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Plug-in Architecture To Work for multiple platforms/techs

Plug-in Architecture To Work in WinForms MVC + WPF MVVM + ASP.Net MVC + Mobile (Xamarin MVC/PhoneGap MVC) + Win 10 Universal App MVC

Modular WEB Admin Using ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS

Introduction to open source platform for building web SPA applications using ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS

Step by Step Using Bootstrap 3 with ASP.NET MVC 5

What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is a well known and one of the most used collections of tools for web application that simplifies creating websites through it’s incredible built-in languages like Cascading Style Sheet (CSS),  HyperText Markup Language(HTML) as well as some optional JavaScript ext

Baby Steps towards ASP.NET 5 Web Application and see What’s New

In this article we are going to see how and where to download Visual Studio 2015 to create a brand new simple Asp.Net 5 Web Application and have a quick overview on what's new in C# 6

Scaffolding in ASP.NET MVC

Computer programming is getting smarter & smarter and the same way it’s been shrinking & layman readable. Let’s go to the first era of Computer science where the real geeks sit and code tons of lines for months just for moving an object on screen or for fetching an employee record from the database.

Using jQuery DataTables with Server-Side Processing with ASP.NET MVC

This article shows how to use jQuery DataTables (version v1.10.7) with server-side processing.

Custom Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC provides us the basic Authorization and Authentication functionalities when we use the Project template as Internet. It does all the major functionalities such as Role membership management, Login credential validation handling etc. For more information about basic authorization in MVC a

Visual Studio 2015 Released plus ASP.NET 5 Roadmap

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 today! You can watch the keynote video from today with me, Soma, Beth Massi, Amanda Silver, and Brian Harry here on Channel 9. All the supporting videos and Q&A are also up as individual videos if you'd like. Show More Summary

Released Today: Visual Studio 2015, ASP.NET 4.6, ASP.NET 5 & EF 7 Previews

Today is a big day with major release announcements for Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2013 Update 5, and.NET Framework 4.6. All these releases have been covered in great detail on Soma’s Blog, Visual Studio Blog, and.NET Blog. Join...Show More Summary

How to Customize Profile Info in ASP.NET Identity?

A security requirement on internet is one of the prime needs now a day. There are millions of user active on social networking sites as well as there are also some businesses like banks and insurance companies which have continuously a security risk of data theft. A secure platform is needed which s

How To Create Scheduled Background Task (ASP.NET)

How to create background task in ASP.NET web appliccation via

A Beginner's CRUD Using WCF in ASP.NET

A simple example for CRUD actions using WCF service in ASP.NET

Microsoft hires open source web debugging and diagnostics tool, Glimpse’s creators

Microsoft today revealed that the company is hiring the creators of Glimpse – an open source web debugging and diagnostics tool. The tool is being used by thousands of ASP.NET developers, according to Microsoft. The creator of Glimpse, Nik and Anthony will be joining Microsoft as full-time employees and they’ll work to make the world […]

Microsoft hires creators of the Glimpse open-source debugger to bolster Visual Studio

Microsoft today announced that it has hired the two creators of Glimpse, an open-source debugging and diagnostics tool for ASP.NET applications. Until now the creators, Anthony van der Hoorn and Nik Molnar, have worked at Red Gate, which has allowed them to work-full time on the Glimpse project for the past three years. “Since its […]

ASP.NET MVC Web App on 3-Tier for Beginners – Part 4

In this article, let us try to understand andimplement master layout and Bootstrap.

Custom Routes in ASP.NET MVC

In this tip, we will try to understand why, when and how we should implement Custom Routes.

Import Excel Data to DataTable and display in grid in C#, ASP.NET

Here is an example of how to import full excel file into a DataTable and bind it with a data grid. also the solution for error "The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0? provider is not registered on the local machine" is included.

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