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How All Those Shockingly Great Fifty Shades Soundtracks Got Made

There’s so much about the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise that we’ll miss — the pommel horses, the impractical, lavish modes of transportation, Rita Ora’s five lines, everything Dakota Johnson says and does … but, mostly, we’ll miss the music. Right out of the gate, these movies established a measure ... More »

The dangers of taking a blind friend to see Fifty Shades of Grey

3 days agoArts : Night and Day

Audio description is now a presence in almost all the arts – and even at football matches

50 Shades: Porn afraid to be porn

I don't think I'm really offending anyone when I say that the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy is one of the worst trilogies to ever happen to cinemas. It's rare to see a story told where every installment is awful from beginning to end, but for entirely different ways. Show More Summary

Fifty Shades Moves & Other Sexcapades That Are Hot In Movies — But Not So Much IRL!

Sex in movies and sex in real life are two different things, people! While films like Fifty Shades Of Grey and American Pie have crazy sex scenes, they should NOT be tried at home! Either it's too dangerous, messy, or just not hot! So keep that in mind this Valentine's Day by checking out the full list… [...]

Best Deals for Wednesday 02/14

Link for teaser title: Fifty Shades of Grey / Fifty Shades Darker 2-Movie Collection, SAVE as much as 64% OFF, and more... SAVE 66% OFF...

There's More to Marcia Gay Harden's Character in Fifty Shades Than Meets the Eye

Ever since the Fifty Shades franchise began back in 2015 with Fifty Shades of Grey, the role of Christian Grey's mother has been played by the inimitable Marcia Gay Harden. Suffice it to say, we've never been sure what exactly drew the Oscar-nominated actress to the part. Show More Summary

Bad as it is, the Fifty Shades Of Grey series could still create movie stars

It can’t be easy, acting in a Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. The series has a way of neutralizing even its positive attributes. Fifty Shades Freed, for example, begins with a scene that should be catnip to actors playing well-established characters. Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) is marrying Anastasia Steele (Dakota… Read more...

To Be Finally Freed from the Clutches of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey

Universal In 2005, Stephenie Meyer wrote a book about a love triangle between a girl, a vampire and a werewolf. Twilight quickly spun out of control, spiraling from this basic premise into a complicated, multi-part treatise on abstinence and morality. Show More Summary

'Fifty Shades Freed' Dominates the Box Office -- Suck It, Haters

Post by Nicole Fabian-Weber. It may have it's fair share of critics, but, as usual, the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise is getting the last laugh. Over the weekend, Fifty Shades Freed dominated the box office, coming in at number one with North American sales of $38.8 million. 

21 Insane Things That I Still Can't Believe Actually Happen in Fifty Shades Freed

Even if you're a huge Fifty Shades fan, you have to admit that the first two film adaptations - Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker - are incredible in that "so bad, they're good" kind of way. The cheesy dialogue, nonsensical...Show More Summary

‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Review: No Shades Of Grey In Final Chapter Of E L James’ Sex Fantasy

They’re baaa-aaaack! Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, that is. Every year around Valentine’s Day, Universal has been shrewdly serving up another chapter of the steamy, kinky relationship of this pair, and it all comes to an end now with the third installment of the cinematic adaptation of E L James’ publishing phenomenon. Show More Summary

SeXXXy Celebs We'd Sign A Relationship Contract For!

Hot, hot, HOTTTTTT. With the Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise coming to an end, we've found ourselves thinking about that pesky relationship contract from the first film. Yes, by Fifty Shades Freed, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey (played by Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan) have moved well passed the contract stage of their romance. Still, we can't [...]

See What Women Are Saying About Fifty Shades Freed In Our All-Female Review Roundup!

Anyone can not enjoy the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie franchise. First there's the severe lack of chemistry between stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson — seriously, why are we not watching them doing talk shows together and wondering if they're having a steamy affair IRL?? And between the barely R-rated sex, TV movie danger, and zero-subtext [...]

Anastasia Steele Is the Enemy of the Written Word

To Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, the kink-happy romantic leads of the epochal Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, sex is everything. It’s a life force, the flame that keeps a relationship going and whose eventual extinguishment represents the death of romance. They treat their elaborate bondage sessions as therapeutic mediation, ... More »

One Thing That Confuses Me About Jack Hyde And Fifty Shades Of Grey

There are going to be all manners of spoilers in this article. Big spoilers. Little spoilers. Statements that aren't spoilers. If you haven't seen the new movie, just bail out of this article and come back.

Fifty Shades Finale Is Not Being Treated Kindly

The phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey is going out the same way it came in to movie theaters : with a snore, according to critics. They've given the third and final installment of the film series a lousy 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, complaining mainly about a lack of...

Jamie Dornan Reveals Why He Didn't Go Full Frontal in 'Fifty Shades'

Post by Nicole Fabian-Weber. He's certainly no prude, but Jamie Dornan is in favor of keeping his private parts under wraps -- literally. In a new interview with Elle, the Fifty Shades of Grey actor revealed that there's a reason he didn't go full frontal (save for a partial penis cameo in 2015) in any of the films -- it just wasn't necessary. 

El Rey Airing “Rip Your Heart Out” Valentine’s Weekend ‘SAW’ Franchise Marathon

Instead of shades of grey… spend it with saws of red! Some say love can be torture, so El Rey Network is bringing you six films from the SAW franchise this coming weekend. Beginning Saturday, February 10 at 6am EST and running all weekend long, the “Rip Your Heart Out” Valentine’s Marathon is being hosted by Darren […]

Jamie Dornan Has A TERRIBLE Explanation For Not Showing His Dick In Fifty Shades

Three Fifty Shades movies later, and Jamie Dornan is STILL holding out on the goods! After almost flashing his peen during a montage in Fifty Shades Of Grey, the 35-year-old flirted with the idea of showing his junk for realz sometime during the film trilogy. But, as he explained to ELLE, the actor ultimately decided to keep [...]

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