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'Game of Molds' intro replaces Westeros with fungi growth - CNET

15 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

The "Game of Thrones" title sequence goes to the science side when King's Landing, Winterfell and Mereen get replaced with beautiful time-lapse footage of mold growing.

For Our Consideration: Margaery Tyrell is Westeros’ biggest badass—and the show can’t handle her

Being a feminist and a fan of Game Of Thrones has often been an exercise in the mutually exclusive: For every scene of a dragon queen emerging from the flames, there has been a close-up of yet another dead prostitute, her body trussed-up and pierced with arrows. Show More Summary

'Game of Thrones': What That Hodor Twist Means For the Show's Future

Bran Stark's time-traveling abilities have deadly consequences for the past and future of Westeros. read more

This Week’s Worst Person in Westeros: Bran Stark

After each episode in Game of Thrones Season 6, we’ll be answering a crucial question: Who is currently the worst person in Westeros? This week, technology and culture writer Jacob Brogan is joined by Slate nights and weekends homepage editor Seth Maxon. Brogan: Hi, Seth. Show More Summary

What Is Up With Cicadas?

Why are we here? Because cicadas are coming. Cicadas? I’d say it’s a little bit better than winter in Westeros, but not much. Alien-looking and demon-eyed, these inch-and-a-half-long insects spend the majority of their lives underground and out of sight, feasting on the juices of tree roots. Show More Summary

How Can You Kill a White Walker on Game of Thrones?

Arguably the most important weapon on Game of Thrones right now is dragonglass, the common name for an obsidian-like mineral in Westeros. Along with Valyrian steel and fire, it makes up the holy trinity of White Walker-exterminating weapons. Show More Summary

There’s a way to watch ‘Game of Thrones’ 3 minutes sooner than everyone else

"Game of Thrones" is now like a live sporting event — people sit down with their friends and family and watch the game unfold in Westeros. The next day, it’s hard not to be spoiled and see the score. But as we move away from cable and...Show More Summary

Game of Thrones Clue

It’s time to journey to Westeros with Game of Thrones Clue, so you should expect to be busy for a while because there’s always plenty of murder going on when one covets the Iron Throne. It’s Clue, with a GoT twist. Forget about Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, and the rest of the gang because this […]

Game Of Thrones Scene Is Vastly Improved With The Music Of Ennio Morricone

Video: For those of us who don’t read the books, Game of Thrones has finally shown us one of the most important places in Westeros. Some significant events went down there. But for one YouTuber, the scene was missing a bit of gravitas. More »      

From The Toy Vault: M.U.S.C.L.E. Meets He-Man, TMNT Get Cute, Solve a Westeros Murder With Game of Thrones Clue, And MORE!!!

3 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Toys, toys, toys! You want em’, we got em’! Well… we don’t actually have them but we know some folks that do. For your inner collector, for your affinity for plastic play things, and for your love pop culture treasures, Nerd is here with your weekly dose of brand spankin’ new toys/collectibles rounded up […]

The Crazy 'Game of Thrones' Theory That Could Resurrect a Fan Favorite

By: Matt Patches Credit: HBO The results of our Game of Thrones "dead character" bracket were clear: the world craves the return of Ned Stark, father of Westeros' most noble denizens, taken too soon in Season 1. Hell, even actor Sean Bean is down for a comeback. "It would be bizarre, but it would be great!" Bean told Vulture in 2014. Show More Summary

Heirbnb is your new go-to site for affordable vacations in Westeros

In the market for a weekend rental in the heart of Westeros? Skip the Inn at the Crossroads and lease a place straight from the friendly murderers who inhabit the world. Through Heirbnb, you can stay in the authentic Westeros, and experience the land as it was meant to be experienced. Show More Summary

Watch Emilia Clarke from 'Game of Thrones' pull a classic sleepover prank on a castmate.

4 days agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

Trying to become the reigning queen of Westeros is serious business, so it is doubtful that Daenerys Targaryen has any time to prank those who stand in the way of the Iron Throne (and why would you need to resort to pranks when you have dragons?). Show More Summary

Game of Thrones: Who Will Defeat the White Walkers?

While all the noble houses are busy fighting each other, Game of Thrones fans know the real villain is still north of the Wall. And with the White Walker army fast-approaching Westeros, humanity needs to find its savior STAT. But who...Show More Summary

Game of Thrones' Tower of Joy Scene Is Vastly Improved With the Music of Ennio Morricone

4 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

For those of us who don’t read the books, Bran’s visions have finally shown us one of the most important places in Westeros: the Tower of Joy. A whole lot of guys died there, including dual-wielding badass Sir Arthur Dayne—the best and most knightiest knight o ever meet an untimely death. But for one YouTuber, the scene was missing a bit of gravitas. Read more...

If Arya Stark walked into a Starbucks ...

If a girl has no name, what is a barista supposed to write on her Starbucks cup? Though the world of Westeros is dark and full of terrors, at least it doesn't have chain coffee shops. Otherwise, Arya Stark might run into a new kind of danger. Show More Summary

Game Of Thrones Clue: Westeros Whodunnit

Last year, Game of Thrones Clue was unveiled as a Thinkgeek April Fools joke and guess what? Now it is a real product. Daenerys did it. In Westeros. With a dragon. HBO is offering the official…

Great Job, Internet!: All men must die, so check out the numbers of Game Of Thrones’ potential armies

With the War Of The Five Kings long over, Westeros is an unstable period of peace as its various players gather force for their next assaults. Essos, meanwhile, is being slowly conquered by Daenerys Targaryen, whose army includes the entire Dothraki population as of this week. Show More Summary

White privilege of Westeros: “Game of Thrones” finally addresses its racial politics

While Dany conquers and Tyrion deals in pragmatic compromise, Missandei and Grey Worm hope to just survive

“Game of Thrones”: Backbones All Around

A couple of lamentable things happened on last night’s “Game of Thrones”—the neck-stabbing trend continued, for example, in one of the necks we liked—but it was otherwise an almost worryingly thrilling hour in Westeros. Nobody whacked Arya with a stick or trained her in any way; nobody got torn apart by dogs. Show More Summary

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