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Saturday News: GOP voter suppression brings national shame

20 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : BlueNC

KAFKA IN THE BULL CITY (The Atlantic) -- Democrats argued that the fact that Durham County calculated the votes late didn’t amount to an “irregularity” in any formal or legal sense, and that therefore there wasn’t any grounds for granting the recount. Show More Summary

Facebook, Voter Suppression, and AdTech

This piece over on Medium ties together several news stories that have been written about the Trump campaign's use of Dark Posts on Facebook to supress the vote among Clinton voters. There are some great details in the post, and you should read it in full. Show More Summary

Don Lemon Warns GOP Guest About Being ‘Confrontational’ in Testy Exchange Over Voter Suppression

3 days agoNews : Mediaite

During an interview on CNN tonight, host Don Lemon seemed to lose his patience with a guest over North Carolina Governor’s election and accusations of voter suppression in the state. Speaking to North Carolina GOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse, Lemon wanted to talk about Governor Pat McCrory, who lost the election but is pushing for […]

Trump Threatens to Make the GOP the Party of Permanent Voter Suppression

A model under which protecting constitutional government depends on disenfranchising young and minority voters.

Voter Suppression In a Post-Shelby World

by Hannah Walker In the first general election since Shelby County v. Holder (2013), restrictive voting rules in place in jurisdictions previously covered for preclearance by the Department of Justice might have played a role in the election results. Show More Summary

Stop Perpetuating Myth of Vote Fraud to Distract From Reality of Massive Voter Suppression

Stop Perpetuating Myth of Vote Fraud to Distract From Reality of Massive Voter Suppression Donald Trump's most recent claim purports that he won the popular vote if you "deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." This bombastic claim runs contrary to the evidence amassed this election cycle. Show More Summary

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Issues Response to Election Recounts Underway in Wisconsin and North Carolina

The Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law has issued a statement in response to election recounts underway in Wisconsin and North Carolina that stresses a larger ongoing issue: voter suppression. Here is the complete press release: Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Issues Response to Election Recounts Underway in Wisconsin and North Carolina [...]Show More Summary

Greg Palast: Not Russians Or Hackers Triggering Recount. It's GOP Suppression Efforts

In August of this year, Greg Palast wrote an article warning about voter suppression and the role it might play in the vote. Specifically, Palast warned about Crosscheck, the program which claims to match names and Social Security numbers...Show More Summary

It's The Voter Suppression, Stupid!

Voter suppression is the big, somewhat neglected, story of the 2016 election, insofar as that phenomenon is what caused Hillary Clinton to lose and Donald Trump to win. And it wasn't just the well-planned and rigorous voter suppression...Show More Summary

Election Results 2016: Voter Suppression Concerns Congressional Dems

With an electoral college map and a myriad of exit polls that heavily favored Hillary Clinton heading into Election Day, the 2016 election results of Donald Trump becoming President-elect have left many stunned and looking for concrete...Show More Summary

Yes, Voter Suppression Is a Real Thing—and it May Get Worse

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede "Freedmen at a voter registration office, Macon, Georgia in 1867. During Reconstruction (1866-1876)." Everett Historical/ Trump’s campaign team totally freaked out when it learned that early voting in...Show More Summary

Voter Suppression Steals Election?

The election of 2016 -- House, Senate and presidency -- was at least partially stolen. I am not talking about the Russian manipulation, hackers releasing negative information about the Democrats, although that was part of it. Nor am I referring to the FBI/Comey intrusion, though clearly wrong. Show More Summary

Investigative Reporter Greg Palast: GOP Stole 2016 Election Using Voter Suppression, Purging Ploys

2 weeks agoNews : Truthdig

“It was stolen in Florida, it was stolen in Arizona, it was stolen in North Carolina, Pennsylvania. Possibly Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan,” Palast told Truthdig.

Family Research Council's Starkly Anti-Gay Ken Blackwell Leading Trump's Domestic Transition Team

Click here for reuse options! He was also accused of voter suppression while Secretary of State of Ohio. Hillary Clinton may have made a huge rhetorical gaffe when during the campaign she labeled more than half of Donald Trump's supporters...Show More Summary

Sanders: 'Worst-case' scenario for Trump

The senator talks with Stephen Colbert about the potential for increased voter suppression and fewer campaign finance laws.

The triumph of ignorance

We lost. Because misogyny. (See image above) Because racism. Because xenophobia. Because of voter suppression. In North Carolina: Even after a federal appeals court struck down the state’s outrageous voter-suppression law in July, saying that it targeted black voters “with almost surgical precision,” officials were scheming to work around it. Show More Summary

Kris Kobach, Architect Of Draconian Anti-Immigrant Policies, Joining Trump’s Transition Team

Click here for reuse options! Kobach is the force behind anti-immigrant laws throughout the country. Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas and a leading architect of draconian anti-immigrant and voter suppression laws around the nation, will reportedly be serving on Donald Trump’s presidential transition team as an immigration adviser. Show More Summary

Long Lines as 'Voter Suppression'

On C-SPAN this morning I watched part of a re-run of a program from last Wednesday. A bunch of leftists were bemoaning Hillary's defeat. One Steve Cobble uncorked a real doozy to the effect that long lines at polling places...

Let's Figure Out What Happened Before We Start the Purges

Shorter Kelly Kleiman: Before Democrats devolve into internecine warfare, let's actually figure out what happened on Tuesday. Was it a whitelash? Sulky Bernie supporters? Lack of enthusiasm from blacks and Latinos? Voter suppression?...Show More Summary

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