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Apple wants to rewrite history: The demented scheme to make Steve Jobs a saint

Apple's war on Walter Isaacson turns ugly -- and their puffery of a new Jobs biography is slick corporate spin

Thursday links: failing to deliver

Book note: Apple ($AAPL) insiders are calling Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary by Rick Tetzeli...

Walter Isaacson Isn't Bothered By His Critics

In the last couple of weeks, there’s been a lot of buzz about a new biography of Steve Jobs—called “Being Steve Jobs.” Now, if you’re thinking: “Wasn’t there already a biography of Steve Jobs?”, you’re absolutely right. Walter Isaacson’s book “Steve Jobs” came out in 2011 and skyrocketed to success. Show More Summary

10 surprising things we learned about Tim Cook today

Tim Cook had enormous shoes to fill when he took over as Apple CEO. With Steve Jobs’ sudden death in 2011, doubters questioned whether the Southern engineer could keep Apple relevant, but after leading Apple to become the world’s most … Read more ›

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Simon Sinek proposed in his 2009 TED Talk titled How Great Leaders Inspire Action that Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and other inspirational leaders communicate starting with “Why?” His talk is posted on YouTube and has garnered over 15 million views to date. Show More Summary

60 Seconds Alone With Steve Jobs Changed My Life

I don't believe those stories about Steve Jobs being a big jerk because he treated me decently when I didn't really deserve it.

Apple's new spaceship campus might be named after Steve Jobs, Tim Cook says

While late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs's office remains in situ at the company's Infinite Loop headquarters, a more impressive memorial may be in the works as current chief executive Tim Cook has indicated his desire to name all or part of the new spaceship campus after Jobs.

Want to make your own Toy Story?

Steve Jobs was, of course, formative to developing the software for the Mac, iPhone and iPad, but he was also formative to the development of another company and its software: Pixar, the computer animation studio behind Toy Story, Ratatouille, Up … Read more ›

Tim Cook speaks about following Steve Jobs in new profile

Tim Cook talks about his time at the helm of Apple and following Steve Jobs in a new interview. Cook says that he has learned a lot from his time as CEO, a position that he's occupied full-time since August 2011. He had to develop aShow More Summary

Apple is still engineering the legacy of Steve Jobs

Brent Schlender didn't set out to write a Steve Jobs biography that Apple would love, but it happened anyway. On Tuesday, Schlender and co-author Rick Tetzeli published a new biography, Becoming Steve Jobs, that is widely viewed as a...Show More Summary

Tim Cook Named 'World's Greatest Leader,' Reflects on Leading Post-Jobs Era at Apple

Following the release of Becoming Steve Jobs, an acclaimed biography of the late Apple co-founder, Fortune has named Tim Cook the "world's greatest leader," accompanied by an in-depth profile that reflects on the chief executive in the post-Jobs era. Show More Summary

Tim Cook describes what it felt like to replace Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple (AAPL)

When Tim Cook took over as the CEO of Apple in 2011, he had big shoes to fill. In a recent interview with Fortune, Cook talks about how it felt to succeed the legendary Steve Jobs. What he learned, as Fortune reports, is that there's no way to prepare for such an undertaking. Show More Summary

The problem with Becoming Steve Jobs? Too much Steve Jobs

One of Steve Jobs’ favorite recordings was The Beatles working on version after version of “Strawberry Fields Forever.” The new Jobs biography, Becoming Steve Jobs, is like that recording: It serves up fresh takes on oft-told stories from Apple’s history, … Read more ›

The two personality traits that made Steve Jobs great

The new Steve Jobs biography, Becoming Steve Jobs, rests on the premise that Jobs’ wilderness years outside Apple somehow helped turn a once-reckless co-founder into a seasoned leader. Just how accurate the book’s kinder, gentler portrayal of Steve actually is, … Read more ›

The War Over Who Steve Jobs Was

Steven Levy: In the long run, though, I believe that the disagreements about Jobs’s personality will have diminishing importance as future students of technology and culture seek to understand what Steve Jobs actually did, and how he did it. Show More Summary

Books of The Times: Review: ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ Focuses on Another Apple Era

20 hours agoNews : NYTimes: News

“Becoming Steve Jobs,” a new biography by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli, focuses on the period between Mr. Jobs’s first and second stints as Apple’s leader.

10 of the bravest moves Steve Jobs made at Apple (AAPL)

Steve Jobs was known for his bold vision, but that kind of success doesn't come without taking any risks. Jobs co-founded Apple and brought the company back to life after he briefly left, saving it from crashing. That meant making hard choices and going with decisions he wasn't sure were going to work out. Show More Summary

Books of The Times: Review: ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ Focuses on Another Apple Era

“Becoming Steve Jobs,” a new biography by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli, focuses on the period between Mr. Jobs’s first and second stints as Apple’s leader.

‘Much of It Was Chutzpah and Self Delusion’

Adam Banks, reviewing Becoming Steve Jobs for The Register: My biggest problem with Isaacson’s biography was staying awake. With Schlender’s, it was getting through a page without stopping o note something illuminating. ?

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