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"Your Black World" Black-Faced Propaganda Site = Content For Their Congregation Of NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACISTS Who Like Appealing Diversions To Hide Their INCOMPETENCE At DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE


Tennessee Republicans Refuse To Consider Resolution Condemning Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists

Tennessee Republicans shut down a resolution condemning Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists during a House Subcommittee meeting Wednesday night. The resolution, otherwise known as House Joint Resolution 583, condemns the “totalitarian impulses,...Show More Summary

‘This is all we’ve got’: Young white supremacists are down to their last fundraising platform

For Richard Spencer, the nominal ideologue of the most recent iteration of white supremacy in America, there is only one platform that will allow him to continue his work. Known as MakerSupport, the site, according to Spencer, remains the last bastion for him to raise funds — and to regain the relevance he once knew. […]

Police Targeted Anti-Racists In Charlottesville Ahead of ‘Unite The Right’ Rally, Documents Show

Leading up to the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, numerous foot soldiers of the “alt-right” openly broadcast their intention to create bloodshed in the genteel southern town. A white supremacist group...Show More Summary

Unable to find a safe space, dapper white punching dummy abandons college tour

The refusal of  libs to be owned snowflakes who cry in their safe spaces has knocked the fun out of one dapper white supremacist’s life. “I really hate to say this, and I definitely hesitate to say this,” said the poster boy of the so-called alt-right. “Antifa is winning to the extent that they’re willing […]

A Terrible Reminder That White Supremacy and Patriarchy Are Inextricably Linked

[Content Note: White supremacy; domestic violence; descriptions of violence.]White supremacist Matthew Heimbach, who came to national prominence by leading a hate group, shoving anti-racist protesters, and being quoted in a number of...Show More Summary

Blog: Journalists covering US white supremacists must weigh risks to selves and families

Michael Edison Hayden was one of the first foreign journalists on the ground after the Nepalese earthquake in 2015-- the "ground was still shaking" when he arrived, he said. He's reported from the disputed territory between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, and gone door-to-door in Phoenix, searching for a...

Good News Open Thread: DeAndre Harris Found Not Guilty

Deandre Harris, a black man brutally beaten at last year’s white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville — and who was later charged with assaulting a white nationalist — was just acquitted. — Caroline O. (@RVAwonk) March 16, 2018 Per The Root: On Friday, the American criminal-justice system actually got something right; as […]

Fake News Goes to Court

It’s been a bad week for white supremacists and fake news. First, Matt Heimbach—the founder of the neo-Nazi group the Traditionalist Worker Party and a man famous for shoving a black woman at a Donald Trump rally—was arrested for assaulting another woman (his wife). Show More Summary

Cartoon: Enough

Black Lives Matter is a bunch of thugs advocating killing cops. Antifa is a terrorist organization equivalent to Nazis and white supremacists. The Women’s March on Washington is a bunch of women searching for a cause while wearing vaginas on their heads, which needs to be over in time to cook dinner. The #MeToo movement [...]Show More Summary

Newly Relevant Musical Allegiance Depicts an American Wartime Crime Against Its Citizens

With the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and the administration's divisive mainstreaming of alt-right white supremacist hate groups, Allegiance’s sprawling and sometimes unwieldy tale of how the United States summarily stripped 120,000...Show More Summary

Face the Racist Nation -- An Investigation into the Media's Coverage of White Supremacist Groups

'For the past year, Lois Beckett [@loisbeckett], senior reporter at The Guardian US, has been showing up at white nationalist rallies, taking their pictures, writing down what they say. And she finds herself thinking: How did we getShow More Summary

#WeUnite: Students, Law Enforcement, Educators, and Electeds Come Together to Discuss Gun Safety

It seems like every day is now a significant day when it comes to gun violence. Today, the students in Parkland returned to school two weeks after a white supremacist killed 17 students and teachers. The legislature met in Trenton...Read more

LAPD Twitter account hacked to declare 'White Supremacists'

The Los Angeles Police Department main Twitter account @LAPDHQ was hacked Monday to declare the force’s members are “white supremacists.” The department’s account used to present its public image posted a tweet at 1:53 p.m. stating “lapdWHITESUPREMACISTS.” Josh Rubenstein, the LAPD’s public information...

Wolves Among Sheep – the Public Terror of White Supremacist Groups

3 weeks agoReligion / Islam : altmuslim

White supremacist (militia) groups like Republic of Florida are seeking more publicity, as evidenced by falsely connecting to the latest school shooting. Why is this country ignoring them?

David Duke to judge: Please don’t make me reveal my contacts with the new generation of neo-Nazis

The man who’s been the national face of overt white supremacist politics for a generation doesn’t want to disclose his communications with the new vanguard of his movement, who are now being sued over a street fight that ended with an innocent woman dead. David Duke, the prominent KKK official, radio host, and recurring political candidate, is […]

'Alt-Right' Websites Under Attack From Hackers in Battle to Take White Supremacist Propaganda Offline

The hacking is intended to disrupt the recruitment tactics of white supremacists who have been emboldened since the election of Donald Trump.

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