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Fact-Checking Clinton on the Economy

James Pethokoukis and Avik Roy both highlight what may have been Clinton’s least defensible economic assertion of the first debate: that the Bush tax cuts somehow set off the economic crisis of 2008. T here’s no evidence to back up this argument, and no mainstream theory either. Show More Summary

Republicans’ tax cut trap

In Monday’s debate, Hillary Clinton, as many conservatives hasten to point out, made an unsupportable argument that the Bush tax cuts caused the 2008 crash. You might make the argument that insufficient regulations or Fed policy (sustaining a bubble) or housing policy (everyone should own a home) or simply Wall Street irresponsibility is to blame […]

A Debate Like No Other

There were a few moments in Monday night's debate, when an eerie familiarity came over the debate stage. During the first few minutes, the Republican candidate called for tax cuts for the rich and gave a hearty endorsement to the magical thinking of trickle down economics. Show More Summary

Lunch Links: Beer Tax Cut Off to Spirited Start in Senate; Mobile Workforce Bill Also on Senate Agenda; Nevada Taxpayers Cite Concerns with Proposed Stadium Tax; Nebraska Lawmakers Take Sides on Marijuana Debate

Today is September 27, the date Google has decided is its birthday. Happy birthday, Google! Here are some interesting links I came across: Debate Night: Taxes came up. My colleague Scott Greenberg is writing an analysis that will be posted today. Show More Summary

Peter Navarro’s Scoring of Trump’s Economic Proposals

My inbox just received a weird hodgepodge of economic claims ala Peter Navarro: Donald Trump’s economic plan proposes tax cuts, reduced regulation, lower energy costs, and eliminating America’s chronic trade deficit. Trump’s goal isShow More Summary

Trump would raise taxes on struggling middle class families, so that billionaire real estate developers could get a massive tax cut.

Dylan Matthews has a great new post showing that Trump’s new tax plan would devastate the sort of Americans who have been struggling hardest with the new economy: Batchelder provides several examples of families that would see their taxes go up under Trump’s plan. The biggest hikes number in the thousands of dollars, and are […]

Hillary is worried about her base.

How can you tell Hillary is worried about her base? Because she came out trying to paint Trump with standard generic Democratic attacks on generic Republicans (“trickle down economics,” “tax cuts for the rich,” blaming Bush, etc.) instead...Show More Summary

Trump: Titan of Corporate Tax Cuts

This article by David Haggith was first published on The Great Recession Blog. Trump’s corporate tax cut is supply-side stimulus I could agree with if done right, even though it primarily helps the rich. Trump wants to cut the top corporate...Show More Summary

Repairing your old fridge sounds green but buying new is better

A proposed tax cut for repairs in Sweden is designed to reduce carbon emissions, but for some possessions it's better to just replace it, says Michael Le Page

Donald Trump's Tax Cuts Would Cause Deficit To Explode, Report Says

6 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Donald Trump’s policies would make the federal deficit much bigger. Hillary Clinton’s wouldn’t. That’s the most important takeaway of a new report, one that maybe should get a little attention this campaign season. The report comes from...Show More Summary

Maryland revenue projections trimmed by 2 percent this year and next

Comptroller Peter Franchot (D) says lower-than-projected revenues should rule out tax cuts next year. But he says don’t raise taxes either.

The oil price collapse: Tax cut or reallocation?

(September 21, 2016 05:52 PM, by Scott Sumner) Just about all economists agree that a sudden dramatic increase in oil prices is likely to be bearish for the US economy. Of course that's not always the case (for "never reason from a price change" reasons), but it's usually... (1 COMMENTS)

What’s in Your Wallet?

The choice for voters is clear: a tax cut from Donald Trump or a pay cut courtesy of Hillary Clinton. Trump is promising to slash income taxes to zero for

More Than 99 Percent of Paul Ryan’s Tax Cuts Would Go to The Top 1 Percent

My working assumption about Donald Trump's tax proposal is that—as grotesquely regressive as its broad outlines are—its precise details don't matter so much. That's because Paul Ryan is still the GOP's chief ideas man, and there's little reason to think Trump would turn down whatever tax legislation the House speaker sends him. Show More Summary

Trump’s Tax Cuts—and Child Care Plan—Would Be Utterly Worthless for the Middle Class

Donald Trump's tax plan is still a bit of mystery. For instance, it might include a roughly $1.5 trillion tax cut that would benefit wealthy business owners like himself. Or it might not! His campaign has sent mixed signals, and four...Show More Summary

Denmark edges closer to snap election as parties feud over tax cuts

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark edged closer to an early general election as a political row over tax cuts for the wealthy escalated over the weekend, threatening to bring down the minority Liberal government that took office just 15 months ago.

Trump Tax Plan 3.0, Tax Reform That WIll Make America Great Again Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump Promises Tax Cuts, Offset by Robust Growth: Bloomberg, Trump Responded to Critics With Pivot on Partnership Tax Plan Bloomberg, The Trump Plan: Low Taxes, High Growth, Few Details Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Claims of...

A $1 Trillion Lie

New York Times: “A few hours after Donald J. Trump publicly backed away from a $1 trillion tax cut for small businesses, campaign aides on Thursday privately assured a leading small-business group that Mr. Trump in fact remained committed to [...]

Trump’s trillion dollar lie: Promised then backed away from tax cut

It’s just one more example of the policy chaos in the Trump campaign and his lack of any think-through in issues. A few hours after Donald J. Trump publicly backed away from a $1 trillion tax cut for small businesses, campaign aides on Thursday privately assured a leading small-business group that Mr. Trump in fact [...]

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