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How Philanthropy and Innovation Can Mitigate Voter Suppression in Philadelphia

Philanthropy and innovation can assist in registering English non-proficient citizens to vote in Philadelphia. The post How Philanthropy and Innovation Can Mitigate Voter Suppression in Philadelphia appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Wall Street Journal Report Argues That The Increase In Voter Participation Between The 2010 And 2014 Off Year Elections Proves Fraudulent The "Black Voter Suppression Claims" In North Carolina Made In A Lawsuit By "A.G. Eric Holder" And The NAACP As It I

Source: Wall Street JournalJust To Remind You: The Right-Wing In America: Desires To Counter The Progressive-Democrats Use Of The US Legal System To Counter Election Law Changes That Republicans Have Made Constructive Feedback University:...Show More Summary

10 times President Obama Made us Cheer in 2014

We love hearing the President speak up for what’s right. From his support of immigration reform to fighting for equal pay, here are some of our favorite moments of 2014. President Obama will not stand for voter suppression. Period. Did...Show More Summary

The 10 Worst Civil Liberties Violations of 2014

The world may not actually be falling apart—but it feels like America is. From police brutality and botched executions to voter suppression and election corruption, 2014 was a terrible year for civil liberties in the United States. Protests...Show More Summary

Black Progressive Fundamentalism's Best And Brightest: The Al Sharpton Radio Show Compares "Cuban's Lack Of Voting Rights" To Republican "Black Voter Suppression Via Photo ID"

The greatest gift that the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" has to give to the larger "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" - is that they are able to take COMPLEX ISSUES - both foreign and...Show More Summary

Suppression Claim Takes Hit

John Locke Foundation head John Hood’s column this week looks at the Left’s claim that changes in voting procedures enacted by the Republican-controlled General Assembly amounted to voter suppression. The beginning of the article: Liberals are desperate to prove that North Carolina’s new election law constitutes the second coming of Jim Crow-era voter suppression. Their […]

Voter ID Not Working, So Republicans Looking To Rig Electoral College

Voter suppression via voter ID laws aren’t providing Republicans with enough votes, especially since many states have seen them overturned. So, the next line of attack appears to be the electoral college. Paul Rosenberg at Salon: Voter suppression seemed promising at first—and it’s helpful in many downticket races—but it’s not going to be enough to [...]

Louisiana On The Lookout For Voter Suppression In Today’s Runoff Election

Election Protection volunteers have concerns stemming from the state’s long history of voter suppression and problems that have surfaced in recent years. The post Louisiana On The Lookout For Voter Suppression In Today’s Runoff Election appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Assessing the Impact of Voter Suppression Laws in the 2014 Midterms

On November 4, 2014 in Eggleston, Virginia, a 93-year-old cancer patient named Virginia Whittaker arrived at her designated polling place after a doctor’s appointment. She produced her voter registration card, some form of which she had been using in elections for the past 72 years. Show More Summary

Putting Our Country Back Together

A largely quiet tactic to disenfranchise voters of all persuasions has become a target of reform-minded citizens in the wake of the 2014 midterm elections. While we have seen widespread pushback against voter suppression, unreliableShow More Summary

“Fox & Friends”: Bring back poll tests!

Co-hosts of the network's dopey morning program pine for old-fashioned method of voter suppression

The Election In Namibia: A Nation With Free Elections AND A 50% Quota For Female Legislators Did Not Hold A "Democratic Election"

Short of proving that there is (legitimate) voter suppression - how can one claim that a "democratic election" was held when the election administrators impose a 50% quota for female electorates in the name of "diversity"?IF "democratic...Show More Summary

Get Ready for More of This

Voter suppression kingpin and anti-immigrant hardliner Kris Kobach predicts "ethnic cleansing" in America because of Obama immigration executive order.

Republicans' New Plan To Rig 2016 Electoral College

As usual, if they can't win outright, they'll just cheat with tactics like voter suppression, outright disenfranchisement, and more. The "more" also means resurrecting the zombie electoral college apportionment that would randomly add...Show More Summary

Constructive Feedback University: C-SPAN "Brooklyn Book Fair - VOTING RIGHTS PANEL" Shows That If You Surround Yourself With Fellow Progressive Bigots - You Will Be Pleased To Affirm Your Beliefs About 'Black Voter Suppression" While The Question Of The


Fox News Viewers Aren't Getting The Full Story On Voter Suppression

A recent study indicated that viewers of Fox News are far more likely than viewers of other TV news to believe that voter fraud is a more significant problem than voter suppression, an unsurprising finding given the network's misleading...Show More Summary

If Democrats want to fight voter suppression, they should pay for people to get IDs

Here's an amazing fact: candidates and outside groups spent $117 million on the 2014 Senate race in North Carolina alone. Eight Senate races cleared the $50 million mark, a sum which would have about covered an entire presidential race in 1996. Show More Summary

Legends of the Fall

That’s the title of JLF head’s John Hood’s column today examining the varies reasons — low turnout, “voter suppression”, gerrymandering, candidates not tying themselves closely enough to President Obama — Democrats are giving for their stinging defeat in the midterm elections. John analysis? All those alleged causes don’t add up. A sample: Just as Republicans […]

When will the NAACP start helping black people?

By LLOYD MARCUS Upon reading a post election article in which the NAACP is all fired up about supposed black voter suppression, my response was when will these people ever seriously do something to help black people?Folks, I am sorry, but the NAACP and others in their civil rights syndicate are a despicable bunch. All […]

Voter Suppression in the 2014 Midterm

Political scientist Michael P. McDonald recently released  preliminary turnout rates at the state (and national) level. These data are preliminary and will be continuously updated, but still yield some insights. Firstly, we can lookShow More Summary

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