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ASP.Net MVC Infinite Scrolling Jquery

This post is going to guide you how to use Asp.MVC with Infinite Scrolling Jquery to get the data from CSV file, then displaying on your web page. Each time when you scrolling down, it will lazy load more data, then appending into your page.

ASP.Net - Single-sign on against Office365 with OAuth2

A new blogpost has been posted by Eli Weinstock-Herman (tarwn) on Jun 24, 2016 in category ASP.NET

Adding a Custom Inline Route Constraint in ASP.NET Core 1.0

ASP.NET supports both attribute routing as well as centralized routes. That means that you can decorate your Controller Methods with your routes if you like, or you can map routes all in one place. Here's an attribute route as an example: [Route("home/about")] public IActionResult About() { //.. } And here's one that is centralized. Show More Summary

CRUD Operations with ASP.NET Core 1.0, TypeScript 1.8 and Gijgo 0.6

This article presents a simple example for CRUD operations with ASP.NET Core, TypeScript and Gijgo grid and dialog

CodeSOD: Trained Developer

ASP.NET, like any other web development system, has a “role provider” system to handle authorization. With a small quantity of code, you can hook your custom security settings into this API and get authorization essentially for “free”. Show More Summary

Building REST services with ASP.NET Core Web API and Azure SQL Database

In this article you can see how easily you can create REST services using ASP.NET Core Web API and new JSON support in Azure SQL database and SQL Server 2016

Setting up Angular 2 in an ASP.NET 5 Environment

Explaining the processes involved in setting up Angular 2 within an ASP.NET 5 environment

Microsoft Bounty Program expanded to .NET Core and ASP.NET RC2 Beta

As part of Microsoft Bounty Program, Microsoft started offering direct payments in exchange for reporting certain types of vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques from last year. Yesterday, they announced the expansion of the program to include .NET Core and ASP.NET Core RC2 Beta Build which was announced on May 16, 2016. The program highlights are: Bounty applies […]

ASP.NET 5: Jump Start to AngularJS with MVC 6 Web API

Update: ASP.NET 5 has been renamed to ASP.NET Core. Check my recent article on getting started with Angular2 in ASP.NET Core.This post will walk you through the step-by-step procedure on building a simple ASP.NET 5 application using AngularJS with Web API.Before we dig further

ASP.NET Core: Getting Started with AngularJS 2

Last year I wrote an article about “ASP.NET 5: Jump Start to AngularJS with MVC 6 Web API”. This article will walk you through on how to get started with AngularJS 2 in ASP.NET Core (a.k.a ASP.NET 5).In this article you will basically learn

MVC ASP.NET Identity Customizing For Adding Profile Image

In this article, we will see in detail about using ASP.NET Identity in MVC Application.

ASP.NET MVC 5: Building Your First Web Application - Part 1

This article is part 1 of the series for building a simple web application in ASP.NET MVC 5.

A Customized MessageBox, ConfirmBox and FrameBox Controls For ASP.NET WebForms

In this post, you will learn about the Customized MessageBox, ConfirmBox and FrameBox Controls for ASP.NET WebForms and how to use them in your application.

10 Reasons Why ASP.NET is Not Worth Using

Here are the 10 reasons to convince you to drop your plans to choose ASP.NET. It's not worth it.

Converting ASP.NET 5 Beta 8 App to ASP.NET Core RC2

This article will walk you through on converting your existing ASP.NET 5 Beta8 App to ASP.NET Core RC2.

ASP.NET Core: Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC Core

This article will walk you through the basic steps on how to create a simple web application using MVC  in ASP.NET Core.

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