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Here are Trump’s tools for presidential victory, ‘Dilbert’ creator underscores on ‘Bill Maher’ (+Video)

IT’S FAR TOO soon to take a victory lap. But Scott Adams can take a bell lap. The “Dilbert” creator appeared on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” Friday evening, buoyed by the fact that his Donald Trump predictions, issued since last year, are continuing — like the presumptive GOP nominee himself — to gain traction […]

AN IMPORTANT QUESTION raised by Scott Adams. Is it #HeartlessHilary? Or #CrookedHillary?#Heartle…

AN IMPORTANT QUESTION raised by Scott Adams. Is it #HeartlessHilary? Or #CrookedHillary? #HeartlessHillary #CrookedHillary free polls

"What's the best book you've read in the last year?"/"Uh... I have not read a book in the last year."

That's Scott Adams (at 22:11 in this interview). He continues:It is not unusual for me to write more books in a year than I read. The reason for that is that — I hate say it because I've written a book — but most books can be summarized...Show More Summary

Rashida Jones On ‘Angie Tribeca’: “Every Scene Is Highly Choreographed”

For a physical TV comedy loaded with gags, one in particular sticks out for Angie Tribeca star Rashida Jones, during the episode The Wedding Planner Did It: Tribeca turns to a surgeon, played by Adam Scott, and says, "While I have you...Show More Summary

'Dilbert' Creator Evaluates The Political Chess Board: Women, Women, Women Vs America, America, America

Authored by Dilbert Creator Scott Adams via, Trump has pulled ahead of Clinton nationally in both the new FOX poll and the Rasmussen Poll. And Trump passed Clinton in favorability according to the newest national poll on that topic. Show More Summary

"Legends of Tomorrow" EP Guggenheim Debunks Alan Scott/Green Lantern Rumor

Ahead of Patrick J. Adams' arrival in tonight's season finale episode, Marc Guggenheim reveals who the actor isn't playing.

The strangest part of the Scott Adams prediction that Trump will pick Scott Brown as his VP.

It's the name Brown: As silly as this sounds, it makes him seem less white. Science tells us that people are more influenced by names than common sense would suggest. For example, people with so-called “lower class” names such as Justin are less likely to get job interviews.... Show More Summary

Dilbert Guy Scott Adams Knows Sexy, And Donald Trump Is One Sexy Mofo

I'm Scott Adams. You may know me from my hilarious cartoon 'Dilbert,' and also from being kind of a wackadoo Men's Rights Guy. Here are my noodlings and ponderings on Donald Trump and his hot babe army and oh my god I want to die.

KATHY SHAIDLE: You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Be Scott Adams, But It Helps. Make sure the Pointy…

KATHY SHAIDLE: You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Be Scott Adams, But It Helps. Make sure the Pointy-Haired Boss doesn’t see you reading it in your cubicle. In other news from the Cartoon Kingdom, “As for the ructions in the Republican Party, Steyn found any story involving secret meetings with Mitt Romney hard to […]

Is fraac Scott Adams?

tl;dr: If you value your time, don’t read this post. In favor of the fraac=Adams hypothesis: 1. Fraac came to our attention with a burst of comments on my 2011 post on Scott Adams and Charlie Sheen. Here’s fraac, defending Adams in a...Show More Summary

"This is one of the biggest campaign errors you will ever see. It is a Clinton tweet that accidentally looks pro-Trump."

Says Scott Adams, displaying this: @ScottAdamsSays I'm seeing this tweet but I don't believe my eyes. — Jill Lang (@Bastille1791) May 13, 2016 I'll womansplain: Look at that mean face!...Show More Summary

Zika Virus: Adam Scott Fears for Safety of Olympic Athletes

2 weeks agoNews : Newsweek: US

The Zika virus isn’t the main reason for Australia’s Adam Scott missing the Rio Olympics—but it’s one of them. The seventh best golfer in the world had already confirmed he would miss the Games in August—the first time golf has appeared...Show More Summary

Teaser Trailer for THE WOODS is HERE!

Lionsgate has released the teaser trailer for Adam Wingard's upcoming horror film THE WOODS, starring Callie Hernandez, James Allen McCune, Brandon Scott, Wes Robinson, and Corbin Reid. Wingard directed the film from a screenplay written by Simon Barrett. Show More Summary

"Given Trump’s reputation for not apologizing, he can create an unusual amount of attention if he ever breaks pattern."

"A sincere Trump apology – about anything – would control the news cycle for a week. So he can save that magic bullet until needed," says Scott Adams, speculating on how Trump might come out with an apology for all the offensive things he's ever said about women. Show More Summary

Not Comics: On Scott Adams As An Election Prognosticator

Zach Weissmueller has an article up that I expected to see before now: how Scott Adams basically called the rise of Donald Trump. I don't think this is as remarkable as Weissmueller given the Adams' theory is that Trump has a severely...Show More Summary

ALL THE POLITICAL EXPERTS MISSED IT, BUT NOT THIS GUY: As Trump Coasts to the Nomination, Remember …

ALL THE POLITICAL EXPERTS MISSED IT, BUT NOT THIS GUY: As Trump Coasts to the Nomination, Remember That the Cartoonist Behind Dilbert Saw It All Coming. Scott Adams also predicts Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in “a landslide.” “Why did Adams believe, against all conventional wisdom, that Trump would win? His prediction had little to […]

'Dilbert' Creator's 6 Reasons Why Trump Will "Win In A Landslide" In November

Scott Adams - creator of the infamous Dilbert cartoons - believes Donald Trump will win the presidency in a landslide. Trump's "meticulously plotted domination," as Adams explains to The Washington Post, stems from his running on our emotions and sly appeals to our own human irrationality. Show More Summary

Scott accepts criticism for skipping Rio Olympics

3 weeks agoSports / Golf : USAToday: Golf

Adam Scott says, 'I've lived my life representing Australia.'        

That supposedly "brutal" ad from Hillary shows "Trump being opposed by… a bunch of useless losers on the Republican side. Trump annihilated every one of them. And it wasn’t even hard."

Says Scott Adams, about that ad we discussed yesterday. It's my observation that various media sites called the ad "brutal" as if it were terribly effective — "Clinton Releases a Brutal Anti-Trump Ad" (Mother Jones?), "This brutal new ad shows the shredding machine that awaits Trump" (Washington Post?). Show More Summary

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