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Trilobites: South African Telescope Spots 1,300 Unknown Galaxies

The distant galaxies were recorded by a set of 16 antennas that will eventually be a part of the largest telescope ever built on Earth.

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Telescope

Telescopes are great, and while you can snag a decent one for relatively cheap, making your own is always more fun. If you don’t mind putting in a bit of effort, Make walks you through making your own with a 3D printed case. Read more...

This Image Could Contain 'Billions Of Strange New Worlds'

2 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Very far out, indeed. The image above shows the galaxy cluster Abell S1063, which is “potentially home to billions of strange new worlds” according to scientists working with the Hubble Space Telescope. Visible near the center of the...Show More Summary

Hubble Celebrates "Star Trek Beyond" --Releases Epic Final Frontiers Photo

When "Star Trek" was first broadcast in 1966, the largest telescopes on Earth could only see about halfway across the universe -- the rest was uncharted territory. But Hubble's powerful vision has carried us into the true "final frontier." Celebrating...

NASA's Hubble looks to the final frontier

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the TV series "Star Trek" has captured the public's imagination with the signature phrase, "To boldly go where no one has gone before." NASA's Hubble Space Telescope doesn't "boldly go" deep...Show More Summary

Kepler Uncovers Trove of Exoplanets, Four May Have Life

NASA has just unveiled the latest results of Kepler’s K2 mission, which has been resuming its search for habitable planets outside of our solar system after the space telescope was crippled by technical problems almost three years. ago. And their findings are pretty extraordinary; they’ve identified 104...

"Planet 9 Enigma" --Astronomers Determine Why It Has Yet to Be Detected by Telescopes (A 'Galaxy' Insight)

Swiss astronomers have determined why planet 9 hasn't been detected by telescopes so far. They calculated the brightness of smaller and bigger planets on various orbits. They conclude that the sky surveys performed in the past had only a small...

Hubble telescope looks back in time to see far-off galaxies

NASA's greatest telescope has turned its eye on a distant patch of the universe, revealing a gaggle of galaxies, some of which date back to 1 billion years after the big bang

Space... the final frontier

Fifty years ago Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise began their journey into space -- the final frontier. Now, as the newest Star Trek film hits cinemas, the NASA/ESA Hubble space telescope is also exploring new frontiers, observing distant galaxies in the galaxy cluster Abell S1063 as part of the Frontier Fields programme. Space... Show More Summary

Subsurface Bahamian Caves in Andros I, Bahamas

One can picture extraterrestrial researchers doing any number of things. Scanning starry nights with a telescope. Listening for radio signals beamed from other worlds with skyscraper-sized antennas. Unraveling government conspiracies alongside a skeptical redhead. Show More Summary

Earth’s New “Mini Moon” Confirmed by NASA JPL

First discovered by University of Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS 1 telescope on April 27, 2016, Earth’s new moon, or “mini moon” has been officially confirmed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Officially named “2016 HO3,” the newly discovered asteroid is dubbed a “mini moon” because it not only orbits the Sun–it orbits Earth, as well. Show More Summary

How Twitter led the way to finding the Milky Way's giant “X”

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Prompted by a series of tweets, a pair of astronomers have used data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer orbital telescope to identify an image of a massive "X"-shaped star formation located in our galaxy's central bulge. The...Show More Summary

Two for one: Hubble picks out pair of Earth-sized planets' atmospheres

4 days agoHealth : Booster Shots

Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, an international team of scientists has tracked two planets crossing in front of the same star at the same time -- discovering that these worlds are both rocky and have comparatively thin atmospheres. The findings, described in the journal Nature, lend growing...

First atmospheric study of Earth-sized exoplanets points to possible habitability

Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have conducted the first search for atmospheres around temperate, Earth-sized planets beyond our solar system and found indications that increase the chances of habitability on two exoplanets.

8 of the world's coolest telescopes that are changing the way that we look at the universe

Astronomy has come a long way over the past few millennia. We went from believing that Earth was the center of a star speckled universe, to being able to observe a seemingly endless number of galaxies full of trillions of stars and planets...Show More Summary

NASA Suggests Two Newly Discovered Exoplanets Could Host Life

Announcing the discovery of over 100 new exoplanets identified by the Kepler space telescope, NASA has highlighted four planets, potentially rocky bodies, two of which may be capable of supporting life, orbiting a distant star.

South African Telescope Reveals Hundreds of Unknown Galaxies

MeerKAT, a new South African radio telescope, has produced its first image, depicting 1300 galaxies in an area of space where only 70 were previously known to reside.

Kepler takes in a haul of over 100 exoplanets

5 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Using data collected by the Kepler Space Telescope alongside a number of Earth-bound observatories, an international team of astronomers has confirmed the existence of over a hundred previously unknown exoplanets discovered in the direction of the Aquarius constellation. Show More Summary

NASA’s Kepler telescope discovers over 100 planets

5 days agoNews : The Raw Story

A team of astronomers have discovered and confirmed 104 planets outside of our solar system using NASA’s Kepler spacecraft on its K2 mission. At least four of these have shown potential similarity to Earth, NASA confirmed Monday. The discoveries were published online in the Astrophysical Journal...

104 New Exoplanets Discovered by NASA’s Kepler

104 new exoplanets have been discovered by NASA’s Kepler Telescope during it’s K2 Mission. These 104 new exoplanets, so called for being a planet that orbits a sun outside our solar system, have been confirmed out of a posible 197 candidate exoplanets. Show More Summary

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