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The Stream Team: Gorging on SWTOR's XP bonus for the holiday

Last week Massively's MJ showed what Star Wars: The Old Republic's duodecupled experience rush can do: two levels in one cutscene! But the 12X XP bonus is not over yet, and her level can only skyrocket once she has a speeder to get around on. Show More Summary

SWTOR players love that butt-ugly black-yellow lightsaber blade

BioWare has released another Shadow of Revan dev blog focused on Star Wars: The Old Republic's class changes. This time, Scoundrels and Operatives take center stage. The firm has also published one of those really long infographic things that gives your scroll wheel a workout. Show More Summary

Star Wars: The Old Republic explains 3.0's Sniper and Gunslinger

Star Wars: The Old Republic finishes up its series examining the class changes coming with the 3.0 update today with the Sniper and the Gunslinger. Why were those two the last on the list? Probably because they were hiding way in the back. Show More Summary

Revan Is Out for Blood in Star Wars: The Old Republic's New Expansion

KOTOR's iconic hero/villain returns in SWTOR's upcoming expansion. Will you fight for him, or against him?

SWTOR's Revan Returns trailer has a lot of Revans in it

How many times can you say Revan inside of a minute? Quite a few, if the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion trailer is any indication. It's called Revan Returns, and it's all about the Shadow of Revan expansion slated to launched on December 9th. Show More Summary

Shadow of Revan Trailer

Knight of the Old Republic's Revan returns this December in the latest SWTOR expansion.

Star Wars: The Old Republic hit by DDoS attacks

If you were playing Star Wars: The Old Republic yesterday, you may very well have been hit with some lag and disconnections. The good news is that it's not a problem with your ISP; the bad news is that it appears to be yet another installment in the ongoing saga of irritating twits with nothing better to do than try to damage servers. Show More Summary

The Daily Grind: What does your scariest avatar look like?

I don't generally roll evil characters, but in service of chasing some Star Wars: The Old Republic legacy achievements, I made that dude up there in the header. He's not particularly fun to play, given his despicable dark side acts,Show More Summary

The Soapbox: In praise of SWTOR's 12X experience

It's taken 12 times the normal XP rate, but Star Wars: The Old Republic is finally my main MMO (at least for another week or so). Well, OK, it's also taken a series of spectacularly ill-considered decisions by XLGAMES and Trion, butShow More Summary

The Stream Team: Experiencing SWTOR's massive XP bonus

If you're a fan of Star Wars: The Old Republic, you likely already know about the 12x story line experience boost that subscribers who preorder the Shadow of Revan expansion get. But have you seen it? Massively's MJ dives into something new -- the Imperial side -- in order to show just how fast a character can level with this promotion. Show More Summary

SWTOR's Guardian, Juggernaut discipline changes detailed

Another day has brought us another Star Wars: The Old Republic dev blog detailing the class changes coming in the Shadow of Revan expansion. This time around, the focus falls squarely on Jedi Guardians and Sith Juggernauts. BioWare says...Show More Summary

SWTOR's Sentinel, Marauder discipline changes detailed

No, Sentinels and Marauders, BioWare hasn't forgotten you. Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest class-based dev diary went live today and it's focused on -- you guessed it -- Sentinels and Marauders. More specifically it outlines how...Show More Summary

Hyperspace Beacon: Concerns about SWTOR's 3.0 combat

BioWare has finally begun revealing the specifics of the Discipline system landing in the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion. We have seen the Bounty Hunter, Trooper, Inquisitor, and Consular paths. We have seen in detail how the Discipline system changes the leveling process in SWTOR. Show More Summary

BioWare explains SWTOR's commendation changes

BioWare community manager Eric Musco has published a "one stop shop" post that details what's happening to Star Wars: The Old Republic's commendations in the forthcoming Shadow of Revan expansion. In a nutshell, all basic, classic, planetary, elite, and ultimate comms will be converted to basic commendations. Show More Summary

SWTOR's Sage, Sorcerer discipline changes detailed

Sages and Sorcerers, this Star Wars: The Old Republic dev diary's for you. BioWare has revealed the upcoming changes to two more of its advanced classes that will go live when the Shadow of Revan expansion launches on December 9th. Both...Show More Summary

SWTOR's Assassin, Shadow discipline changes detailed

Star Wars: The Old Republic fans, I'm sure you know the drill by now. The Shadow of Revan expansion is introducing major class changes and basically revamping talent trees in favor of a new discipline system. BioWare has been putting out a dev diary every couple of days to outline the tweaks to each of the game's classes. Show More Summary

EA's quarterly net revenue is up, apparently in spite of SWTOR

Electronics Arts had a bit to say about Star Wars: The Old Republic in its November 4th quarterly report -- and none of it good. The publisher named the sci-fi MMO as one of the properties that had decreased in revenue over the period. Show More Summary

SWTOR's Vanguard, Powertech discipline changes detailed

Did you catch yesterday's Star Wars: The Old Republic dev blog about update 3.0's changes to Mercenaries/Commandos? Good, because now we're on to Vanguards and Powertechs. If you're just joining us, SWTOR's talent trees are going bye-bye...Show More Summary

The Think Tank: Did Star Wars Galaxies' NGE poison the MMO development well?

The MMO community's favorite hyperbole must surely be "that's such-and-such-a-game's NGE." Star Wars: The Old Republic redoes talent trees? SWTOR's NGE! Guild Wars 2 revamps its noob game? GW2's NGE! World of Warcraft adds a panda race? WoW's NGE! This bugs me for several reasons. Show More Summary

SWTOR's Commando, Mercenary 3.0 discipline changes detailed

Do you play a Commando or a Mercenary in Star Wars: The Old Republic? If so, you'll want to read BioWare's latest dev diary because it explains the discipline changes scheduled to hit your advanced class with the game's 3.0 update. There's...Show More Summary

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