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CNN Scare Tactic: Women Will Have to Go to Mexico for Birth Control if 'TrumpCare' Passes

Has CNN found their new Sandra Fluke poster child for “free” birth control? On Monday, CNN posted a real “tear jerker” tale about a married couple fearing they would not longer be able to get prescriptions for birth control if the GOP’s...Show More Summary CEO offers to buy Limbaugh ads: ‘We are in the business of selling affairs, and our audience is absolutely his audience’

last yearNews : The Cutline

As the fallout surrounding Rush Limbaugh's comments about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke continues unabated—with as many as 48 local and national advertisers pulling out of his radio show according to the Atlantic Wire—the controversial...Show More Summary

Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke is not a ‘slut’ or ‘prostitute’

last yearNews : The Cutline

Rush Limbaugh opened his syndicated radio show on Monday by reiterating the weekend apology he had made to Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student whom the outspoken host had called a "slut" and "prostitute" for her testimony about contraception the week before. "I descended to [the left's] level when I used those two words to [...]

Obama rings up Limbaugh’s ‘slut,’ Georgetown’s Sandra Fluke

last yearNews : The Cutline

In a show of moral support, President Barack Obama called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke on Friday defending her in the face of conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh's "reprehensible... personal and crude" attacks on her, the White House said. The conversation, which lasted for "several minutes," came after Limbaugh branded Fluke a "slut" and [...]

Rush Limbaugh Defends Harvard Soccer Team's Sexual Scouting Report

Radio host Rush Limbaugh, who once called law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” for speaking out in support of birth-control access, is now defending the Harvard men’s soccer team, Media Matters reported. Last week, Harvard administrators...Show More Summary

Limbaugh rages against the need for sexual ‘consent’

Four and a half years ago, Rush Limbaugh went on a three-day tirade of sickening misogyny against Sandra Fluke for the crime of knowing how birth control works during a congressional committee meeting. That experience taught him nothing, of course, and as advertisers fled his program, it helped sink both the broadcaster’s profitability – and [...]

Alicia Machado is This Year’s Sandra Fluke, says Writer

Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist makes valid points about how this year’s liberal media icon is ex-Miss Universe Alicia Machado: Sandra Fluke became the centerpiece of the Democrats’ “War on Women” messaging that they pounded throughout the year. The media completely ate it up, hook, line, and sinker. Within minutes, she was put on every major […]

Mollie Hemingway's Alicia Machado/Sandra Fluke Screed Has, Um, A Couple Of Omissions

At the Federalist, Mollie Hemingway decries the media coverage of Sandra Fluke and Alicia Machado -- which, she says, is totally the fault of evil Democrats conniving with the LIE-beral media, because there'd be no possible reason to...Show More Summary

MASCOTS OF THE ANOINTED: Alicia Machado Is 2016’s Sandra Fluke, A Democratic Public Relations Scam…

MASCOTS OF THE ANOINTED: Alicia Machado Is 2016’s Sandra Fluke, A Democratic Public Relations Scam.

Sandra Fluke: “Next Fight” for Abortion Activists is Forcing Americans to Pay for Abortions

The pro-abortion movement received a massive victory from the Supreme Court yesterday in striking down common sense regulations on abortion clinics to ensure they protect women’s health. After leaving women’s hung out to dry, what’s the next step for abortion advocates? According to abortion activist Sandra Fluke, the next step is forcing Americans to pay […]

Ouch: Conservative writer warns Limbaugh ‘he’s going to get a pay cut’ thanks to Sandra Fluke

2 years agoNews : The Raw Story

According to a Weekly Standard conservative writer for the Weekly Standard and Politico, radio host Rush Limbaugh is looking to take a financial hit in his new contract negotiations because advertisers are still avoiding him like the plague four years after he called then-college student Sandra...

Open Thread: Nice — Sandra Fluke Is Still Punishing Rush Limbaugh

Advertising boycotts against conservative talk radio have had severe, negative economic effects on the industry: — Josh Barro (@jbarro) May 24, 2016 Per Politico: …[T]here are signs that all is not well in the Limbaugh radio empire. Because even as his influence is sky high and his dominance at the top of talk radio […]

How A Classmate's Scheduling Conflict Paved The Way For Sandra Fluke

2 years agoNews : Huffington Post

In the first half of 2012, Sandra Fluke went from being an unknown student at Georgetown University Law Center to a leading advocate for contraception rights and a rising star within the Democratic Party. Her trajectory began with a fight over congressional testimony. Show More Summary

Why The Most Sexist Arena Is Still Electoral Politics

2 years agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- In early 2012, few seemed to capture the attention of Washington, D.C. like Sandra Fluke. After initially being denied the opportunity to testify before Congress about contraception coverage -- and then testifying onlyShow More Summary

Dana Milbank Loved Stunt Sandra Fluke Hearing, Trashes 'Infant Lives' Panel as Illegitimate

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank covered the House hearing on the sales of aborted-baby blast them as far too impartial to be trusted. This same columnist four years ago acted as a supine publicist for a one-sided Democratic pseudo-hearing to celebrate the feminist birth-control activist Sandra Fluke.

Rush Limbaugh Touts His Fixer’s Deluded Twitter Conspiracy Theory On Air

Ever since talk radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh created the StopRush movement by launching into a three-day tirade against Sandra Fluke for the ‘crime’ of understanding how the female reproductive system works, activists have seen extraordinary success in their advertiser divestment efforts. Show More Summary

Fluke flops

(Paul Mirengoff) The rout of the “war on women” theme is complete — Sandra Fluke has lost her bid for a seat in California State Senate. Fluke lost to a fellow Democrat, Ben Allen. It wasn’t close. Allen won by 61-39. Allen is member of the Santa Monica-Malibu school board. Show More Summary

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