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WhatsApp for Windows Phone brings back text statuses with latest update

A fresh update is now available for WhatsApp for Windows Phone, heralding the return of text statuses that WhatsApp promised just last week....

Will you ever come back to Windows Mobile?

What, if anything, keeps bringing you back to Windows Mobile? There is currently a lively discussion going on in our forum, all started with a simple statement by member ak_r7: "I keep coming back to Windows Phone." ak_r7 brings up some...Show More Summary

VAIO's slick metal Windows Phone is resurrected for Android

VAIO, freed from the Sony yoke, made one ropey-looking Android phone all on its own. Then, learning several lessons, it made a gorgeous, machined slab of aluminum that, unfortunately, ran Windows Phone 10. Now, like practically all other phone makers, its changing tack, introducing the VAIO Phone A: an identical phone that's running Android 6.0. Source: Engadget Japanese

Foundbite for Windows phone and other platforms shutting down by the end of March

Foundbite made its debut as a Windows Phone specific social network a few years back, and now it is shutting down. In a message to users, the Foundbite’s James Mundy explains: We wanted to enable people to share the sounds of the world around them, by capturing memories and experiences in a way only sound can. […]

German police love Windows Phone as Hamburg purchase 900 Lumias

There appears to be a movement in Germany at the moment towards using Windows Phone in law enforcement as part of an effort to eradicate paperwork and increase police time on the beat. We have seen several police forces in Germany adopt Windows 10 Mobile and the UWP app platform, and the latest to join […]

Microsoft to deprecate Translator app on Windows 8, WP7.1 and WP8

Microsoft today announced that the Microsoft Translator app will be deprecated on older versions of Windows from March 20th. This change affects Windows 8, Windows Phone 7.1 and Windows Phone 8. Microsoft will remove the app from their respective stores and already installed versions will stop functioning on April 30, 2017. However, Microsoft Translator will […]

Surface Phone Release Date Delayed, Foldable Windows Phone To Launch In 2017?

Inquisitr previously reported that the Surface Phone’s release date has been delayed, and a different Windows Phone by Microsoft will take its place this year. The revelation is a surprise to mobile enthusiasts, as this is the first time that such a plan was heard. Show More Summary

Should the Surface Phone really run full Windows 10?

Should the Surface Phone run full Windows 10, or Windows 10 Mobile? We say Mobile, and this is why. The Surface Phone, however mythical it may be, is a popular topic among Microsoft, Surface and Windows Phone fans. To many, it's Microsoft's...Show More Summary

Fitbit now rolling out Windows Phone app to beta testers with Call & SMS Notifications support

We reported a few weeks ago that Fitbit was collecting users for a closed beta to test the Call and SMS notification feature in Windows 10 Mobile after recent Creators Update improvements added support for the Bluetooth GATT server profile. Now on their support forums Fitbit has announced that the beta is now live. Those […]

Slack Beta for Windows Phone updated with bug fixes related to push notifications and more

Slack beta app for Windows Phone devices was updated yesterday in Windows Store to version 2017.314.0.0 with bug fixes. This update fixes the live tile bug which used to keep your most recent mention on display. Also, opening push notifications from thread replies no longer throws an error message. Find the full change log below. […]

Slack beta for Windows Phone nabs a bug-fixing update

A fresh update is available for the Slack beta app on Windows Phone....

Kantar discounts Windows Phone as its latest report highlights push towards 'two-OS world'

Kantar has released its latest monthly report on the state of the smartphone market, covering the 3-month period ending in January....

Glimmers of Messenger Day shows up in Facebook Messenger UWP app for Windows

Many are  eagerly awaiting Facebook’s new Messenger Day feature’s arrival on Windows Phone, as it would provide a widely used Snapchat-like alternative on Windows Phone. Messenger Day works exactly like how Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp Status work: you can posts pictures and videos from your day on Messenger with emojis, text, drawing and more. […]

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone now supports…. Polls

While we are all eagerly awaiting Facebook’s new Messenger Day feature, which would give Windows users a Snapchat alternative on an actually widely used platform, Facebook had another treat in store for us. The company has just activated Polls for some Facebook Messenger users, meaning users are now able to create and post polls, and […]

Game Trooper’s latest Windows Store game is The Great Wobo Escape

Steadfast Windows Store supporter Game Troopers has brought a new game to Windows and Windows Phone users. The Great Wobo Escape is a fast-paced stealth and action game full of puzzles, deadly enemies, hidden passages, dangerous traps and tricky hazards. Alone and unarmed, your only chance is to hide in shadows, use the environment to your favor […]

What does the perfect Windows phone look like?

Despite the struggles that Windows phones have endured, there are millions of consumers who are still using, loving and hanging onto the platform. Unfortunately, there are precious few Windows phones on the market for fans with aging devices to move on to when these devices inevitably need to be replaced. Show More Summary

Surface Phone Release Date Pushed To 2019, New Windows Phone Coming This Year

The Surface Phone’s release date is taking a backseat, according to reports, in order to make way for a different Windows 10 Phone this year. The rumor comes from a self-claimed former employee of a Microsoft contractor, who says that...Show More Summary

Around 3 million Americans still hanging on to their Windows Phones

There was a time when Windows Phones held around 45% market share in USA. That was obviously a long time ago, and since Comscore stopped publishing their numbers in April last year it has been difficult to know just how many Windows Phones were still in use in the USA. Now in a surprise data […]

Why do you still use your Windows phone?

There's 0.1 percent of us left, but that 0.1 is still a decent number of people. Why are you still using your Windows phone? It's clear that at this point: the only people left using Windows phones are crazy people. I'm a crazy person, and I'm happy to admit that. Show More Summary

Birthday Hub goes free on Windows 10, Windows Phone 8.1

Birthday Hub, a nifty little Windows 10 universal app (also on Windows Phone 8.1) for keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries, is now completely free....

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