Maddow Show’s excellent work on the Trump-Russian nexus. And Maddow often asks an excellent question in the course of those segments: what if the Russian destabalize-democracy-in-the-US...Show More Summary

Rachel Maddow 3/24/17

Watch the full episode of Friday night's The Rachel Maddow Show.

A dire period of scandal for Trump in turmoil

Rachel Maddow reviews the latest developments in the litany of investigations into the Donald Trump campaign while Trump's political agenda continues to fail.

Schumer: Wrong to vote on Gorsuch while Trump under investigation

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about why Senate Democrats should oppose Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, and why the...

Schumer urges Ryan to consider replacing Nunes as Intel chair

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about the investigations into the Donald Trump campaign's possible collaboration with Russia...

Schumer: 'Art of the Deal is out the window'

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about the failure by Donald Trump and Republicans to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, and the...

Another MSNBC Host: Gorsuch Is Mainstream

In February, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who recently embarrassed herself by reporting that Trump’s actually follows the law and pays millions of...

Bernie Sanders Shares His Blueprint for Democratic Resistance with Rachel Maddow

Click here for reuse options! The Vermont senator attributes the failure of Trumpcare to civic engagement. Republican leadership failed to secure enough votes from Congress Thursday to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), for one, attributes its failure to a burgeoning resistance movement. Show More Summary

Being a Putin opponent is dangerous business

Bill Browder, author of "Red Notice," talks with Rachel Maddow about the condition of Nikolai Gorokhov, lawyer for Russian whistle-blower Sergei Magnitsky,...

Russia's dark dealings a split screen scandal

Rachel Maddow reports on the assassination of a cricit of Vladimir Putin, the latest in a long chain of such attacks, and also reports on the latest...

Sanders: Gorsuch answers not satisfactory

senator Bernie Sanders talks with Rachel Maddow about why he will oppose the confirmation Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Sanders: Donald Trump lied about protecting working people

Senator Bernie Sanders talks with Rachel Maddow about how the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act and other Donald Trump Republican agenda items will hurt...

Massive, nationwide protest changed course of GOP anti-ACA plan

Rachel Maddow looks at how massive, nationwide protest and resistance attached human stories to the consequences of repealing Obamacare and made the...

WATCH: Rachel Maddow hilariously mocks Trumpcare as being less popular than Chris Christie

4 days agoNews : The Raw Story

One reason that the GOP keeps dragging their feet on the Republican healthcare plan known as Trumpcare is that the bill is incredibly unpopular. After showing a series of videos of angry constituents at town hall meetings with members of Congress, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow noted that the proposed...

Before Trump, Manafort Paid to Help Putin: AP

Jeff Horowitz, reporter for the Associated Press, talks with Rachel Maddow about the AP's scoop that Paul Manafort, before he was Donald Trump's campaign manager, was paid millions by a Russian oligarch to serve the interests of Vladimir Putin in the U.S.

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