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Was it stage fright or sedation? Body language expert analyzes Ben Carson’s strange debate entrance

2 minutes agoNews : The Raw Story

At the level of US presidential politics, a single gesture can be worth a thousand words. George HW Bush’s impatient downward glance at his wristwatch in the 1992 presidential debate, and Dan Quayle’s Adam’s apple jump in the 1988 vice-presidential debate – as Lloyd Bentsen said “You’re no Jack...

Fug Me Like You Do: Ellie Goulding

You know I would always rather use the thousand words… … but sometimes a picture, in this case of a facial expression, really will suffice. Read More...

Securing a Future for Child Soldiers

The word "childhood" usually brings to mind things like school, friends or play. But for too many children, these are foreign concepts. In dozens of armed conflicts around the world, there are currently tens of thousands of children -- and some estimates even go as high as 250,000 -- engaged as soldiers or being held by armed groups. Show More Summary

Here's how a microwave works — explained using only the 1,000 most common words in the English language

In Randall Munroe 's new book " Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words, " he breaks down how complex machines work using only the thousand (or, ten hundred) most common words in the English language. Microwaves have been a staple of the American household for decades now. Show More Summary

Worth a Thousand Words: An Artist in His Studio

John Singer Sargent, An Artist in His Studio, 1904 Via Lines and Colors where there are interesting details about this painting which Sargent did of a friend on vacation.

Our photo uploads give scientists billions of eyes on the world

A picture's worth a thousand words, and in 2015 we put a few trillion online. Tapping this data can tell us about everything from air pollution to city design

10 Ancient Greek Roots That Can Trip You Up in Modern Greek

yesterdayHumor / odd : mental_floss

Two thousands years is a long time. Even words that originated in ancient Greek can evolve considerably, even if their English counterparts retained the original definition.

In promoting Cybersecurity National Action Plan, White House conspicuously fails to mention encryption

3 days agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The White House released an announcement today on President Obama's Cybersecurity National Action Plan. In thousands of not actually bad at all words about cybersecurity, they managed not to say the word "encryption" once. (more…)

Journalists’ Euphemisms for the Word ‘Pussy’, Ranked

3 days agoSports : Deadspin

Last night, in front of thousands of people, Donald Trump stood on stage and called Ted Cruz a pussy. And while you are not supposed to say the word “pussy,” members of the media are especially not supposed to say the word “pussy.” So instead, they got creative. Read more...

Worth a Thousand Words: Venezia Carnivale

Venezia Carnivaletaken by Wanlee, CCL3.0 The Carnival of Venice is world famous for elaborate masks which, as you can see, often call for equally elaborate costumes to match.

'A word's worth more than a thousand pictures' according to study on young children

Children play an important role in ensuring that they are cared for by adults by using physical and cognitive cues. But what's more important in how they influence adults and elicit their nurturing spirit? Is it their physical features or what they say?

Did Donald Trump call Ted Cruz a [RUDE WORD]?

3 days agoNews : ComPost

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Did Donald Trump call Ted Cruz a “pussy” at a rally Monday night? That depends. Is a retweet an endorsement? What Trump did do, in front of a crowd of thousands at the Verizon Wireless Arena, was repeat what a supporter had shouted, in response to Cruz’s debate answer on waterboarding. “She […]

'A word's worth more than a thousand pictures' according to FAU study on young children

It is widely known that "a picture is worth a thousand words." But a new study by researchers at Florida Atlantic University published in Evolutionary Psychology begs to differ when it comes to young children. read more

Worth a Thousand Words: Carnival Keepsake

1892 Mardi Gras Invitationvia Letterology Do yourself a favor and click through to see some of the simply sumptuous invitations from the Golden Age of Mardi Gras. This one began life folded in pumpkin shape. Go see!

1 Man, 6 Photographers, 6 Unique Perspectives

If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, then photographers are masters at crafting brand new stories for their subjects. The resulting image of the person on a photograph depends greatly on how the photographer chooses to see the person and tell their story. Canon invited six photographers to practice their craft in a […]

Worth a Thousand Words: A Moment of Repose

A Moment of Repose (1890). Wladyslaw Czachórski.Via Books and Art

Worth a Thousand Words: El Pueblo Poster Sketch

Sketch of poster for the newspaper El Pueblo (c.1894). Joaquín Sorolla y BastidaVia Books and Art

Talk Is Cheap: How Your Body Language Is Worth A Thousand Words

Learn to tune into the world right in front of you, and you can experience a deeper level of communication. The post Talk Is Cheap: How Your Body Language Is Worth A Thousand Words appeared first on The Good Men Project.

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