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Incoming Republican labor chair says organized labor has 'lost its reason for being'

The Republican Party is not so much a political party these days as an extended experiment in self-trepanation. The incoming chair of the congressional panel that oversees labor issues on Monday questioned the need for unions and said...Show More Summary

Republicans vow to 'go after Russia' for its alleged interference in US elections

Republican lawmakers say they are determined to find out what role Russia may have played in the 2016 US elections. Despite the Republican Party's huge wins across the board — including President-elect Donald Trump's upset victory against...Show More Summary

Morning Joe slams GOP’s Russia love: ‘Are you a RINO if you don’t have shirtless pictures of Putin?’

12 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party has produced a side effect that even the crew at Morning Joe finds disturbing: More Republicans are willing to come to the defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Citing both President-elect Trump’s refusal to acknowledge...

Death spirals all around

We’re going to see how the Republican Party can create a death spiral in the individual market in sixty days or less. They have a few choices: First Philip Klein in the Washington Examiner wants to create one the old fashion way: In contrast, Republicans could immediately freeze enrollment — allowing those who already have […]

Homeland Will Feature an ‘Alt-Right Media Personality’ in Its Next Season

The alt-right, a loosely affiliated tangle of fascists, white supremacists, misogynists, and other assorted varieties of troll, has infiltrated the Republican Party, the White House, and now, your standard Showtime spy drama. According...Show More Summary

Here are 5 reasons the GOP’s Obamacare repeal plan will be an unprecedented shtshow

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

The Republican Party has been itching to “repeal and replace” Obamacare for the past six years — but despite having all that time, it still hasn’t come up with a concrete replacement plan. Because of this, the Republican Party is implementing a strategy of “repeal and...

WATCH: Democratic senator mocks ‘terrified’ GOP as too chicken to actually repeal Obamacare

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

The Republican Party’s dream of repealing the Affordable Care Act is now finally within their grasp — but do they really know what they’re going to do to replace it? Sen. Jeff Merkley went on CNN Wednesday and told host Chris Cuomo that the GOP is actually “terrified”...

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs — Not Austerity

By William K. Black Cross-posted at New Economic Perspectives. Bob Rubin and Alan Greenspan convinced the New Democrats, over a quarter-century ago, that the key to economic growth was to out-Republican the Republican Party in the fervency...Show More Summary

Powerful Republican Hates You

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Even a cursory examination of the facts makes it impossible to reach any conclusion other than that the Republican Party takes inordinate pleasure in making your life worse. Take Virginia Foxx, for example. Read more...

Voter Suppression Means ‘Black Folk Aren’t Capable of Getting a Fing Driver’s License,’ Adam Carolla Says

Voter suppression is a frequent talking point in today’s political arena. The Democratic party, for the last several elections, has accused the Republican party of enacting voter suppression laws in order to discourage minorities and other demographics likely to vote against them. Show More Summary

The Reckoning: Republican Values In The Age Of Trump

If there is a silver lining inside the acid-cloud of Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory, it’s that Americans have been afforded an unusually vivid picture of the Republican Party’s stance on that most highly charged of campaign themes: ”values.” Mr. Show More Summary

Dems have learnednothing in defeat

A month ago, I was pondering what the internal fight for the survival of the Republican Party would look like. Amid the ashes of defeat, who would win the soul … Click to Continue »

Obamacare and prochoice policies help reduce abortion rate to pre-Roe levels; lowest in 45 years

For all the Republican Party’s talk, it’s Democratic presidents who significantly reduce the number of unplanned abortions, not Republican ones. Under President George H.W. Bush, the abortion rate dropped from 24/1000 women to 23/1000,...Show More Summary

The Constitutional Vanguard: Article II and Presidential Power

The Constitutional Vanguard is my group that promotes liberty, free markets, and the Constitution. I started it on May 3, the day I left the Republican party, and it is now my main vehicle besides this blog for spreading the word about principles I worry that Donald Trump will ignore. More than just an entertaining […]

Will a One-Party Government Bring Prosperity to Small Business?

On January 20, 2017, the Republican Party will take control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the presidency for the first time since 2006. What could this mean for the U.S. economy and for U.S. small businesses? The post...Show More Summary

Trump’s Protectionist Con Is Not New: Remembering The Bush Steel Tariff

President-elect Donald Trump is shaking up the Republican Party’s economic orthodoxy. He wielded the threat of government power to pressure United Technologies, the parent company of Carrier, to partially rescind plans for sending 800...Show More Summary

But What About the Children

This is disgusting, but par for the course with the Republican party: More than a year after lawmakers originally ordered it, Texas announced Monday it will enact significant cuts to the money that it pays therapists who treat vulnerable children with disabilities in two weeks. Medicaid reimbursement rates are used to pay for pediatric therapy […]

Trump team seems weirdly afraid of recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

Lawyers for Donald Trump or the Republican Party are now trying to block the recounts in all three states in which Jill Stein has requested them—Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The Trump legal team is saying “nothing to see here,...Show More Summary

On the bright side …

For center-right Americans, the era of frustration and disenchantment with the Republican Party is well underway. Each day brings new evidence that the party of Lincoln has abandoned principle (three cheers for crony capitalism!), ethical boundaries (Emoluments Clause?) and discretion (must they cheer every unqualified plutocrat picked for a Cabinet job?). We know it will […]

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