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The Liberals Are Revolting

(John Hinderaker) A running joke in the Wizard of Id comic strip was that the peasants were revolting: Here in Minnesota, the liberals are revolting, as the nationwide rash of anti-police demonstrations came to Minneapolis today. Actually,...Show More Summary

Go, Read: Round-Up Of Cartoonists Wishing Happy 50th To Wizard Of Id Newspaper Strip

Good week for Michael Cavna, who remembered (or was reminded about) the 50th anniversary of the Wizard Of Id feature and did a round-up of reactions here. I'm generally curious about the role that the 1960s hardcore gag-type strips had on the development of features on the newspaper page. Show More Summary

‘THE WIZARD OF ID’ TURNS 50: Here and on the comics page, cartoonists celebrate the Hart/Parker strip’s golden anniversary

FOR A HALF-CENTURY, it’s been good to be the King. The titular magician and the chicken-hearted chief knight and even the pickled jester haven’t had it so bad, either, freshly supplied as they are with pithy punch lines that can be served up as dark as mead. Read full article >>

Metapost: This week’s top comments

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now. Your comment of the week: behold it, in all its glory! “Like Jerry Seinfeld once said, ‘What’s the difference between a dentist and a sadist? Newer magazines.’ Wizard of IdShow More Summary

Haha, the little boy is saying what we’re all thinking!

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now. Wizard of Id, 8/23/13 Wizard of Id doesn’t go in for meticulously researched historical detail like Prince Valiant or whatever, but usually its strips include its pseudo-historical...Show More Summary

I’m hungry! … FOR HUMAN FLESH

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now. Wizard of Id, 7/21/13 I don’t know if whoever’s currently writing Wizard of Id just got a big dog or just got bored with writing jokes about the same ten-ish characters who have been in the strip since the ’70s or what, but for the past year or so there have been a lot of [...]Show More Summary

Haha, everyone over at WoI HQ knows they are unloved

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now. Wizard of Id, 4/20/13 Apologies to any all Garys who currently live in Utah and are I’m sure perfectly nice people, but isn’t it likely that a reference to “Gary in Utah” by the people of a certain age who run the longstanding Wizard of Id comic strip is in fact a reference to the [...]Show More Summary

Word game fun Friday!

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: $0 Wizard of Id, 2/15/13 I think when you’re correcting the depiction of a Scrabble game played in a faux-medieval magic world in a daily newspaper comic, you’re officially that guy, and lord knows I don’t want to be that guy, so let me just very briefly point out that if you’re going to say the [...]Show More Summary

Cool comics teens like provide helpful PSAs!

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: $0 Wizard of Id, 12/20/12 Hey, teens, I bet you think that it’s “cool” to drink alcohol! Well, your pal Frosty is pretty hip and extreme with his backwards baseball cap and such, and he thought it would be OK to get drunk like a grown-up, and look what happened: he tore his own body apart [...]Show More Summary

Theological Thursday

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: $0 Wizard of Id, 12/13/12 If there’s one thing I took away from my failed attempt at becoming a historian (other than a failed attempt to become a historical romance novelist), it was a tendency to overthink comics set in the past. I’ve mused at great length about the historical setting for Hagar the Horrible, but [...]Show More Summary

Thursday one-liners

Momma, 7/5/12 Momma owns a bottle of some kind of incredibly fast-acting and powerful pesticide, which is no doubt highly toxic to all living things that come in contact with it (e.g., Francis, Momma). Wizard of Id, 7/5/12 This lady is “keeping her husband on his toes” by threatening to have immolated alive. Hi and [...]

I tried keeping the phrases “Wizard of Id” and “maintain dignity” in my head at the same time, it didn’t work

Wizard of Id, 5/8/12 It’s really kind of sad that this fearsome, powerful wizard, heir to a long tradition of human beings who have managed to piece through the barrier separating our mundane world from the realm of magic, having just used his unspeakable powers to bring a poor mortal back from the brink of [...]

Corrections: The Wizard Of Id

3 years agoHumor : The Onion

Due to a printing error, last week's comics page did not include the final panel of The Wizard Of Id.

Wizard of Id: Muppet Style

Long before Jim Henson unleashed his snarky Muppet Show, he worked with B.C. creator Johhny Hart on a pilot for The Wizard of Id. See the shape of things to come in this rare test footage. Hat Tip Link Related posts:The Muppets in 1080p The Swedish Chef: Pöpcørn Arrested Development Action

Watch the Lost Pilot for Jim Henson’s Wizard of Id

Before The Muppets and Sesame Street, Henson joined forces with cartoonist Johnny Hart to make a puppet adaptation of Hart's comic strip. The pilot wasn't picked up, but now you can watch part of it below. Fun fact: Kermit had magical powers in his former life. [Daily What] Read more posts by Amanda Dobbins

Jim Henson's 1969 Pilot for The Wizard of Id

4 years agoHumor : Neatorama

(Video Link) In 1969, Jim Henson of later Muppet fame shot a short pilot film for Johnny Hart’s comic strip The Wizard of Id. By the time that Publishers-Hall Syndicate expressed an interest in such a show, Henson was already busy with Sesame Street and other projects, so it never went forward. Do you [...]

Jim Henson Made The Wizard of Id Funny

4 years agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

io9 posted a bit from a scrapped Wizard of Id TV pilot created by Jim Henson in 1969. Here it is: I'm glad Henson went his own way; The Muppet Show's show-within-a-show format really broadened the possibilities of the sketches in a way that Id simply couldn't. Show More Summary

Monday Mix-Up: ‘The Wizard of Id’ meets The Muppets!

In the late 1960s, Jim Henson and cartoonist Johnny Hart teamed up to produce a pilot for a TV series based on Hart’s and Brant Parker comic strip The Wizard of Id. According to the Henson Company blog, the response was pretty positive, but by the time ABC made the decision to move on it […] ? Read the rest of this entry...

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