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Nintendo Boss Is Skipping E3 Again

Missing out on E3 2014 due to illness, it looks like Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata won't be making it to the big show again this year. This time around, it sounds like Iwata is too busy, you know, being the president of a massive company to attend.Click To Continue Reading

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will not attend E3 again this year

For health reasons, Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata did not make the trip to LA last year to attend E3. This year, his physician has advised him not to travel, and according to IGN, he will also not be attending. According to...Show More Summary

President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, won’t be at E3 2015

Everyone’s favourite face of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, will be missing his second consecutive year at E3. Iwata was advised against travelling to E3 last year due to health issues, but thankfully, his absence this summer is purely down to business commitments. Nintendo released a statement to IGN explaining that their “focus for E3 this year […]

Nintendo Talks More About Club Nintendo Successor – And Mobile Will be a Key Part

Nintendo's currently overhauling its rewards program from Club Nintendo to a new service, and at a recent investors' meeting, President Satoru Iwata revealed some more details about what to expect from the new program. And mobile will definitely be a part of it: What we are aiming to establish is not a simple extension of

Nintendo Refuses to Go the Typical F2P Route, But What if the Revenue Refuses to Flow?

In a meeting with investors during a Financial Results Briefing, Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, provided a glimpse into how his company is considering monetizing its upcoming mobile games, and it all sounded like good news to those afraid that Clash of Mario was going to be popping up on the App Store soon. Itawa was constantly

Nintendo’s Mobile Strategy Won’t Court Whales

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata disclosed part of Nintendo’s mobile strategy during a Q&A with investors. Among other tactics, Nintendo reportedly has no intention to woo whales – people that spend large amounts of money on in-app purchases for free-to-play games. The post Nintendo’s Mobile Strategy Won’t Court Whales is from Slide To Play via Gamesindustry.

What Convinced Nintendo to Get into the Theme Park Business?

By Robert Niles: A just-published English translation of a conversation with Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, reveals more about how the video game company's deal with Universal Parks & Resorts happened. Nintendo and Universal last...Show More Summary

Nintendo won’t obsess over mobile trends to avoid ‘imitating’ other games

Satoru Iwata is telling investors he doesn't want his teams chasing after what is already working.

Looking for News on Nintendo's Next Console? Not Until 2016

This was news that turned out to be both surprising and not surprising within instants of each other arising. The word emerged earlier today from no less than Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that when Nintendo hit E3 this June, there would be some things it simply wasn't going to be talking about. Show More Summary

Nintendo Sees Mobile Gaming As An Important Part of Their Revenue

A couple of months ago, Nintendo surprised everyone when they announced they would finally be getting into mobile gaming, and recently during the company’s financial briefing, Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata revealed that moving forward, mobile gaming is expected to become an important part of Nintendo’s revenue structure. Show More Summary

Nintendo’s Unannounced Wii U Titles Will Launch Before April 2016

Despite the fact that we know that Nintendo is working on a new console codenamed NX, it does not mean that the company will cease to focus on the Nintendo Wii U. In fact according to Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata, the company still has a handful of unannounced Wii U titles that are expected to be launched before April 2016. Show More Summary

Nintendo NX Won't Be Announced At E3 2015

Even though Nintendo had already made it known that the tentatively named Nintendo NX won't be fully revealed until 2016, Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata has been peppered with questions about Nintendo announcing or talking about the device at E3 2015. Well, Iwata has reiterated that the Nintendo NX won't be announced at E3 2015.Click To Continue Reading

Nintendo To Announce New Console In 2016

Hoping to hear something about Nintendo's mysterious "NX" console at this year's E3? You may be out of luck. According to an investor's meeting translated by Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said that they're getting to that next year, saying, "we do not plan on discussing specifics about [...]

Nintendo's Biggest 'NX' Surprise Would Be No Surprise At All

Nintendo's new mystery hardware, the NX, is in the news again. Partially because Nintendo President Satoru Iwata mentioned something about designing the system with a way to remove region-locking in mind, partially because he then followed that up by saying we wouldn't hear any more news about the NX until [...]

No new Nintendo console at E3 this year

Nintendo has crushed any rumours that it will be showing off any new hardware at E3 this year. Speaking during an investor conference, president Satoru Iwata said “we do not plan on talking specifics about the the NX until 2016,” as translated by Kotaku. “Presently, we cannot talk about the time period when it [the […]

Iwata says no NX at E3

We already sort of expected this news, but here we go. In a recent investor meeting Satoru Iwata was pressed for specifics on whether we would see any mention of Nintendo's upcoming NX hardware at E3 this year. Surprising nobody, Iwata reconfirmed that Nintendo would not be discussing the NX until at least 2016. Show More Summary

Nintendo "optimistic" on ending region locks, starting with NX

Nintendo has signalled it will abandon region-locking for its consoles, beginning with the upcoming NX. Company president Satoru Iwata said he was "optimistic" region-locking would be dropped - but it will have to wait for Nintendo's next machine. Show More Summary

Nintendo has shipped 10.5 million amiibo, promises to increase production

Nintendo’s latest financial report may not have touched upon amiibo sale, but company president Satoru Iwata shed more light on the interactive toy line during a presentation to investors. According to Iwata, Nintendo shipped approximately 10.5 million amiibo units worldwide and despite the large figure, stock shortages on some figurines led to the company to increase […]

Nintendo aims to have 5 mobile games out by 2017

Nintendo aims to have Mario, Luigi and Link on your smartphones by 2017, the company said in an investor presentation in Japan Friday. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said the company would aim to have five games out by the end of the following fiscal year. Show More Summary

You can finally play Nintendo games on your smartphone this year, but don’t expect too much (TYO)

Super Mario's headed to your phone sooner than you think. Nintendo's first mobile title, in partnership with Japanese mobile game development company DeNA, is set to arrive before the end of this year. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata told investors as much during a presentation in Japan on May 8 – the translation is provided here by Nintendo. Show More Summary

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