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About Hindu God Pretraj Sarkar – Story of Pretraj Sarkar - King of Ghosts

Pretraj Sarkar is a Hindu God closely associated with Lord Hanuman. He is the King of... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Daily 2 Cents: Phone Call From Hell -- D.B. Cooper Letter Confirms FBI Cover-Up -- Revelations From a Time Traveler?

Phone Call From Hell“I have an odd ghost story that plagued me for a little while. I had this friend. I knew him since we were little children but as we got older we grew apart. I got a job, but he became a drug dealer / gang banger who, as the stories go, left many dead bodies in his wake. Show More Summary

The Ghosts of Internet Past

When I set up my first Xbox Live account years ago, I made the questionable decision to do so under my own name. Having heard stories of virtual abuse in online games, I naïvely imagined that the choice would keep me—and maybe those I planned to interact with—honest. Show More Summary

Skyrim story time: how a dead body and an angry ghost turned my wedding into a shambles

Skyrim hits Switch and VR this week. Let’s reminisce with the sad, strange tale of a romantic mistake that came back to haunt me. You cats remember Lydia, right? Housecarl to the Thane of Whiterun, the first companion you meet if you’re just following the main quest doggedly? Gets a bit of flack from punters […]

Jenny Finn #1 Review

If you are looking for a Victorian ghost story with literal monsters in it--ghosts, serial killers, and the like--Jenny Finn #1 is for you. The post Jenny Finn #1 Review appeared first on Rogues Portal.

Spirit messages & madness: Jessica Duchen on the true story behind her Ghost Variations

A troubled violin virtuoso, a lost concerto, a composer on the edge of madness and a world on the brink of war; these are the fascinating elements which writer Jessica Duchen has brought together in her novel Ghost Variations. BasedShow More Summary

The Prince of Horror

“Hill had maintained a daily writing routine since age 13, completing four or five books as a teen and four more as an adult, and was now, at the cusp of 35, finally putting out a novel—a ghost story.” GQ profiles Joe Hill about his writing, being the son of Stephen King, and finding success in […] The post The Prince of Horror appeared first on The Millions.

Afterlife: A Ghost Story review

Afterlife: A Ghost Story certainly lives up to its title, but it is not interested in fulfilling genre expectations. Rather, Steve The post Afterlife: A Ghost Story review appeared first on Hollywood Gothique.

Grey's Anatomy Boss Krista Vernoff Breaks Down That Emotional Cameo

Ghosts from the past came back to haunt the doctors at Grey Sloan during this week's Grey's Anatomy. "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story," which was written by co-showrunner Krista Vernoff and directed by Debbie Allen (who also...Show More Summary

Eerie photos surface online of Dear David, the dead child allegedly haunting this man's apartment

The viral story about the ghost of a dead little boy named Dear David haunting a man's apartment has just gotten more terrifying. Read more...

The Ghost Story Behind a Bucolic Catholic Retreat Center

While mysticism and Christianity often mingle, it’s decidedly not often that religious sites are founded on straight-up ghost stories. That's what makes the pastoral center near Middleway, West Virginia, known as Priest Field, so fascinating. Show More Summary

Hahahahaha: Journalists Retell Their Horror Stories from Election Night

While most of us gather ’round campfires to tell spooky stories about dead people coming back to life, or ghosts that haunt you from the afterlife, journalists have a rather

Former Irrational Games developers are making an immersive sim, again

Irrational Games is dead. Well, not really. Earlier this year, the studio known for titles like BioShock and System Shock 2 rebranded itself as Ghost Story Games, the final step in a shift away from its triple-A pedigree towards a tight-knit indie studio. Show More Summary

Nevadaville Ghost Town in Idaho Springs, Colorado

How did the population of a 19th century town in the American West go from 1,000 to 2? The usual story: The gold dried up. Nevadaville was established in 1859 as a primarily Irish-American gold mining town in what would eventually become the state of Colorado. Show More Summary

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

not comics: Tim Hanley on Professor Marston And The Wonder Women. Comics: Philippe Leblanc on Ghosts, Etc.. About comics: Britt Mann on Drawn Out. About comics: Carol Wright on Superwomen. Steve Jordon digs into a specific choice made by Wiley Miller in a recent comic. Andrew Ayres profiles Roye Okupe. Show More Summary

The Saga of Ireland’s Ghostly Animal-Man

Back in the 1930s, a strange and sinister story surfaced of a diabolical beast rumored to haunt an old Irish castle. According to two ghost authorities of that long gone era, Marchioness Townshend of Raynham and Maude Ffoulkes (in their book True Ghost Stories), “…the truth of this story was vouched for to Mr. Reginald... Read more »

The Long Travels of La Corriveau's Cage

For centuries, the ghost of Marie-Josephte Corriveau has been haunting the cultural consciousness of Quebec, Canada. To many, the legend of “La Corriveau” is a ghost story, of a woman hanged for murder, her corpse put on display as a gruesome warning. Show More Summary

Ghost Stories Contains Three Terrifying Tales: Release Details

3 weeks agoGenres / Horror : 28DLA

Tagline: "The Brain Sees What it Wants to See." IFC Films will release Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman's Ghost Stories. The film will show, in the United States, in early 2018. The film is a horror anthology, consisting of three stories....Show More Summary

Halloween Revenants Open Thread: “Compromise” in Blood

Revenant, “a visible ghost or animated corpse that is believed to have revived from death to haunt the living”. Oval Office occupants embracing this undead lie is the scariest story I’ve seen all season… Chief of Staff John Kelly praises Robert E Lee as "honorable man," says "lack of an ability to compromise led to […]

The New Blu-ray Releases You Should Check Out This Week: Ghost Stories, Zombies, and David Lynch

(Welcome to Not Dead Yet, a feature dedicated to what’s new on Blu-ray and what special features you should be excited about. Because yes, some of us still like to own physical copies of our movies.) Happy Halloween! Open your goodie bags and/or plastic pumpkin buckets and I’ll drop some fine physical media in there. Show More Summary

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