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“Candidate in race most like Bush and Cheney is Hillary Clinton,” says GOP strategist

Clinton is going to woo the "Republican foreign policy establishment," Steve Schmidt argued on MSNBC

Ex-McCain Aide Schmidt Blames Mark Levin for ‘The Demise of the Conservative Movement’

Lacking any self-examination whatsoever, failed McCain campaign head and MSNBC political analyst Steve Schmidt lashed out late Wednesday evening on Mark Levin as the embodiment of “narcissism” and “self-aggrandizers” who have created a “cancer” that’s led “the demise of the conservative movement in the Republican Party.”

Trump candidacy shakes up political alignments

Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist, talks with an MSNBC panel about the challenge Donald Trump faces to heal the political rift within the Republican Party...

Trump nom could impact other GOP races

Will Republican leaders rally around Trump if he is the party's nominee? And how might a Trump nomination affect local and state races? Steve Schmidt talks...

Trump's NY win bodes well for a California clinch

Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist, explains the political conditions in California and why Donald Trump's big win in New York, with its many strong...

Terror attacks in Brussels may impact 2016 race

Steve Schmidt joins Hardball's Chris Matthews to talk about the attacks in Brussels and why foreign policy may dominate the presidential race.

Mika Mocks Cruz Mannerisms: 'Cartoon Character, Oozes Insincerity'

Riffing off a clip of Ted Cruz welcoming Marco Rubio followers to his fold, Mika Brzezinski went on an extended critique of Cruz's mannerisms on today's Morning Joe. Steve Schmidt joined in, accusing Cruz of "oozing insincerity." Joe...Show More Summary

Republicans divided over whether Trump can be stopped

Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist, and Ben Ginsberg, Republican attorney, talk about the possibility that Donald Trump's opponents within the Republican...

Ex-McCain Adviser Schmidt: Non-Trump Nomination at Brokered RNC Could Wipe Out GOP

In the early hours of Wednesday morning on MSNBC following the second edition of Super Tuesday, longtime Republican establishment operative and former McCain presidential campaign adviser Steve Schmidt warned his fellow cohorts to not wrestle the 2016 GOP presidential nod from Donald Trump because it’d danger the future of the party.

Morning Joe: Kick NYT Off Trump Campaign Till OTR Breach Explained

Hopefully they'll wait till the plane lands... New York Times reporters should be thrown off the Trump plane. That's what Steve Schmidt and Joe Scarborough said on today's Morning Joe. Via a Gail Collins column in the Times and in conversations...Show More Summary

Can South Carolina Live Down To Its Reputation?

In modern times, no state has a record for vicious presidential primary politics to match South Carolina. “In South Carolina, meanness is a political virtue,” former John McCain advisor Steve Schmidt said earlier this week on MSNBC. “This state has a political culture that is unique in America.” Schmidt’s former boss knows this better than anyone. Show More Summary

Rubes Down

A few quotes. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-SC): “He had big momentum out of Iowa, and it wasn’t maintained. It’s funny how people can peak and never recover.” Steve Schmidt, GOP strategist: “A fifth place finish in New Hampshire means effectively he’s bleeding out." John McCain, crusty old guy: "He himself said, ‘Nobody but me. I take responsibility for it.’ I agree with him."

Rachel Maddow Smacks Down Steve Schmidt's Trump Babble

After the 2016 New Hampshire primaries called Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders the winners, Steve Schmidt came on MSNBC to lend his expert political analysis to explain how this happened. Unfortunately, the former senior John McCain campaign...Show More Summary

Chris Matthews Smears MSNBC Colleague Steve Schmidt as a Warmonger

GOP political strategist Steve Schmidt has taken considerable flak from conservatives for occasional Republican-In-Name-Only tendencies, but he held his ground well after taking a gratuitous shot across the bow from Chris Matthews. With...Show More Summary

GOP Strategist Pushes Back Against Chris Matthews's Simplistic Bush-Created-ISIS Talking Point

Former John McCain presidential campaign advisor Steve Schmidt pushed back against Chris Matthews on tonight's Hardball when the latter whipped out his tired Bush-caused-ISIS talking point.

Talking About ISIS, Steve Schmidt Almost Grasps Why Trump And Carson Are Winning

One GOP strategist is asked by Politico about the effects of the Paris attacks on the presidential race. Whether he realizes it or not, he'spartway to an explanation of why Donald Trump and Ben Carson have been leading the race for months: Steve...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton dominates first Democratic debate

Eugene Robinson, columnist for the Washington Post, and Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist, talk about Hillary Clinton's performance in the first...

Will Sheldon Adelson bet on Rubio?

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is reportedly getting closer to endorsing Senator Marco Rubio for president. Republican strategist Steve Schmidt and...

Schmidt: Trump ‘shrunk’ during 2nd debate

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt analyzes the highs and lows of Donald Trump's second debate performance with Lawrence. Rick Wilson, Howard Dean and...

Trump reaches core Republican voters with simple message

Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist, explains the appeal of Donald Trump to Republican voters and the power of emotionally engaging rhetoric among...

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