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Conversation as a Contemplative Path

29 minutes agoReligion / Buddhism : Buddhist Geeks

Thanks to all who helped us reach our initial crowd funding goal of $10,000. That money will help protect Buddhist Geeks over the next year as our organization shifts, adapts, and (hopefully) grows. I am filled with gratitude at the thought of all this support. Show More Summary

Clinton's E-mail System Was 'Bewilderingly' Vulnerable

This headline, from Bloomberg, says it all: “Clinton’s E-Mail System Built for Privacy Though Not Security.” Of course it was. You don’t do what Clinton did unless you want to keep full control of your conversations: “What we know is...Show More Summary

How grievance culture undercuts the fight against rape culture

If you've been following the national conversation about campus sexual assault, you need to see the new documentary "The Hunting Ground." You need to see it not because the prognoscenti — my portmanteau word for left-leaning members of the chattering classes — haven't been this...

LG’s G4 will reportedly be ‘radically’ different from the G3

Three phones have dominated the conversation at MWC 2015 this week: the HTC One M9, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. Samsung and HTC both made waves in Barcelona, but LG has been uncharacteristically quiet. LG’s appearance at the show was limited to wearable devices, but it sounds like it won’t be long until the G4 makes its debut. Show More Summary

Northwestern Professor Writes Disturbing Article in Support of Teacher-Student Relationships

Photo via Wikimedia Commons Sexual assault on college campuses is a systematic problem that many, from small student organizations to the White House, are trying to address and solve. The conversation has focused primarily on the issue...Show More Summary

Sued by a Tenant? Here’s How to Resolve It in a Single Conversation

In the real estate business, sometimes you get sued. Perhaps you screwed up, or perhaps it’s bogus, or perhaps it’s a bit of both. “A bit of both” is what faced us a few months back, and my brother Phillip, who is our property manager, handled it in his all-but-patented way that turned what could have [...]Show More Summary

Sushi iPhone cases for people who like fake fish on their face

The dream of walking around looking like you're having an intimate conversation with a plate of sushi is alive and well Japanese designer Masatatsu Kajikawa loves sushi so much that he decided to create handmade 3D iPhone cases thatShow More Summary

Koichi Uchimura Invents Creepy Talking Girlfriend Pillow

Pillows are great if you're sleeping, but, frankly, their conversational skills are lacking. Japanese inventor Koichi Uchimura has attempted to solve that problem by developing the "Ita-Supo," a talking pillow that verbally respondsShow More Summary

A Woman Who Spent 16 Months As A Full-Time BDSM Slave Reveals How It All Happened

3 hours agoHumor : Thought Catalog

At first, our relationship was like most other couples in that we engaged in conversation, had lots of sex with the added kinkiness of me being suspended or tied or even whipped from time to time.

Great Job, Internet!: New Tumblr highlights the invisible conversation between hip-hop and Medieval art

While most people assume hip-hop is a contemporary art form with Caribbean roots, it could have links to pre-16th century European art as well. Or at least that’s the theory of Cecilia Azcarate, who uses her Tumblr B4-XVI to seek out the unexpected connections between Medieval and Renaissance art and hip-hop iconography. Show More Summary

Uneasy coupling in 'Four' by Jackalope Theatre Co.

Christopher Shinn's drama isn't a cohesive story so much as a series of conversations and negotiations. Sex is on the table for two different couples, but no one in either scenario walks away fully satisfied.

Stop And Enjoy The Sounds Of These 4.1 Liter Porsche 911 GT3 RS Drifts

4 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

The 997-generation Porsche 911 GT3 RS is one of the cars that makes us drool on our pillows at night. Sharkwerks does a conversion that gives it a 4.1 liter engine and a ton more power. Here's what that looks like when drifting. Read more...

Does Social Media Really Influence Consumer Behavior? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does Social Media Really Influence Consumer Behavior? [INFOGRAPHIC] March 04, 2015 Social can grab your customer’s attention, convince them of a “need," but not so great at delivering the conversion. The utility of social media is at it’s greatest during the pre-sales and initial-sales phase. Show More Summary

Real Life Tinder Conversations Are The Best Evidence That Dating Isn't Worth It

People on Tinder are the worst. Or maybe it's just the guys. It's no secret that Tinder can often be a socializing wasteland. As far as social media apps go, it's a no holds barred sort of messaging environment. The good people at Good People Media have once again set their sketch comedy sights on the world of real life Tinder conversations. Show More Summary

Psychic Soviets

 Ninety percent of the bands I’ve been writing about on Song, by Toad recently have been introduced to me in conversation with James from Passion Pusher, and this is another one. So you can add ‘unoriginal’ to ‘tedious, pompous and alcoholic’ when you tell people about Song, by Toad from now on. Psychic Soviets is guitar […]

Controversy Over Twerking Exposes Dance Hierarchy

6 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

The whole conversation around twerking unwittingly exposed a dance-world hierarchy, whereby some styles are ignored while others are bestowed with the status of art. “[That debate] raised a question about why some dances become very well-funded, and other dances just remain in the dark.”

Good Doctoring Requires Good Conversations

Summary: Good, convincing medical care requires good doctor-patient conversations. This is a relational precept that our pressurized, high-cost medical system tends to overlook. In the context of the current U.S. vaccination crisis, Dr. Show More Summary

Like Iggy Pop? Thank your grandparents

7 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

From The Birth of Rock and Roll, by Jim Linderman Ben Marks says: "Jim Linderman's new book, The Birth of Rock and Roll, drops on March 24, but Lisa Hix has just published a preview and conversation with the author today. Read the r...

Seattle Believes in Spirituality

7 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Architecturally speaking, Seattle University's Chapel of St. Ignatius is, like Seattle, more spiritual than Christian. Charles Mudede Recently, while writing in a Beacon Hill cafe, I overheard a conversation between two women sitting at a table next to mine. Show More Summary

5 Simple Ways to Increase LTV for an Ecommerce Business

In the ecommerce business, you can pick all kinds of numbers by which to judge and analyze your business. You can calculate visitors, bounce rates, CTRs, conversion rates, and micro-conversion rates — all of which are important. But there’s another metric, the importance of which far outweighs all the others. It’s called LTV — the […]

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