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Good Morning, Here Are The Terrible Raps From Trials Evolution

Yesterday I gave you the terrible yet awesome Mickey Rourke raps from Rogue Warrior to lull you through your Saturday. Sunday is a much worse deal. Read more...

Trials Fusion Is Finally Getting A Multiplayer Mode

Trials Fusion featured local multiplayer at launch, but online multiplayer? That was absent. RedLynx seemed a little disappointed with how online multiplayer worked in Trials Evolution, so they wanted to take their time and create something a little more alluring. Show More Summary

Trials Fusion's First DLC Pack Seems To Under Deliver. Dramatically.

When the ‘Origin of Pain’ DLC pack for Trials Evolution launched in October 2012 it came packaged with 36 all-new tracks, new skills games and 100 new objects for player made levels. All for 400 Microsoft points (just over $5). Ubisoft just announced Riders of the Rustlands, the first DLC pack for Trials Fusion. Show More Summary

Trials Fusion Review And Let’s Play: Flipping, Tricking, and Raging

Trials Fusion, the sequel to Trials Evolution, is finally here. It’s available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and previous generation consoles, and we’ve sat down to play the game on PC. Games coverage on the Internet is constantly changing. Lots of gamers turn to YouTube to watch others play a game before deciding whether they want to buy it. Show More Summary

Trials Fusion review

How do you make a sequel to Trials Evolution? The most recent 2D trials biking game from RedLynx, Evolution had everything: spectacular level design, crowd-pleasing acrobatics, tight technical riding and endless user-generated content. Show More Summary

Trials Fusion Release Date Revealed

Ubisoft has revealed when the sequel to Trials Evolution will be available... and there's not long to wait.

Trials Fusion shoots for the sky

Redlynx attempts to supersize its download dirtbikes. If you're one of the many, many players who became slightly addicted to Trials: Evolution or Trials HD, you'll be familiar with the components that make these games so the compulsive. Click here to read the full article

Trials Fusion: possibly the last Trials game you'll ever need

For a few weeks in 2012, Trials Evolution was a record-holder. Launched in April that year to roaring success, the last entry in RedLynx's racing series sold quicker than any Xbox Live Arcade title in history. Until the following month, that is, when the console version of Minecraft arrived. Show More Summary

Steam sale: Skyrim, Payday 2, Trials Evolution Gold

It's Christmas day, so let's see what Steam has given us as discounted presents today. Daily deals: Endless Space: Emperor Edition ($7.49) Trials Evolution Gold Edition ($4.99) Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director's Cut ($4.99) Roller...Show More Summary

Graduate From The University Of Trials!

I am a huge fan of Trials HD and its sequel Trials Evolution. I love them more than practically any other game on the market, because I like games that force me to learn something, to get good at something. But sometimes it’s hard to get good on your own: everyone needs a little bit of help. That’s where the University of Trials comes in. More »      

The Incredible Mystery Of The Trials Evolution Riddle

Back in February we reported that there had been some progress in unravelling the ridiculous riddle hidden within Trials Evolution. The game has been out for 18 months but the riddle has not been solved. A recent set of clues released by the riddle creator may be finally leading us toward the ending… or knowing Antti Ilvessuo, more clues! More »      

Ubisoft Is Holding A Trials World Championship -- Australians Can Enter

Probably my favourite thing about Trials Evolution is this: it’s a skill that can be learned. It’s always possible to get better at Trials. The skill cap is astronomical and becoming really good at this game requires effort. So I’m glad...Show More Summary

Spot The Kotaku Regulars In This Pax Australia Trials Evolution Video

As some (possibly most) of you already know, Kotaku regular FatShady is a bit of a Trials Evolution expert, to the point where he’s now putting together some really well made Trials instructional videos at the behest of the game’s creators Red Lynx. It’s called the University of Trials. This is the sixth video and I reckon it’s the best one yet. More »      

Weekend PC deals: Sniper Elite, Dear Esther, Syberia

Whilst the Steam sale runs for a few more days, it's worth pointing out the great games on offer today: Awesomenauts, Bully, GRID 2, Monaco, Skyrim, Trials Evolution, Baldur's Gate, Metro: Last Light, and Civilization V. That's a hell...Show More Summary

Weekend PC download deals: $30 for Metro: Last Light

The summer sale train keeps on rolling, with bargains including Metro: Last Light for $30, The Walking Dead's 400 Days DLC for $2.50, Castle Crashers for $4, Monaco for $7, Trials Evolution for $10, XCOM for $10, and Skyrim's DLC-packing Legendary Edition for $36. Show More Summary

GameFly slashes FarCry 3, Trials Evolution PC prices in half

GameFly is conducting a sale on select Ubisoft PC game downloads, tied to coupon code GFDJUN20. Far Cry 3 is $20, Trials Evolution Gold Edition is $8 and Assassin's Creed 3 is under $11. GameFly slashes FarCry 3, Trials Evolution PC prices in half originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 28 Jun 2013 17:30:00 EST. Show More Summary

Trials Evolution Is Super Hard. These Videos Make It Slightly Easier!

Regardless of the fact it’s being put together by Kotaku Australia community stalwart FatShady, I’ve become a massive fan of the University of Trials. The University of Trials is a video series that helps players learn all the different techniques that will enable them to breeze through the brutally difficult Trials HD and Trials Evolution games. More »      

This User Created Trials Evolution Track Will Blow A Hole In Your Brain

User created content always tends to be a little hit and miss, but an undiscovered genius creates something with the propensity to blow a hold in your goddamn brain every once in a while. This insane track, made using the Trials Evolution track creator, is one of those things. Wow. Just wow. More »      

This custom Trials Evolution track boggles the mind

When Trials Evolution released last year, I played around with the level editor enough to see huge potential in it and also to understand that I could never personally tap into that potential. Thankfully, there are people like YouTube...Show More Summary

What Is This Trials Level I Don't Even...

I've watched this custom Trials Evolution stage twice now. The first time with white knuckles. The second time thinking I'd gone quite mad. Read more...

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