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Davis imam sparks dismay with 'filth of the Jews' remark

A Davis, Calif., mosque that was targeted recently in a vandalism hate crime found itself at the center of controversy this week after an imam delivered a sermon with inflammatory remarks about Jews. “Oh Allah, liberate the Al Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews...” Imam Ammar Shahin said in...


Go see for yourself.Go to the YouTube library of videos with "Black Political Preacher" Dr Cynthia L. Hale" and you will notice: THE MAJORITY OF THEM ARE 'WOMEN'S SERMONS'.As much as 'patriarchy' is attacked (by Progressive Feminists)...Show More Summary

The Sermon On The Mountain Of Cash: Using Tax Law To Curtail The Prosperity Gospel And Prevent Opportunists From 'Preying' On Vulnerable Parishioners

Jacob M. Bass, The Sermon on the Mountain of Cash: How to Curtail the Prosperity Scheme and Prevent Opportunists from “Preying” on Vulnerable Parishioners, 37 B.C.J.L. & Soc. Just. 147 (2017): Many televangelists in the United States preach the “prosperity gospel,” a doctrine which teaches that a religiously faithful person...

When Gospel Sermons Came On The Phonograph

By Jerry Zolten, Pennsylvania State University “Kinky Hair is No Disgrace” spoke to demoralization stemming from negative

Can Serota save the Arts Council from cronyism and computers?

The prelude to my sermon in this week’s Spectator: Amid the general political turmoil, a flutter of hope has greeted the arrival of Sir Nicholas Serota as chairman of Arts Council England, an organisation of fading relevance. Sir Nick, grand impresario of the Tate galleries, started life as an Arts Council gofer in 1969, taught […]

American Conservatism is a Grift All the Way Down

The conservative legal activist and Trump goon needless to say Jay Sekulow is another evangelical who understands the central message of the Sermon on the Mount is “it’s immoral to let a sucker keep his money”: Before Trump hired him, Sekulow had built a powerful charity empire, leading a team of ACLJ attorneys who jump […]


The Catholic Church is in sad shape. Have you heard a good sermon lately? I could do better off the top of my head, and I am a very poor public speaker. Here are some notes for a sermon I...

My Latest Journal Article: “Salafis and the Prophet’s Sermon of Necessity”

The Islamic studies journal Die Welt des Islams has published my latest academic article, entitled “Coded Language Among Muslim Activists: Salafis and the Prophet’s Sermon of Necessity.” The abstract is available here; the full article is paywalled. The article deals … Continue reading ?

Lebanese Mufti, several leaders declare their support for Saudi Arabia

The mufti of the republic, Shaikh Abdul Latif Al Daryan, delivered a stunning rebuke to Hezbollah in his Eid Al Fitr sermon on Sunday. He stressed that Lebanese Muslims have and will continue to support Saudi Arabia under all circumstances. While Lebanese-Saudi relations soured in early 2016 after the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jibran Bassil […]

BIS Lists The Four Biggest Threats Facing The Global Economy

After years of fire and brimstone sermons, also known as the Bank of International Settlements' annual reports delivered with doom and gloomy aplomb by Jaime Caruana (the 2014 report, in which the BIS was shocked at how broken the market...Show More Summary

The Trinity Transcripts

The other night I was listening to yet another sermon from A.J. Sherrill at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids. He put up a slide showing this picture, Trinity by Raffaella Lunelli — you can purchase a print at this site — and commented on how the figures are all looking at each other. […]

Matins Readings During the Octave of Corpus Christi

When St. Thomas Aquinas composed the office of Corpus Christi, he wrote not only the musical texts such as the antiphons and hymns, but also the sermon to be read in the first and second nocturns of Matins, according to the custom of his times. Show More Summary

Happy birthday, iPhone: Ten years later, Steve Jobs' creation owns us

Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in January, 2007, before an adoring congregation, in his signature “Sermon on the Mount” style. On June 29, it became available to the public. Ten years later, the phone has spread like Christianity. There are 1 billion iPhones in use, and the device represents...

A Faux Sermon on Race and Crime

You have to be a veritable racist to agree with Michael Eric Dyson that crime is outside the control of the black community.

Choose Your Weapons, Pastors

This must be what evangelical pastors do before they begin their sermons.


IN WHICH I EXPLAIN WHY ACADEMICS THINK QUALITY LITERATURE MUST CONTAIN SOCIAL JUSTICE: Wondering why professors and critics think that some books are great, while you find them sermons in progressivism?  Wonder no more.  In the Kingdom of the Blind Marxist. (He who can make up a victimhood story is king.)

Charity Is A Blessing For Us All

by Arthur Richards Charity, Charity, Charity. A word that seems to echo throughout the masjid halls during this auspicious month of Ramadan. Words that seem to be snuck into the Friday sermon in an effort to get you when you least expect it, and jolt you into giving (if you’re not already sleeping). During this […]

20 T-Rexes Fighting 10,000 Chickens Is All I Ever Wanted In A Jurassic Park Sequel

Video. When The Lost World (the first sequel to Jurassic Park) came out, audiences weren't really interested in another sermon on the risks of cloning. All we wanted was more dinosaurs, ideally fighting, which is what this CG simulation mostly delivers. After all, chickens are just tiny dinosaurs, right? More »      

“Thondan”… As expected, yet another sermon disguised as a movie

Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: Some people believe they’ll go to heaven if they die with the lord’s name on their lips. Here’s another option. While...Show More Summary

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