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Do Stand Your Ground Laws Make ANY Sense?

I recently interviewed Robert Spitzer, a professor at SUNY Cortland who has researched and written extensively about so-called "Stand Your Ground" laws, which eliminate the duty to retreat when safe and feasible within self-defense doctrine. Show More Summary

The Irony: George Zimmerman Shooter May Invoke Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

How’s it feel Georgey??? Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman Might Have Acted Under “Stand Your Ground” The man who shot at George Zimmerman Monday and injured him has come forward. Matthew Apperson has yet to be charged but could

George Zimmerman shooter could use ‘stand your ground’ defense

That sound you hear is me nomming on the sweet, sweet taste of poetic justice.

George Zimmerman Shooter Could Use Stand Your Ground Defense

last weekNews : Mediaite

George Zimmerman, the Florida man who initially tried to use a so-called "Stand Your Ground" defense in the killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, was back in the news today after he was shot and mildly injured by a motorist with whom he had had an ongoing dispute.

Stand Your Ground laws under attack

The price of the Second Amendment,like liberty, is eternal vigilance. Having lost several fights at the Supreme Court, the anti-gun left is gearing up for yet another fight over "stand your ground" (SYG)  laws. The idea behind SYG laws is pretty simple. Show More Summary

NRA Uses Baltimore Uprising To Promote ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

We can always count on the National Rifle Association to incite fear after a tragedy. In the midst of the Baltimore uprising which was prompted by the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, the NRA is touting the controversial “Stand Your Ground” self-defense laws. The NRA helped draft the nation’s first “Stand Your [...]

National Rifle Association Uses Baltimore Riots To Promote "Stand Your Ground" Laws

The National Rifle Association used riots in Baltimore to promote controversial "Stand Your Ground" self-defense laws by citing an article from conservative website that claimed such laws "are an antidote for brazen in-your-face...Show More Summary

Florida Man Continues to Invoke ‘Stand Your Ground’ and President Bush to Dismiss Murder Case

3 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Two years ago we brought you the story of Florida resident William T. Woodward, who after being accused of shooting three men, killing two of them, cited the state's "stand your ground" laws and the "Bush Doctrine" of pre-emptive force as justifications for his actions. Well, this week, his court hearings began.

Geez, Can’t a Guy Flip-Flop Anymore?

4 weeks agoNews : The Daily Beast

Sorry, no. In an era when people can find a candidate’s old quotes in seconds, it’s better to stand your ground and take your lumps.

Stand Your Ground: Watch Isaiah Washington Insist On Not Apologizing For Calling Co-Star “F” [Video]

Actor Isaiah Washington wants to clear the air and set the record straight surrounding his departure from “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2007, and moving on in the industry.

I Learned to Say No and Pissed a Bunch of People Off

Standing your ground can come at a steep price, but you will never regret it. The post I Learned to Say No and Pissed a Bunch of People Off appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Standing Your Ground, Even To Clients

As attorneys, we owe it to our clients and our profession to always give our full, unembellished opinion, even if it’s not what someone wants to hear and even if there may be consequences.

Conservatives, Stand Your Ground!

Why does it seem our public spaces are filled with aggressions from the left, with little to no pushback?

Jeb Bush Struts Before The NRA Over 'Stand Your Ground' Law

One thing I'll grant the right wing. They're completely shameless about crowing over their major achievements which generally involve situations reasonably expected to end in death. Pander Bear Jebbie appeared before the NRA Friday to brag about what a good gun nut he is and why the NRA should love him lots. Show More Summary

Mixed Messages

Sometimes you attack, sometimes you retreat, and sometimes you stand your ground. Today was more of the latter than anything else. SPY. On the daily chart, you have three SMALL 'tails up amidst five sessions. For the second consecutive day, the markets finished weakly. Show More Summary

Florida Proposes "Stand Outside My Loo" Law

Florida, one of the states known for its infamous so-called "stand your ground" law ("justifiable use of force" law), has now proposed standing its patriarchal ground once again, this time in its "Single Sex Facilities" (what I am calling its "Stand Out of My Loo") law. Show More Summary

Newly Freed Marissa Alexander Talks About Standing Her Ground Against Her Abusive Ex-Husband

Marissa Alexander Reveals Her Stand Your Ground Nightmare We’ve been following the story of Marissa Alexander closely over the years, particularly when George Zimmerman got off scot free for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Newly freed, Marissa gave Essence

Nevada GOP Pushes New Gun Law Reminiscent Of 'Stand Your Ground'

WASHINGTON -- A Nevada state Senate committee considered a controversial package of gun-rights provisions on Wednesday, just a day before the third anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death. The Nevada legislation includes a provision that...Show More Summary

3 Years Since Trayvon Martin's Killing, Stand Your Ground Laws Are Alive And Well In America

On the night of February 26, 2012 — three years ago today — police responded to several 911 calls from The Retreat at Twin Lakes, a gated community in Sanford, Florida. They arrived on the scene two minutes after George Zimmerman fatally shot teenager Trayvon Martin. Show More Summary

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