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Hands off

last monthLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

IF YOU have ever felt violated by an airport security pat-down, I have some bad news: two Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners have been fired for their involvement in a scheme to grope male travellers at checkpoints at Denver International Airport (DIA). Show More Summary

TSA Agents Conspired To Grope Travelers

Two TSA screeners have been fired for conspiring to fondle male travelers. Police learned of the illicit activity last month when an official with the TSA’s inspector general’s office contacted them “in regards to a possible Unlawful Sexual Contact” at Denver International Airport, according to a Denver Police Department report first disclosed by CBS4. As [...]

TSA Screeners Fired After Allegedly Picking Out Handsome Male Passengers To Grope For Sexual Pleasure

last monthNews : Jonathan Turley

Two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International airport have been fired after investigators found that a male TSA employee would select handsome men that he wanted to fondle as part of a secondary patdown. Before you give the TSA much credit however you may want to read on. Accordingly to the reports, the unnamed […]

TSA Screeners At Denver Airport Fired For Alleged Plot To Grope Men

last monthNews : Huffington Post

Two Transportation Security Administration agents at Denver International Airport have been fired for allegedly conspiring to grope male passengers in an elaborate plot that involved hand signals and the manipulation of the settingsShow More Summary

TSA Male Agent Fired For Placing His Palm On Groins, Buttocks Of Male Travelers He Found Cute [Video]

There’s a shocking story coming out of Denver, as reported by CBS, which uncovers how TSA screeners at Denver International Airport admit to rigging their system in order to use it to fondle male passengers going through the security checkpoints. Show More Summary

TSA Screener Manipulated System to Grope Attractive Men

Two Denver International Airport (DIA) Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners were fired after it was found the agents used to their position to allow one of the employees, an anonymous male, to fondle the gentials of attractive male passengers.

TSA Screeners Conspired To Grope Passengers

Duo targeted "attractive" male travelers at Denver airport APRIL 14--Two Transportation Security Administration screeners have been fired for conspiring to allow the fondling of attractive male travelerers passing through a security checkpoint at Denver’s TSA Fondling Report read more

Two TSA Agents Fired After Conspiring to Grope Men’s Genitals

last monthNews : Mediaite

According to a new investigative report from CBS4, two TSA screeners have been fired from their jobs at Denver International Airport after one of them admitted to manipulating the system to allow one of them to grope the genitals of male passengers he found attractive.

Report: Two TSA Screeners Fired For Allegedly Working Out System To Grope Attractive Male Passengers

When travelers are going through any airport security checkpoint, there’s an expectation that yes, the experience might be annoying, but that at least Transportation Security Administration screeners are going to behave professionally. Show More Summary

Brass knuckles found in bag of woman who beat prenup: cops

2 months agoNews : NY Daily News

Elizabeth Petrakis, one of the first women in New York to ever beat a prenuptial agreement in a divorce case, was arrested at JFK Airport Thursday morning when TSA screeners found a set of brass knuckles in her bag

FBI Uses Facebook Messages To Nab Alleged Meth-Smuggling TSA Agents At SFO

Two TSA screeners working at SFO were allegedly involved in a plot involving a third individual to smuggle multiple pounds of methamphetamine through security checkpoints in carry-on luggage. [ more › ]...

TSA screener stole $10,000 cash from passengers

Alexandra Schmid, 34, worked at Kennedy Airport when she took the money straight from the passengers' luggage.

Elderly Women Sue TSA: 3 Elderly Women May Sue TSA After Being Strip-Searched

Three elderly women may sue TSA after they say they were strip-searched at Kennedy Airport. All three women say that medical devices attached to their bodies set off TSA screeners, leading to strip-searches, which they thought was inappropriate and unnecessary. Show More Summary

TSA screener sentenced for role in drug smuggling operation at LAX

A former TSA screener who was convicted for his role in a drug smuggling operation at LAX screening checkpoints was sentenced Monday to 80 months in prison, federal prosecutors said.

TSA screener sentenced for role in drug smuggling operation at LAX

A former TSA screener who was convicted for his role in a drug smuggling operation at LAX screening checkpoints was sentenced Monday to 80 months in prison, federal prosecutors said.

Woman jailed for trying to breach airport security to be given mental exam

9 months agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

An attorney for Marilyn Hartman, who was also caught last week trying to bypass TSA screeners, is seeking a two-day delay in her probation hearing so the test can be conducted

Drunk Man Impersonates TSA Agent at SFO, Privately Pats Down Two Women Before Arrest

A drunk man who took it upon himself to pose as a TSA screener at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and who gave two unsuspecting female passengers private patdowns, has been arrested. The 53-year-old male impostor was a...Show More Summary

Fake TSA Screener Probes Women, Until San Francisco International Airport Security Wises Up

10 months agoNews : The Inquisitr - News

A fake TSA screener has been discovered at the San Francisco International Airport patting down and allegedly groping women as they headed to their flights. For a while nobody knew anything was wrong. TSA agents have had an important job for decades now, attempting to stop possible terrorists from entering airports. They usually do this

Fake TSA screener infiltrates SFO checkpoints, gropes women

10 months agoHumor : Boing Boing

He was allegedly drunk, and had at least two victims before SFO's crackerjack private aviation security outfit, Covenant, noticed (they're the same ones who smashed my brand new camera some years ago and refused to take responsibility for it). Read the rest

Yet another TSA screener doesn't know that DC is part of America

10 months agoHumor : Boing Boing

An Orlando TSA screener told a DC-based reporter that he'd need a passport to fly, because DC isn't a state, so a DC driver's license wasn't valid ID. Read the rest

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