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Merkel's Party Calls for Monitoring of Sermons in Mosques

The leader of the ruling German Christian Democratic Union called for monitoring of sermons in mosques to prevent the Islamization of the secular German state.

Duggar Family On Covenant Marriage: Derick Dillard Share His ‘Creative Process’ With Fans, Shares His Sermon On Love

The Duggar family has tackled the topics of courtship and marriage in the past. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Duggar in-law Derick Dillard would also want to voice his opinion on the topic of love and the institution of marriage. Show More Summary

John Piper on Why Jesus Needed a Physical Body

Theologian John Piper answers the question many people may have of why Jesus needed a phsyical body in an audio sermon.

Johnny Five, Our One True Robot Hero, Might Soon Be an Official Lego Set

Twenty-two years before WALL·E’s sermon about over-consumption hit theaters, an even better movie robot had already saved the day. Every child of the ‘80s wanted Short Circuit’s Johnny Five as their best friend, and now that we’re all grown up, that might actually come true with a little help from Lego. Read more...

Transformation Church Pastor: How Do People Who Worship Their Whole Life Look?

Christians can live out their whole life as a form of worship, the pastor of Transformation Church in South Carolina said in a sermon.

Megachurch Pastor on Things I Wish Jesus Never Said: Be a Servant

God commands Christians to "be fearless" in their role as servants of Christ, the pastor of Mariners Church in Southern California said in his latest "Things I Wish Jesus Never Said" sermon series.s servants of Christ, the pastor of Mariners Church in Southern California said in his latest "Things I Wish Jesus Never Said" sermon series.

7 Ways Church Members Should Prepare for a Sermon

What if church members began their own form of sermon preparation?

Pastor Steven Furtick: What Photography Can Teach Us About Building Solid Faith

Christians need to be selective in what they allow into their "frame," or focus in life, because these choices affect the overall picture of believers' faith and relationship with God, Pastor Steven Furtick said in a recent sermon that drew from photography.

-Doctor Fired for What He Said in Church?

A doctor in Georgia has been fired for nothing he did or said on the job but because of what he said in some sermons that he preached as a lay minister in church. Here’s the story from PJ Media: Dr. Walsh accepted the position of director for the northwest part of Georgia at the […]

Martha Thomases: Happy Holiday!

Today marks the beginning of Passover, the Jewish festival that celebrates our freedom from slavery in Egypt. It is also Earth Day, which means that zillions of rabbis have a head start on their sermon topic this week. The first (and sometimes second) night of Passover is marked by the ritual meal, the seder, in […]

Georgia Gov't Reviewed Pastor's Sermons on Homosexuality Before Firing Him, Documents Show

A public health expert and Seventh-day Adventist pastor was fired by Georgia's Department of Public Health after public officials were assigned to watch and review the content of his sermons on YouTube, official government documents indicate.

Pastor Mile McPherson on Doubting the Bible: 'This Thing Is Alive – It's Scary'

Christians questioning whether they can trust the Bible must understand that it is the living, breathing Word of God, the pastor of The Rock Church in California said in a recent sermon.

Mike's Blog Round Up

Emptywheel: The Obamacare "wonks" are awfully selective about which taxes and costs they see. Echidne of the Snakes: Sex and sermons. Bark Bark Woof Woof: Nice convention you have here… News Corpse: Morning Joe, Fox News, and the curse of dumb Glenn Beck comparisons. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

The Immortality Upgrade

On April 7, 1844, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon faith, delivered a sermon to twenty thousand of his followers in Nauvoo, Illinois. The immediate occasion was the funeral of King Follett, a close friend of Smith’s, and there is no doubt that death was on the prophet’s mind. Show More Summary

Sermon on the Mount: Israeli Gov’t Meets in Golan Heights, Extolls Conquest

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a cabinet meeting in the Golan Heights for the first time in history, in terms of the absense of international cognition.

Pastor Greg Laurie on What Heaven Is Like

Continuing his message series on the Book of Revelation, Pastor Greg Laurie of California's Harvest Fellowship Church explained in a sermon this week what heaven is like, answering common questions and breaking myths.

GFL Highlights: Pastor Dave Bever wins via TKO, Michael Quinones lands vicious head kick

Fight Church lives on! When Pastor Dave Bever isn't delivering sermons to his congregants, the Columbus, Ohio resident is training for mixed martial arts (MMA) competition. Bever knows he has his critics, but who and what he is fighting...Show More Summary

Craig Groeschel Tears Up Delivering Sermon on How He Forgave Sister's Molester

Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life.Church delivered a difficult and heartfelt sermon recently where he couldn't help but get emotional as he talked about his personal experience forgiving the man who molested his younger sister.

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