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Urgent: Would You Have Sex With Vince Vaughn

Hey, you guys! How is your week going? Would you have sex with Vince Vaughn, the proud owner of (1) delicate nose and one (1) closet full of semi-automatic weapons? Read more...

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Says Actor Vince Vaughn is Just Like Oklahoma City Bomber Tim McVeigh Over Pro-Gun Comments

As we reported on Monday, actor Vince Vaughn told GQ magazine that he was a firm believer in our Second Amendment rights and even said that there should be guns

Fox Brings On Gun Extremist Larry Pratt To Defend Vince Vaughn

Here's an example of how extremism gets wrapped in a package and put in the mainstream. First, Fox News packages Gun Owners of America's Larry Pratt as just the executive director of another non-profit organization representing people...Show More Summary

FNC's Geraldo Rivera Likens Vince Vaughn to Timothy McVeigh on Guns

The co-hosts of Fox News Channel’s The Five began Tuesday’s show with discussion of actor Vince Vaughn’s recent comments in support of gun rights and grew rather heated when first-time co-host Geraldo Rivera compared Vaughn to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Show More Summary

Fox's Bolling Botches Gun "Facts" By Erroneously Linking Mass Murders To Gun-Free Zones

From the June 2 edition of Fox News' The Five: Previously: UPDATED: 16 Media Myths About Proposals To Strengthen Gun Laws Conservative Media Applaud Vince Vaughn For Pushing Debunked Right-Wing Talking Point On Guns Fox & Friends Hosts Gun Extremist Who Thinks Politicians Should Fear Being Shot To Defend Vince Vaughn

Only NBC Notices Vince Vaughn Standing Up for Gun Rights

After actor Vince Vaughn declared himself to be an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment in a recent interview with British GQ, only Tuesday’s NBC Today took notice of the celebrity’s conservative stance – and only for a brief 30 seconds. ABC and CBS completely ignored the story. Even ABC’s Good Morning America, usually obsessed with pop culture, skipped the news.

Fox & Friends Hosts Gun Extremist Who Thinks Politicians Should Fear Being Shot To Defend Vince Vaughn

Fox News hosted Larry Pratt, the leader of far-right group Gun Owners of America, to defend actor Vince Vaughn's recent comments on the Second Amendment, even though Pratt has repeatedly said politicians who support gun safety laws should...Show More Summary

Vince Vaughn Supports Gun Rights, ‘True Detective’ Star Wants Guns In Schools

Vince Vaughn supports gun rights and guns in school. The45-year-old True Detective star also stated that banning guns from school campuses makes as much sense as “banishing forks” to stop making people fat.” Vaughn made comments about school safety as he defended his Second Amendment right to own a gun during a recent magazine interview. Show More Summary

Toddlers Are Shooting Each Other: We Don’t Need Guns in Schools

This week actor Vince Vaughn took a page out of NRA fearmonger-in-chief Wayne LaPierre's playbook, calling for more guns in U.S. schools to protect the nation's children from mass shootings. "Banning guns is like banning forks," Vaughn told British GQ. Vaughn's timing was unfortunate. Today, June 2nd, is National Gun Violence...

Vince Vaughn: Guns should be allowed in schools

Vince Vaughn shelled out some strong and surprising thoughts on gun ownership and advocacy, saying, "I support people having a gun in public full stop." In an interview published Monday in British GQ, the "True Detective" star spoke at length about gun control. Show More Summary

Fact-Checking Vince Vaughn on Mass Shootings: Shockingly, Guns Won’t Make Schools Safer

Is there no schlubby, dark-haired comedian known for playing man-children while plumbing the depths of box-office-friendly buffoonery left to whom we can look for moral leadership? First, Adam Sandler offends Native Americans on the set of The Ridiculous Six. And now, Vince Vaughn has made controversial comments about guns. … Read More

Vince Vaughn: Guns should be in schools

"I support people having a gun in public, not just in your home."        

Actor Vince Vaughn Bravely Takes A Stand For Gun Bullies Everywhere

I don't know why it is, but I always feel a little extra bummed when an actor in a show I like turns out to be a real-life jerk. Oh well, I'm over it, and also over True Detective star Vince Vaughn, who is auditioning to become the next...Show More Summary

Hollywood Actor Vince Vaughn: We Have The Right to Bear Arms to Resist Corrupt and Abusive Government

Actor Vince Vaughn is a libertarian and not shy about voicing his opinion, which is usually counter to the liberal mantra of Hollywood, on...

Vince Vaughn: Banning guns in schools is a bad idea

In a new interview, "True Detective" star Vince Vaughn asserts gun ownership rights, and says they should be OK to have in schools.

Vince Vaughn to British GQ : Allow Guns in Schools

Vince Vaughn chose an unusual place to air some forthright pro-gun and libertarian views: The British version of GQ. In a preview of an interview to be released in the magazine's next issue, the True Detective star strongly defends Second Amendment rights and says guns should definitely be allowed in...

IT’S ALWAYS NICE TO SEE AN ACTOR WHO ISN’T AN IDIOT: Vince Vaughn Thinks That Guns Should Be Allowe…

IT’S ALWAYS NICE TO SEE AN ACTOR WHO ISN’T AN IDIOT: Vince Vaughn Thinks That Guns Should Be Allowed In School.

Vince Vaughn Wants More Guns in Schools

The actor says banning guns doesn’t work—it’s like ‘banning forks in an attempt to stop making people fat.’ But anyone surprised at his comments hasn’t been paying attention.

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