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Chart of the Day: Doubling Down on Tax Cuts for the .01 Percent

TPC Data In fact, three of the top GOP candidates are proposing even bigger cuts than Romney did as the 2012 nominee: Rubio might be the acceptable moderate in the GOP race, but his tax plan is extreme —...Show More Summary

Here’s what will happen on taxes if a Republican is elected president

The Tax Policy Center has released an analysis of Marco Rubio’s tax plan, which, like their analyses of Jeb Bush’s plan and Donald Trump’s plan, shows that it would result in a staggering increase in the deficit if it were implemented — $6.8 trillion in Rubio’s case, compared to an identical $6.8 trillion for Bush […]

Bernie Sandwiches? Sanders Tax Plan Takes Biggest Bite Out Of The Rich

While Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders' tax plan offers plenty of food for thought, many of the nation's wealthiest Americans are having trouble keeping down what Bernie is serving up.

The $6.8 Trillion Question in Rubio’s Tax Plan

MoreThe Surprising Political Photographs of the WeekJorge Ramos: Why Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Are Failing to Excite Latino Voters If Sen. Marco Rubio becomes president, he’ll face a $6.8 trillion question: What should he cut? That’s the amount of spending cuts over 10 years that the Florida Republican’s tax plan would require Congress to…

Marco Rubio’s Tax Plan Is a Grotesque Gift to America’s Plutocrats

At this point, a Republican tax plan would not be a Republican tax plan if it weren’t a morally and mathematically risible giveaway to America’s wealthy. The latest reminder of this fact comes to us from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, which today released an assessment of Florida Sen. Show More Summary

Republican Tax Plans Will Be Great for the Ri—zzzzz

Our good friends at the Tax Policy Center have now analyzed—if that's the right word—the tax plans of Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. You can get all the details at their site, but if you just want the bottom line, you've come to the right place. The chart on the left shows who benefits the most from each tax plan. Show More Summary

Rubio tax plan would cost $6.8 trillion

Now read this:GOP in chaos (Feb 10, 2016) Rubio: ‘I dropped the ball’ in debate (Feb 10, 2016) Rubio predicts South Carolina ‘bloodbath’ for Jeb (Feb 10, 2016) Could be curtains for Christie (Feb 9, 2016) Kasich comes in second, then Bush, Cruz, and Rubio (Feb 9, 2016) Rubio NH chair admits getting violent with [...]

Minor gains from tax plan: Treasury

Treasury advice says lifting the GST and cutting income tax would have a ‘negligible’ benefit.

NY Times:The Academic Support For Bernie Sanders' Proposed 73% Top Tax Rate

New York Times: Bernie Sanders’s Tax Plan Would Test an Economic Hypothesis, by Josh Barro: In the Democratic presidential primary, Bernie Sanders is calling for a political revolution, saying his movement can sweep in policy changes that would seem impossible in traditional American politics. One of the ideas Mr. Sanders...

Heineken CEO Praises Obama's 'Very European' $10 Oil Tax Plan

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

The chief executive of brewing giant Heineken International praised on Wednesday a White House proposal to tax oil companies $10 per barrel to fund green transportation. "That's very European," said Jean-François van Boxmeer in a phone interview with The Huffington Post. Show More Summary

CNBC's Awful Trump Interview Highlights Its Larry Kudlow Problem

CNBC allowed senior contributor and potential Republican Senate candidate Larry Kudlow to conduct a softball interview with Donald Trump. During the February 8 interview, Trump thanked Kudlow for endorsing his tax plan and Kudlow backed...Show More Summary

Cuomo quashes Assembly Democrat wealth tax plan

4 days agoNews : NY Daily News

Gov. Cuomo threw cold water Monday on an Assembly Democrat plan to raise taxes on the wealthy. "I don't believe there's any reason or appetite to take up taxes this year,” Cuomo said.

Trump's Tax Plan Exemplifies the Rigged Economy

Our economy is rigged. Millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages and yet all of the new income is going to the top 1%. Donald Trump's tax plan is yet another example of the rigged economy. It proposes a 21.6% increase in after-tax income for the top 1%. Show More Summary

Pros & Cons Of Obama's $10/Barrel Oil Tax

With President Obama unveiling his $10/Barrel tax plan to fund government-subsidized public transportatation (versus an individual's choice over his method transportation), we thought a glimpse at the pros and cons of such a choice may be useful... Show More Summary

President Obama’s New Oil Tax to Slash Your Savings at the Pump

If President Obama's new oil tax plan comes to fruition, say goodbye to those low gas prices you've been enjoying. The proposed tax fee POTUS is looking to submit would be phased in over five years and used to fund an overhaul of the...Show More Summary

A Budget, Capital, Growth, and Transparency ?

Last night's debate was... an actual debate. Moderators barely spoke and Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders explored (and tussled over, at times) a variety of issues... except for their tax plans. Maybe next time. Show More Summary

Debates, Energy, Credits and Prep

There’s a Democratic debate tonight. It will now feature only two candidates. Brush up on Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ tax plans here. Clinton and Sanders have agreed to four more debates. The next one will be in Flint, Michigan, a city currently in a state-manufactured water crisis. Show More Summary

Who Has the Fairest Tax Plan of Them All?

With the first real votes cast ?in the presidential race this past Monday, it is an opportune moment to do some last minute comparison shopping on the candidate tax reform plans. On this issue there's a lot to cheer about. All the Republican candidates have crafted plans that [...]

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