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Music Review: Daniel Higgs - The Fools Sermon, part 1

Daniel Higgs The Fools Sermon, part 1 [Ideologic Organ; 2016] Rating: 3.5/5 I n the sempiternal instant prior to creation, the Lord looked out over the numberless souls of the children of Adam. “Am I not your Lord?” resonated acrossShow More Summary

Harmony of Potential and Origin in Religious Transhumanism

This is a transcript of a sermon I gave at the Unitarian Universalist Society of South Valley in Salt Lake City this morning. My friend and fellow religious Transhumanist, Jordan Roberts, invited me to speak on religious Transhumanism and the New God Argument. Show More Summary

Bizarro Back Issues: When You Want To Bring Down An International Terrorist, Send In the Archies! (1992) [Kids' Comics]

The cast of the Archie titles are never too far from diving into something that goes far beyond the routine. They've been dropped into just about every weird genre there is, from soap opera drama to religious sermonizing to blood-soaked zombie horror. Show More Summary

Should Churches Try to Minimize Disruptions?

Observers weigh in on how churches should respond to children disrupting a worship service. At South Carolina's NewSpring Church, children are not admitted to the main service and doors are locked after the sermon starts. In North Carolina, Elevation Church leaders removed a boy with cerebral palsy from church because he was disrupting the service. Show More Summary

TV Club: There’s plenty of reasonable doubt on The Night Of , lost amid the bullshit

There’s a whole lot of reasonable doubt to be found in tonight’s episode, but my goodness do you to have to wade through an ocean of bullshit to find it. The Night Of hasn’t bothered to sermonize about how the entire lives of both defendants...Show More Summary

Churches can still speak out about politics

To the editor: I appreciate your editorial supporting the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits 501(c)s from endorsing political candidates. And I like your clarification that it does not prevent sermonizing about or discussing political issues; this should be sufficient argument against claims that...

Trump supporter Peter King endorses cops snooping on Catholic churches

Trump supporter Peter King okays police running undercover operations in Catholic churches to listen to sermons.

Part sermon, part crossword puzzle

The Schooldays of Jesus is not, as it happens, about the schooldays of Jesus. It is the Man Booker-nominated sequel… The post Part sermon, part crossword puzzle appeared first on The Spectator.

Life Intersections

Something weird happened in church on Sunday: I got mentioned in the sermon. What’s more it wasn’t one of those, ‘Here’s a really bad example of someone trying to live the Christian life; whatever you do, don’t be like this guy.’ Fortunately, it wasn’t one of those moments where you’re about to fall into a […]

Video goes viral after priest's sermon interrupted by 'right wing hate group'

An Australian priest's sermon is being widely shared on Facebook after it was interrupted by a group impersonating Muslims. The community at Gosford Anglican Church in the coastal town of Gosford, Australia had its Sunday worship service...Show More Summary

The Void Spirit At The Helm Of Atlanta's "Ebenezer Baptist Church" (Dr King's Pulpit For Social Justice) Is ONLY Going To Be Filled By Increased Awareness Of The Deceit And The Confidence That The People Have VALUES That Exceed What POPULAR WILL Has Suppr

I RECORD "Ebenezer Baptist Church With R. Warnock" every week. Unfortunately when I watch the sermon I do so NOT for "Christian Edification" but to observe that this is a POLITICAL ORGANIZATION using CHURCH SCAFFOLDING, and thus to baseline a PATTERN.CONTAINER STUDIES require that you do background research. Show More Summary

How Celebrate Recovery Helped Evangelicals Open Up About Addiction

Over 25 years, the program has made churches a safer space for recovery. If you’ve heard a sermon, small-group discussion, Sunday school lesson, or testimony that addressed one of those once-taboo topics—alcoholism, drug abuse, anger...Show More Summary

Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Compares Whitey to Satan, God’s Enemy

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan compared white people to Satan in his June 26 sermon that was printed this... The post Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Compares Whitey to Satan, God’s Enemy appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

More than 70 percent of Americans aren’t hearing about abortion from pulpit

A Pew Research Poll shows that less than 3 of 10 Americans have listened to a sermon recently about abortion.

Why Am I Here? (Or One Circle, Two Steps)

First Congregational Church of Los Angeles 7 August 2016, 11:00 a.m. When Reverend Scott Colglazier asked me to give a sermon during his sabbatical, I said: "Only if I don't have to speak from the pulpit, march in the processional or wear a robe." He said: "Okay, just please don't use the F word." So: a deal's a deal. Show More Summary

Pew: More Sermons Endorse Clinton

Fewer pastors are politically engaged this election; fewer still are speaking for Trump from the pulpit. The candidate behind the biggest Republican push to allow pastors to back politicians from the pulpit has received fewer sermonShow More Summary

Josh Duggar Sued: Family Responds With Sermon By Pastor Who Called Slavery ‘A Much-Maligned Institution’

Josh Duggar just can’t escape his cheating scandal. The former 19 Kids and Counting star is making headlines once again, and this time it’s because of another man, not another woman. Josh is being sued for allegedly stealing DJ Matthew McCarthy’s photo and using it on his Ashley Madison and OkCupid dating profiles. Show More Summary

Sappy Time Singular

Nancy Pants - "Kokoro" Cakes da Killa - "The Sermon" Jay Arner - "World of Suffering" Last week, I went to Sackville for Sappyfest, the best music festival in the world. This was my third time attending, but my first...

One Bigoted Pastor Lashes Out at Media For Directly Quoting Another Bigoted Pastor’s Hate Speech

After a pastor celebrated the deaths of 49 victims of a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando in a sermon, his buddy (another hate-filled pastor) told a Christian audience that the media was wrong to take that pastor's words out of context... but added that it didn't even matter since the Bible sounds great no matter how small you slice it.

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