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Labor's tax plan may hit growth: BCA

Prime Minister attacks Labor's record of proposing measures that were never implemented.

Serious Pro-Growth Policy in Congress

Yesterday we published an overview and dynamic modeling results for a business tax proposal by Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA). This tax plan has been developing for several years now, largely without heavy media attention. It hasShow More Summary

Field Presents Aggressive Tax Planning and the Ethical Tax Lawyer Today at Toronto

Heather Field (UC-Hastings) presents Aggressive Tax Planning and the Ethical Tax Lawyer at Toronto today as part of its James Hausman Tax Law and Policy Workshop Series: [H]ow should a tax planner, who wants to engage in “permissible tax planning” but not cross the line over into “unethical loophole lawyering,”...

Caterpillar’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Caterpillar faced Senate scrutiny over its tax plans in 2014. Now, the IRS has swooped in and wants $1 billion.

Nine Habits of Exceptionally Tax-Averse People

Tax planning isn't tax evasion, and being tax averse isn't either. Being tax savvy is admirable, not obsessive. Think Warren Buffett. And here are the traits you need to emulate.

Marf on tax planning's Marf gives her take on tax planning. — TSE (@TSEofPB) February 12, 2015 If you would like to purchase one of Marf’s prints or originals, please contact her here.

Fleischer: Obama’s International Tax Plan May Not Work as Intended

New York Times Deal Book: How Obama’s Tax Plan May Not Work as Intended, by Victor Fleischer (San Diego): Companies’ offshore cash holdings are a tempting target for American tax writers, as President Obama’s proposal this week to tax deferred offshore earnings proves. Those same offshore earnings may attract foreign...

How Obama’s Tax Plan May Not Work as Intended

The president's proposed offshore earnings tax may fuel an increase in foreign acquisitions of midsize American companies, Victor Fleischer writes in the Standard Deduction column.

Tech Today: Dueling Apple Suppliers, Intel Speaks, New Net Neutrality

Here are some things going on today in your world of tech: Intel speaks on Obama tax plan Intel (INTC) CFO Stacy Smith showed up at Barron’s offices and talked about a number of issues with myself and editors. Among those was his strong feeling that the Obama administration proposal for repatriation of corporate overseas earnings doesn’t do [...]

Middle Class Tax Plan Scams Middle Class

4 weeks agoNews : The Daily Beast

Those 529 college plans actually don’t help the middle class very much. But the people they do help have all the political muscle.

Obama's Plan to Address Corporate Tax Avoidance on Offshore Profits is 'Not Nearly Enough'

President Obama is grabbing headlines for his new corporate tax plan that would raise $238 billion over 10 years by assessing a 14 percent "transition tax" on the more than $2 trillion in U.S. corporate profits sitting offshore. TheShow More Summary

NRO: The Mike Lee/Marco Rubio Tax Plan Jacks Taxes Up In Order to Bribe Families With Large Child Tax Credits

The child tax credit may be nice, but it's expensive, and Rubio and Lee have a not-very-Republican way of paying for it: jacking up income tax rates. The top rate, they would lower, but only down to 35% from the...

Presidential budget predictions are almost always wrong

To keep politicians from hiding financial timebombs in the budget, The White House and Congress are required to provide a look into the future with each spending and taxing plan. But those future numbers that you'll see charted and graphed in lots of budget stories Monday are not binding. And they are sometimes less reliable […]

“Money Is Like Manure… Not Worth a Thing Unless It’s Spread Around.”

TPC shows how President Obama would redistribute income from the rich to the poor. The President will release his budget next week, and with it, a tax plan analyzed by the Tax Policy Center. TPC’s Howard Gleckman explains that underShow More Summary

PETER SUDERMAN: How Obama’s 529 College Tax Plan Debacle Proves the Welfare State is Doomed: Someo…

PETER SUDERMAN: How Obama’s 529 College Tax Plan Debacle Proves the Welfare State is Doomed: Someone has to pay for it—but no one wants to foot the bill. To understand just how bad the politics of Obama’s now-withdrawn plan to tax 529 college savings were, think about it this way: Obama, under heavy pressure from […]

How Obama’s Tax Plan Will Redistribute Income from the Very Rich To The Poor

President Obama’s latest tax package, which he’ll unveil in detail next week along with his new budget, would lower taxes for low-income households and significantly raise taxes for the highest income 1 percent—those making $663,000 or more, according to new Tax Policy Center estimates. Show More Summary

How much money you’ll gain or lose under Obama’s tax plan

The tax policies President Obama sketched in his State of the Union address last week would increase taxes for the wealthiest Americans, while reducing them for the poor, according to a new analysis from the Tax Policy Center. For people in the middle, the proposal could mean anywhere between a loss of several hundred dollars a year to […]

Greek Shipping Fears Syriza Tax Plan

Will the new government in Greece led by radical-left party Syriza levy higher taxes that the shipping industry can’t afford? A report in WSJ says that several

But seriously, folks — this stand-up economist says Republicans will like his carbon tax

Comiconomist Yoram Bauman has a carbon tax plan for Washington state. The punch line: He thinks he can get both political parties on board.

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