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Raiders Players Pumped for Nevada Tax Cuts ... Says Malcolm Smith (VIDEO)

How do the Oakland Raiders players feel about the possible (likely) move to Vegas? They're stoked about the FORTUNE they'll save on state income tax!! We spoke with Raiders linebacker Malcom Smith (the MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII) who says a bunch of…

One of Trump's first acts—axing a middle class tax cut

At the top of popular vote loser Donald Trump's dark, threatening inauguration speech was this: The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories; their triumphs have...Show More Summary

Succinct Summation of Week’s Events

Succinct Summations for the week ending January 20th, 2017. Positives New President! Tax cuts, deregulation, infrastructure! Housing market index fell from 70 to 67, still a very strong reading. Jobless claims fell 15k to 234k, taking the 4-week average down to 246.75k. Show More Summary

Kansas And Puerto Rico Show How Trump's Tax Cuts Will Hurt Us

The business-oriented media are loudly proclaiming that president-"elect" Donald Trump's proposed tax cuts for the rich and corporations will "boost" the economy. ? WSJ: Trump's Proposed Tax Cuts Could Boost U.S. and Global Growth, Says...Show More Summary

You Could Soon Be Able to Order Booze at the Movies in NYC

Gov. Cuomo, released his $152.3 billion executive budget proposal, and sure, there’s some stuff about state college tuition and middle-class tax cuts, but he also addressed a crucial issue: allowing booze at the movies.

Arkansas governor vows to seek deeper tax cuts in 2 years

The governor's vow seems to be winning over skeptics in Arkansas, one of numerous Republican-dominated states that seem to have a political mandate for tax relief but are facing tight budgets that could make enacting them difficult. The...Show More Summary

A.M. Funds Roundup: Tax Cuts & ETFs; Goldman Beats; Bond Surrogates Fall Out Of Favor

Goldman Sachs Group (GS) easily beat analyst expectations, turning in a fourth quarter that was among the strongest on Wall Street. — WSJ So-called “bond surrogates,” which have long been in favor in an era of rock-bottom bond yields, may be ending their market dominance. — MarketWatch What will Trump’s promised tax cuts mean for […]

Trump tax cuts could mean more Novartis investment in U.S

DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Donald Trump's plans to cut U.S. corporate tax rates could trigger increased investment in the United States by Novartis, its chief executive told Reuters, despite the president-elect's recent harsh words on drug prices.

The Folly of Trumponomics

Click here for reuse options! It may produce a short-lived boom. Then, look out. Donald Trump’s administration will implement large tax cuts and substantial financial deregulation. President Trump may also change U.S. policies on trade, although precisely what he will do is less clear—and the shift may be more rhetorical than real. Show More Summary

How To Respond to the War on the ACA

As you know, one of Paul Ryan’s central goals is to take away the health insurance of tens of millions of people to help fund massive upper-class tax cuts. How should Democrats respond? I think this is essentially right. In summary: As with all other issues, the default position of the Democratic caucus should be […]

Trump Threatens GOP Lawmakers with Twitter

Washington Post: “Trump said he expects Republicans in Congress to move quickly and in unison in the coming weeks on other priorities as well, including enacting sweeping tax cuts and beginning the building of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.” [...]

Tax Policy In The Trump Administration

Bloomberg, Kansas Offers Cautionary Tale for Trump's Tax Ambition Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, ACA Repeal Means Tax Cuts for Drug Companies and Health Insurers Frank Clemente (Americans for Tax Fairness ) & Ron Pollack (Families USA), How Obamacare Repeal Helps Rich, Hurts Poor (USA Today op-ed) CNBC, Larry...

The Eight Forces That Are Pressuring Profits

These eight forces are structural, and cannot be erased by tax cuts or policy tweaks. If there is any economic assumption that goes unquestioned, it's the notion that profits will remain robust for the foreseeable future. This assumption ignores...

Bobo In Fantasyland

If Paul Ryan wants to strip health care from millions of people to help pay for massive upper-class tax cuts, David Brooks’s job as he conceives of it is to defend him. As you would expect, his collection of implausible abstractions, random anecdotes, and complaints that Ken Arrow isn’t really hip anymore in defense of […]

The Eight Forces That Are Pressuring Profits

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, These eight forces are structural, and cannot be erased by tax cuts or policy tweaks. If there is any economic assumption that goes unquestioned, it's the notion that profits will remain robust for the foreseeable future. Show More Summary

World Bank: Trump to Boost US Economic Growth and Commodities

A pillar of president-elect Trump's economic plan is a fiscal stimulus in the form of tax cuts and $500 billion-plus of infrastructure spending. Trump's victory sparked a rally in the copper price which is seen as a bellwether for metals...

Obamacare Repeal Will Hand a Nauseating Tax Cut to the Rich  

Obamacare is a complicated law with lots of interlocking parts that make it tricky to understand. But one of the core, very simple things it did was raise taxes on the wealthy in order to fund subsidized healthcare for more Americans. Show More Summary

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