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HTML 5 and jQuery – A Match Made in Heaven

I recently attended an ASP.NET MVC seminar hosted by the Twin Cities.Net User Group. The speaker was K. Scott Allen. Scott is a charismatic, gifted speaker and did a great job. You can always pick up useful items when watching an expert write a program from scratch. When I saw what he did with j

The jQuery ‘live(…)’ Function

[UPDATE] The live function has been deprecated: "As of jQuery 1.7, method is deprecated. Use.on() to attach event handlers."   On the Asp.Net forums where I am a moderator, a developer was having a problem hooking up click events to the rows of a dynam

Custom Date validation of date format and other form attributes in ASP.NET MVC

This article explains how to date validation format in dd/mm/yyyy and check this value with other form attribute by writing custom validator in ASP.NET MVC

AJAX CRUD in Grid using JQuery DataTables in ASP.NET MVC 5

In this post, I will be addressing this problem and we will learn that how can implement CRUD using JQuery DataTables in one page without any full page reloads.

Options for Configuring ASP.NET Core Application Settings

With all of the controversy around project configurations within.NET Core, one thing that has managed to be consistently JSON-based has been the use of application settings configuration files in this new world.

ASP.NET calendar enhanced for JS and mobile devices

A responsive, javascript-enabled event-calendar using ASP.NET calendar control

Running ASP.NET Boilerplate Module Zero Core Template on Docker

Creating a web farm on docker container with using redis, haproxy and abp module zero core template.

ASP.NET Core WebAPI secured using OAuth2 Client Credentials

Use a JWTToken to access a.NET Core Web API leveraging IdentityServer4 / OAuth2.

Create API with ASP.NET Core (Day 3): Working with HTTP Status Codes, Serializer Settings and Content Negotiation in ASP.NET Core API

In this article, we’ll continue to explore the importance of statuscodes and practical examples as well. We’ll also explore resource creation andreturning the child resources as well.

Super simple photo gallery for MVC

How to add a super simple file based image gallery to your ASP.NET MVC application

Free ASP.NET Core Code Generator and Tutorial

This article will show you how to use AspCoreGen 1.0 Express to generate ASP.NET Core code.

Visual Studio and IIS Error: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: site

I got a very obscure and obtuse error running an ASP.NET application under Visual Studio and IIS Express recently. I'm running a Windows 10 Insiders (Fast Ring) build, so it's likely an issue with that, but since I was able to resolve the issue simply, I figured I'd blog it for google posterity. Show More Summary

Using ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Boilerplate to Create NLayered Web Application (Part I)

A step by step guide to create a web application based on ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Boilerplate frameworks with automated tests.

Adding Angular Material in ASP.NET Core Angular SPA template

This article shows you how to add Angular Material in ASP.NET Core AngularSpa template

Execute JavaScript Code from ASP.NET Core Back-end Using NodeServices

This article shows how to execute JavaScript code from ASP.NET core server-side using NodeServices.

Beginner's Guide to Using SignalR via ASP.NET

Learn to use SignalR to asynchronously update all web clients using SignalR broadcasts.

Dynamically querying Entity Framework with ASP.NET

A ready-to-use solution for dynamically querying an Entity Framework DbContext in ASP.NET

Angular2 in ASP.NET MVC & Web API - Part 2

In this part, we will enhance our user management application to have search/filter, global error handling and debugging functionalities.

How to create Dynamic draggable and droppable TreeView with checkbox in MVC(for beginner)

This article explains how to use data source for representation of data in TreeView structure using ASP.NET MVC and Gijgo treeview JQuery plug-in, The TreeView control can display a hierarchical (or nested, or recursive) collection of data in a tree of expandable nodes.

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