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New Hampshire Corporate Tax Cuts in Limbo

Last week, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan (D) vetoed the State Legislature’s budget bills, HB 1 and HB 2. In her veto message, the governor explained her opposition to the budget, criticizing the proposed business tax cuts: “IShow More Summary

Expiration Of Bush Tax Cuts Cost Jeb Bush $500,000 In 2013

Jeb Bush, the former Governor of  Florida who is among the 27% of the population running for President in 2016, released 33 years worth of federal tax returns earlier today. It's a savvy move by Bush; by publicizing his income, he avoids the mistake made by past Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who [...]

D.C. takes final step toward sweeping tax reforms, accelerates cuts

A fresh round of tax cuts originally slated to hit District taxpayers in February will now be triggered in September, according to an agreement reached by a divided D.C. Council on Tuesday.The cuts, which council members say will lower...Show More Summary

Go Home Already: District of Dogs

End-of-day news: Council approves tax cuts, minimum wage increase takes effect tomorrow, and more. [ more › ]

Fiscal policy isn’t about big government

But big government can be about fiscal policy.  Let’s see why: In 2001 President Bush said we needed to cut taxes to give the economy a boost.  Paul Krugman opposed the tax cut.  At the time I supported it for supply-side reasons, although in retrospect it was probably a mistake.  What can we infer from […]

Even Wisconsin's Republicans Are Getting Tired of Scott Walker

Our story so far in America's laboratories of democracy: Over the past few years, Republican governors have been eagerly implementing big tax cuts, insisting that they will supercharge their states' economies and increase revenue instead of reducing it. Show More Summary

Budget sparks SME spending spree

Joe Hockey's small business tax cuts driving growth in SME spending: Commonwealth Bank.

Budget sparks business spending spree

Joe Hockey's small business tax cuts drive spending spree, says Commonwealth Bank.

Ohio Budget in the Home Stretch

The Ohio budget negotiation is coming to a close, as the Senate has recently passed HB 64, which contains a variety of tax measures. The centerpiece of the tax package is a 6.3 percent across-the-board income tax cut, with a 100 percent...Show More Summary

Japan's 2014 tax increased worked; they should do it again

(June 21, 2015 08:14 PM, by Scott Sumner) The title of this post might seem a bit strange, for several reasons: 1. The tax cut was widely blamed for causing a recession 2. I'm a libertarian that favors low taxes In a first-best world I'd like to see... (0 COMMENTS)

Kansas Republicans Very Upset Black Lady Rep Called Them Big Dumb Racists

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his cretinous, thumb-sucking lackeys in the state capitol have been working overtime the past few years to find the perfect balance between bankrupting the state with tax cuts and fucking poor people over. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Voodoo, Jeb! Style

Selling tax cuts for the wealthy with unrealistic promises about growth: Voodoo, Jeb! Style, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: On Monday Jeb Bush — or I guess that’s Jeb!,... gave us a first view of his policy goals. First,...

GOP votes to make 'Obamacare' more expensive

How would Republicans pay for their latest tax cut? They wouldn't -- the GOP plan is to just add the costs to the deficit they sometimes pretend to care about.

Jeb: 4% Growth…..Because!

Kevin Drum details the latest 2016 GOP “voodoo economics” proposals on Mother Jones. Rand Paul says his secret to success is that his tax cut plan will supercharge economic growth. Jeb Bush says his secret to success is that merely by being president he will supercharge economic growth.   I guess I have to give [...]Show More Summary

Rand Paul’s Tax Cut Isn't Quite What It Seems

Unlike those GOP presidential hopefuls who say their tax reforms would raise the same amount of money as the current tax code, even when their actual proposals would not, Senator Rand Paul isn’t being shy. He’s promising a great big fat tax cut (described in this Wall Street Journal  column). Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Has Announced the Perfect Republican Economic Plan

Rand Paul says his secret to success is that his tax cut plan will supercharge economic growth. Jeb Bush says his secret to success is that merely by being president he will supercharge economic growth. I guess I have to give this round to Paul. Show More Summary

Minnesota Defers Decision on Tax Cuts to Next Year

In Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, the Trojan princess Cassandra counsels that “there is no avoidance in delay.” In Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton (DFL) and his allies are preparing to test that proposition. Two years ago, Dayton secured the passage of a $2.1 billion tax increase. Show More Summary

Gov. Sam Brownback Only Raised Taxes On Poors, So It Doesn’t Count, Right?

You know that thing about how Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is the worst governor in the entire galaxy, and how he bankrupted Kansas with his fucked up tax cuts for the wealthy, but then Kansas voters reelected him because they’re idiots?...Show More Summary

Florida Tax Break For Fancy Yacht People Will Create All The Jobs, You Betcha

The Florida Legislature is doing its part to prove that tax cuts always equal jobs — like this brand new tax cut package that limits the amount of sales tax on yacht repairs over $1 million. No, that’s not on boats that cost more than a million, that’s boat repairs that cost more than a million bucks. Show More Summary

Kansas Raises Taxes On The Poor To Pay For Wealthy Tax Cuts

Kansas lawmakers ended their legislative session last week by raising taxes on the state’s poorest citizens so it could maintain a series of tax breaks for the wealthy. The poorest citizens of Kansas must now pay a larger percentage of their income to the government in the form of taxes than their wealthy counterparts. Show More Summary

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