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A Brief History of Lost Cryptocurrency

Tether, the company behind a cryptocurrency that’s pegged to the U.S. dollar, disclosed in a now-deleted announcement that hackers transferred almost $31 million worth of tokens from its treasury to an unauthorized bitcoin wallet on Sunday. Show More Summary

Today's Cryptocurrency Gaffe: Hacker Makes Off With $30 Million In Tether 

While many cryptocoins seek to transcend conventional currency, the cryptocurrency Tether claims to back each of its issued tokens with an equal amount of redeemable cash held in a private reserve. That keeps its value predictable, but presents a problem if a token is stolen from one of the company's "treasury" wallets. Show More Summary

$31 million worth of Tether stolen in latest crypto heist

Crypto hackers are at it again.  According to Tether, a company that's behind the cryptocurrency of the same name (known by the symbol USDT), someone recently stole nearly $31 million from its digital vault.  The announcement, together...Show More Summary

Bitcoin Tumbles Then Rebounds After Hackers Steal $31 Million Tethers

The rise in Bitcoin’s price was approaching "warp speed" above $8,200 overnight when, as so often happens, it went into another sharp reversal. After hitting an intra-day high of almost $8,265 in early trading on Tuesday, the price crashed more than $400 to $7,827, its biggest drop since November 13. Show More Summary

Cryptocurrency startup Tether claims it was robbed of $31 million in tokens

Tether noted in a now-removed post on its site that nearly $31 million worth of tokens were stolen from the treasury in which it stored its dollar-pegged cryptocurrency. The company said that it won’t redeem any of the stolen tokens, and will attempt to prevent them from entering other exchanges. Show More Summary

Bitcoin is falling after a $31 million crypto heist

Tether, the company behind a cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar, said $31 million stolen from its main wallet on Sunday. Heist appears to have shaken markets, with bitcoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash all falling. LONDON — Major cryptocurrencies...Show More Summary

Tethered drones bring cell service to Puerto Rico

The struggle to restore communications infrastructure on Puerto Rico is real. AT&T is switching to drones in some locations to deliver coverage. The post Tethered drones bring cell service to Puerto Rico appeared first on Wandering Aramean.

Bearded Ladies Cabaret Riffs on Tech and Old Hollywood in Marlene and the Machine

In an age when we are tethered to our screens and gadgets, and emojis supplant real emotion, we can easily lose touch with the elements that make us human. Explorations of technology and control are at the heart of Marlene and the Machine, a cabaret performance by The Bearded Ladies...

Are there any bitcoin stocks worth buying?

Believe it or not, at least five stocks have been tethered in some way to bitcoin -- but that doesn't make them worth buying.        

Bad advice: Google pop-up shop employee tells customers to cut the cord connecting Pixel Buds together

Whatever you do, do NOT listen to this Google pop-up shop employee who told customers they can cut the cord tethering Pixel Buds together if they didn't like the look of it.

Review of The Tethered Mage by Melissa Caruso

The Tethered Mage, the first book in the Swords and Fire trilogy, is Melissa Caruso’s debut novel—and what a wonderful debut it is! It’s Venetian-inspired fantasy featuring great characters (including a variety of women), magic, political...Show More Summary

Cell biology: Bulky tether proteins aid membrane fusion

3 weeks agoAcademics : Nature AOP

The energy source that drives vesicle fusion with a target organelle in vivo has been unclear. It emerges that proteins that tether fusing structures ogether also decrease the energy needed for the final fusion step.

A tethering complex drives the terminal stage of SNARE-dependent membrane fusion

3 weeks agoAcademics : Nature AOP

Membrane fusion in eukaryotic cells mediates the biogenesis of organelles, vesicular traffic between them, and exo- and endocytosis of important signalling molecules, such as hormones and neurotransmitters. Distinct tasks in intracellular membrane fusion have been assigned to conserved protein systems. Show More Summary

Expert Advice: Wireless Tethering with CamRanger

Alex Subers, Wonderful Machine Tethering can be quite the nuisance. Limited mobility, minimal space on set, crashing laptops, and fickle cables to name a couple of reasons why.  Now depending on the scale of the shoot, tethering with cables and a digital tech station is necessary. But what about those shoots that don’t have the […]

'HQ Live Trivia Show' From 'Vine' Creators Feels Like a 'Black Mirror' Episode

If you've ever watched the popular—and often creepy—TV show Black Mirror, you've probably seen its creators make the show feel futuristic while at the same time tethered to reality by (usually) iterating on existing technologies rather than inventing something that feels completely foreign to us. Well, the new game HQ Live Trivia Show [Free], from the

Just a Couple of Headless Robots

A pair of Cassie robots take a stroll around the offices of their creator, Agility Robotics. These amazing mechanical wonders are able to balance on two legs without tethering, and were inspired by the way an ostrich walks. Everything you see here is 100% real, no CGI.

Hey Missouri? Can We Talk About What’s Going On With You and Abortion?

You’re off your tether, Missouri, and you’re lumbering around knocking over telephone poles and stripping pregnant people of their human rights. The post Hey Missouri? Can We Talk About What’s Going On With You and Abortion? appeared first on Rewire.

A tiny, wearable, Arduino-powered VT 100 terminal

4 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The first "wearable" computer I ever tried was a wrist-strap that let me wear my Palm Pilot like a huge, ungainly wristwatch; I tethered it with a thick cable to a CDMA phone that could emulate a 9600 baud modem and used it to dial into the WELL. (more…)

The Universal Tether of Identity: Caca Dolce by Chelsea Martin

At its core, the collection is recollected through a loose chronology of memoir essays, all of which will appeal to readers’ younger selves: who were we when we were teenagers and who are we now? The post The Universal Tether of Identity: Caca Dolce by Chelsea Martin appeared first on The

Tethering in iOS 11: Fixing Your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot Issues

Is your newly updated iPhone not working as well as it did under iOS 10? It’s not just app crashes and compatibility problems, network issues have surfaced too. After spending a whole morning trying to get tethering working on my post-iOS 11 iPhone, I realized the issue was more widespread than I’d first thought. Show More Summary

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