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GOP strategist Steve Schmidt trashes Don Jr: ‘No loyal American’ would have met with Russians for campaign dirt

6 days agoNews : The Raw Story

Speaking by phone with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, the former presidential campaign manager for John McCain lashed at Donald Trump Jr. for attending a meeting with Russians connected to the Kremlin in an attempt to gather information damaging to Hillary Clinton. While White House press secretary...

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt rips Republican ‘lemmings’ going ‘over a cliff’ on Trumpcare

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Republican senators have generally been unwilling to go on TV to defend their Obamacare repeal plan, and they haven’t been able to clearly articulate why they’re planning to vote for the legislation. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said the “$64,000 question” in the debate was,...

GA-06 Election: 'Ominous Win' for GOP in Trump Era

last monthNews : The Lookout

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt tells Lawrence O'Donnell he sees trouble in Karen Handel's single-digit win over Democrat Jon Ossoff in the most expensive House race in history. Jason Johnson also joins.

GA-06 election: 'Ominous win' for GOP in Trump era

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt tells Lawrence O'Donnell he sees trouble in Karen Handel's single-digit win over Democrat Jon Ossoff in the most...

Morning Joe Blames Talk Radio and Conservatives For 'Political Tribalism' in U.S.

On Wednesday’s edition of Morning Joe, panel members chose to decry the current political climate of the U.S. by reviving the old attack on talk radio and conservatives. Steve Schmidt, senior campaign strategist for the 2008 McCain presidential...Show More Summary

Steve Schmidt rips GOP’s ‘dereliction of duty’ allowing Trump to ‘jeopardize national security’

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Following the widely-circulated Washington Post report claiming that President Donald Trump revealed classified intel to Russian officials in their bizarre Oval Office meeting last week, one Republican strategist is indicting his own party for shirking responsibility in favor of loyalty to the...

‘Mainstreamed lying to a degree that defies imagination’: GOP strategist Steve Schmidt slams Trump on Comey lies

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt on Wednesday evening tore into his own party for being complicit in what he described as the “unprecedented” abuse of power by President Donald Trump. Appearing on MSNBC with Brian Williams, Schmidt eviscerated Republicans in Congress for giving Trump...

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt: ‘Deadly Political Consequences’ if Republicans Screw Up Healthcare

5 months agoNews : Mediaite

Schmidt added that the future of politics going forward would be defined less by traditional right/left divides but by the "over/under line" of voters who have benefited from globalization and those who have been left behind.

Steve Schmidt warns of ‘deadly political consequences’ if GOP takes away health care from Trump voters

5 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Republicans will face “deadly political consequences” if they take away access to health care from voters who backed them and Donald Trump, agreed MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and GOP strategist Steve Schmidt. Scarborough slammed the House GOP bill, which has drawn widespread...

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt: Trump's Constant Lies and 'Endless Self-Pity' Are Unlike Any Other American President

Click here for reuse options! Trump has taken up a "mantle of victimhood" in press conferences. Steve Schmidt, campaign director for John McCain’s 2008 presidential run, had some choice words for Pres. Donald Trump after the president’s wild and unhinged press conference on Thursday. Show More Summary

Steve Schmidt Slams Trump's Tone-Deaf Answer To Jewish Journalist

During yesterday's bat sht crazy 77 minute press conference Trump was about to be asked a question about anti-semitism by Jake Turx, an Orthodox Jewish reporter for Ami Magazine, a weekly published in Brooklyn. It did not go well. The...Show More Summary

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt: Trump’s constant lies and ‘endless self-pity’ are unlike any other American president

5 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Steve Schmidt, campaign director for John McCain’s 2008 presidential run, had some choice words for Pres. Donald Trump after the president’s wild and unhinged press conference on Thursday. On Thursday night, Schmidt appeared on The Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams to call out...

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt: The ‘incompetence’ of Trump’s White House is ‘unprecedented’

5 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Former Bush official, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt spoke with the Washington Post about President Donald Trump’s first few weeks in office, suggesting his level of “incompetence” is “unprecedented,” particularly given the number of leaks. “The incompetence, the...

The Myth of the Smug Liberal

The most irritating media trope to emerge in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election is the idea that it was a rebuke to “condescending” liberals who live in our own “bubbles.” Steve Schmidt gave us a preview on MSNBC even before he race for the White House was decided. Show More Summary

Trump transition: Loyalty v. ability

Trump critics Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley are the latest names floated for positions in the Trump Administration. Lawrence discusses with Steve Schmidt and...

WTF: Steve Schmidt Thinks Mike Pence and the Rest of Trump’s Anti-Gay Cabal Have Conceded on Marriage Equality – WATCH

8 months agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Former John McCain campaign manager and MSNBC political analyst Steve Schmidt says that the whole of the GOP has given up its anti-gay culture wars because of Trump’s recent statements on gay marriage. Speaking with former Republican...Show More Summary

Trump presidency would trigger consequences

Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist, talks about the likely global consequences in the increasingly probably even that Donald Trump becomes president of the...

Trump's bogus jobs story

On a panel on MSNBC last night, Steve Schmidt, a Republican consultant, said the question for American workers wasn't that jobs were being shipped overseas. That's last century's problem. Today's concern is that automation replacing a lot of workers, and it's about to accelerate. Show More Summary

Steve Schmidt nails it: This election isn’t about right-left — it’s about technology displacing workers

9 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Former McCain campaign Chief strategist Steve Schmidt joined a MSNBC panel on Monday and discussed the importance of Michigan to the 2016 election. MSNBC host Chuck Todd asked panelists, “What took Trump so long to get to Michigan?” Panelists discussed the difficulties for each party of...

How Voters Of Color May Save America

I feel compelled to write one last time about the 2016 election before Election Day. Steve Schmidt, Republican commentator and the man who ran John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008 recently said this: “Fascism did not rise in the ‘30s because it was strong, but because democracy was weak.” He was, of course, speaking of Donald Trump. Show More Summary

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