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pregnancy time-lapse video balloon

pregnancy time-lapse video balloon pregnancy time-lapse video balloon MATAN TAMARKIN/YOUTUBE

Time-Lapse Shows 100-Meter Wind Turbine Going Up In Just One Minute

For wind energy boosters and construction enthusiasts alike, this time-lapse video of a 100-meter high wind turbine being installed at the headquarters of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a fascinating look at one of the marvels of modern engineering. Show More Summary

Giant Pumpkin Time-Lapse

YouTuber matt radach shares 5 months worth of footage that captured the growth of a pumpkin from a seed into a pampered 1,223lb. boulder. The amazing part is that it won only 5th place at the 2014 Pullayup Fair; the winner was a 1,621.5lb edible asteroid.

Time-Lapse Video ‘Proof’ Of Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory After Chuck Norris Accuses Government Of Secret Geoengineering

Soon after martial arts legend and Hollywood film star Chuck Norris, 76, came out as a chemtrail conspiracy theory believer and accused the authorities of secretly spraying chemicals on unsuspecting masses as part of alleged global geoengineering...Show More Summary

Dramatic Time-Lapse Animation Showing America's Absurd Million Dollar Home Bubbles

One of the recurring refrains about the New Normal housing market is that just because median and/or average home prices have failed to match the astronomic increases in prices seen in the 2004-2007 period, that it the current bubble is far less concerning. Show More Summary

We truly are living in an age of awesome wonders. Behold the...

We truly are living in an age of awesome wonders. Behold the Bamboo Death Star, the geektastic apex of diabolical carpentry, designed and made by Portland, OR-based woodworker Frank Howarth. Watch this fantastic time-lapse video to see how a bunch of bamboo boards became this elegant galactic superweapon: [via Colossal]

Watch West Hollywood's Robot Parking Garage Rise in Time-Lapse

This garage is the future After a few years in the making, West Hollywood's cars will soon be parking in the future—in a cool, robot garage where a series of lifts and rolling dollies move the cars into an appropriate, open parking spot (no more SUVs cramming into that compact spot). Show More Summary

'Game of Molds' intro replaces Westeros with fungi growth - CNET

The "Game of Thrones" title sequence goes to the science side when King's Landing, Winterfell and Mereen get replaced with beautiful time-lapse footage of mold growing.

Counting These Sheep Is Captivating, Even If They Do Look Like Maggots

6 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Who knew watching sheep being sorted for shearing could be so mesmerizing? Time-lapse video filmed from the sky shows hundreds of the wooly mammals being herded into different pens on farmland north of Thargomindah in Queensland, Australia. The...Show More Summary

Time-Lapse Video: New Apple Store's 42-Foot Sliding Glass Doors Open

The new space will also feature a 50-foot tall green wall, regular acoustic performances, and more Today the press were invited to check out the new Apple Store in Union Square. More than just any Apple Store, the new space at Post and Stockton is the global flagship of the Cupertino-based company's retail outlets. Show More Summary

Watch a Hypnotic Time-Lapse of Sheet Music Being Drawn By Hand

last weekHumor / odd : mental_floss

Justin Greak turns beautiful sounding music into beautiful looking art.

103 Years of Iconic Pop Star Fashion Shown Decade-by-Decade in a Two-Minute Time Lapse

last weekHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Vanity Fair paid tribute to the past 103 years of distinctive pop star styles in a two-minute time-lapse, starting with the full-body fashion of Nora Bayes in the early 20th century to the gender-fluid style of Rihanna today. How have music icons changed over the last century? We look at how the styles of female […]

This trippy time lapse isn't a puzzle or insects crawling

While you might think this time-lapse footage shows grains of rice floating around or maggots (gross) moving in a pack — it's actually sheep be sorted into different groups as they are prepared to be sheared. The mesmerising video was uploaded to the Facebook page of  Andrew Hughes Photography on Tuesday. Show More Summary

NASA releases time-lapse footage of Mercury’s rare transit of the sun

The smallest planet in the solar system appeared as a small black dot with Earth's nearest star as its backdrop.

A Time-lapse Tour Around The Balkans, India, Tunisia, And Istanbul

The technology I travel with has changed quite a bit since I first started out on an endless journey with an iPod, random point-and-shoot camera, and little else. You can learn to take better travel photos with any camera, but certain...Show More Summary

Man Shoots Time-Lapse Video Of Bird's Nest, Gets Surprise Ending

A time-lapse video of a bird's nest in a tree has a surprise ending that demonstrates what could happen when you leave your progeny unguarded. "Was hoping to see the eggs hatch but instead this happened..." wrote the person who posted...Show More Summary

Breathtaking Time-Lapse Video Shows How Sunrise Looks From Space

Watching the sunrise from the International Space Station is truly spectacular. Just ask American astronaut Jeff Williams. After all, he gets to enjoy 16 of them every single day. Williams tweeted out this breathtaking time-lapse video of day breaking on Friday. Good Morning! Sunrise bursting on the scene followed by beautiful ocean sun glint. Show More Summary

This time-lapse photo of planes taking off at LAX is mind-blowing

More than 66 million travelers flew in and out of Los Angeles International Airport every year, making it the third-busiest airport in America. In 2013, there were an average of 1,685 takeoffs and landings a day at LAX: That's one takeoff or landing every minute. Show More Summary

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