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Deep Throat Parking Garage in Arlington, Virginia

This quotidian underground parking garage bore no special significance until 2005, when Bob Woodward revealed that it was the location of secret meetings he had with Watergate source “Deep Throat.” Six late-night covert meetings took...Show More Summary

Former U.S. Attorney: FBI Will ‘Revolt Of Watergate Proportions’ If Hillary Clinton Not Indicted

A former U.S. attorney declared in a recent interview that there is “no doubt” the Department of Justice will indict Hillary Clinton no later than the November election or risk provoking a “Watergate proportions” revolt from the FBI and other intelligence officials. Show More Summary

After Outcry, Nintendo Says Paper Mario: Color Splash Doesn't Reference 'Hate Campaign'

Nintendo has publicly denied that joke from an E3 demo for the upcoming Wii U game Paper Mario: Color Splash is a reference to a harassment campaign that targeted game designer Zoe Quinn. The company says it’s a nod to the Watergate scandal from the 1970s. Read more...

The legendary Watergate Hotel just reopened after a $125 million renovation — take a look inside

The iconic Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. hosts a legendary past, becoming famous for its location within the complex that sparked the political scandal ending Richard Nixon's presidency. Closed since 2007, the hotel officially re...Show More Summary

Another One Bites The Dust: West Virginia Mayor Leaves GOP

The Mayor of Charleston, West Virginia, Danny Jones, has been a registered Republican since 1971. He stayed a Republican through Watergate. He stayed a Republican after George W. Bush lied us into war. But now, after 45 years, DannyShow More Summary

The Legendary Watergate Hotel Reopens in Washington, D.C.

The famous (and sometimes infamous) District hotel has a splashy new whisky bar and a saltwater pool.

Legendary journalist Bob Woodward warns Trump: Banning reporters makes you an even bigger target

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Donald Trump’s vindictive ban on Washington Post reporters at his campaign events will likely backfire, according to the newspaper’s most famous employee. Bob Woodward, who helped uncover the Watergate scandal that eventually brought down President Richard Nixon, appeared Wednesday on...

The Watergate hotel’s reopening party has a scandalous theme, but an upstanding crowd

The newly reopened Watergate Hotel might have mined the scandalous legacy of the complex where it’s located for its theme, but the black-tie crowd gathered there on Tuesday night for its inaugural party looked unimpeachably upstanding. Former senator Bob Dole (R-Kan.), who lives in one of the complex’s condos, was wheeled around the ballroom, where he […]

Russian Hackers Hit DNC, Take Key Opposition Files On Trump

So is this a version of 21st century Watergate? It seems Russian hackers wormed their way into DNC servers -- on TWO levels -- and stole emails along with opposition files on Donald Trump. Which is interesting, given that they had access...Show More Summary

A Watergate Break-In For the 21st Century

Russian hackers have infiltrated the DNC’s computer systems, accessing staff emails, chat logs, and volumes of opposition research on Donald Trump.

The Watergate Hotel Cracks Itself Up

The Watergate Hotel, part of the complex that was the site of the break-in that brought down Richard Nixon and put a permanent dent in America’s trust in its government, is being reopened after a thorough revamp. Apparently the key cards will boast, “No Need to Break In.” Read more...

Citing Nixon tapes, Bridgegate lawyers press demand for Christie’s cell phone

last weekNews : The Raw Story

NEWARK — Citing the specter of President Nixon and the infamous Watergate tapes, a Bridgegate defense brief filed late Monday argues that lawyers representing Gov. Chris Christie’s office must turn over electronic communications demanded in a subpoena, just as was required of the...

Trump Bans 'Dishonest' Washington Post

Donald Trump has decided that the Washington Post —winner of 47 Pulitzer prizes, including one for its role in exposing the Watergate scandal—isn't the kind of newspaper he wants covering his campaign. He announced on Facebook Monday that he's revoking the "phony and dishonest" paper's press credentials based on...

The Watergate Hotel Reopening in DC After Being Shuttered for 9 Years

The Watergate has an interesting place in my memory.  I’m too young to know it for its scandalous history, but it WAS where I bought all my groceries when I first lived in DC. There was a market in its basement and I lived a few blocks away. Show More Summary

Stupid Old Whore Katie Couric Regrets Conveying the Misimpression That She Is Stupid and an Old Whore

In what was called a modified limited hang-out during Watergate days -- a partial admission combined with a continuing denial about the deadliest of the charges arrayed against you -- Katie Couric admits when she first saw the "stump the...

"Crooked" Hillary & The Coming Convention Coups

Submitted by Howard Kunstler via, That was the week Hillary began to look like the candidate who fell off a truck wearing a Nixon mask. Email-gate is taking on the odor of Watergate — the main ingredient of which was not the dopey crime itself but the stonewalling around it. Show More Summary

The ’80s Were Wonderful And The ’90s Ruined Everything, Says Dale Peck

“If the angst reached its zenith in the 1970s (Watergate, the fall of Saigon, gas lines, the hostage crisis), its nadir came in the 80s. Enervated by the tremors of punk and disillusioned by the failures of the Congressional class of ’74 and the impotence of the Carter presidency, America sighed a collective ‘What the […]

Julian Morris Investigates ‘Felt’; Sam Hazeldine Joins ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’

Julian Morris (Hand of God) has landed a role in Felt, the political thriller from writer-director Peter Landesman. He will play Bob Woodward, the Washington Post reporter who teamed with Carl Bernstein to expose the Watergate dealings. Show More Summary

How corporate America bought Hillary Clinton for $21M

“Follow the money.” That telling phrase, which has come to summarize the Watergate scandal, has been a part of the lexicon since 1976. It’s shorthand for political corruption: At what point do “contributions” become bribes, “constituent services” turn into quid … Continued

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