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Destiny: Age of Triumph – how to get the new and improved Necrochasm

Destiny: Rise of Iron players can dive into Age of Triumph and revisit an old favourite, the Necrochasm. Destiny brings back Ncrochasm, a beloved weapon of yesteryear, with the Age of Triumph event available to Rise of Iron players right now. Necrochasm is an Exotic auto rifle originally found in The Dark Below, Destiny’s first […]

Destiny: Age of Triumph Update 2.6.0 – here’s the patch notes for the game’s final live update

Destiny: Age of Triumph has gone live, after a month of livestreams, the launch trailer, screenshots and tons of information. This is the final, live update for Destiny to hold folks over until Destiny 2 comes sometime in September. Along with the new Record Book, there are Weekly Story and Feature Raid Playlists, Vault of […]

This is exactly what time Destiny: Age of Triumph goes live – and yes, the weekly reset is delayed

The final update for Destiny drops later today. Here’s when it goes live in your timezone. Destiny: Age of Triumph is the last update for Destiny 1 and it goes live today. But don’t be too glum. The existence of Destiny 2 finally got official confirmation yesterday, so you can start looking forward to that. […]

Destiny: Age of Triumph easter egg brings Dinklebot back for his most infamous line

Dinklebot has returned. Love it or hate it (okay let's be honest, nobody loved it), Peter D...

Destiny: Age of Triumph's launch trailer teases raid loot, playlists, and the biggest record book

The Destiny 2 rumors are coming hot and heavy now, including an allegedly leaked poster showing a September 2017 release date, but the original Destiny isn't done quite yet

Destiny: Age of Triumph – Adept Weapons are shown off in these new screenshots

Hopefully, we got all of the weapons names right in these Destiny: Age of Triumph screenshots. The images you see below are the Adept versions of the weapons which will drop in Destiny when Age of Triumph goes live. All raid weapons return, but Primaries have changed. If one of these Legendary weapons drop while […]

Destiny: Age of Triumph – here’s a look at Raid armor from King’s Fall, Wrath of the Machine, more

We gave you a look at screens for two Raids and one of the strike in Destiny: Age of Triumph here, now have a look at some of the spiffy gear your Hunter, Warlock or Titan will be sporting. Images of the Destiny weapons will be posted in another piece, as there are around 70 […]

Destiny: Age of Triumph – here’s at look at Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, Shadow Thief Strike

You’ve seen the Destiny: Age of Triumph launch trailer, now you can look over numerous screenshots of the raids and some Treasure of Ages loot. Age of Triumph is the final, live update to Destiny, what with Destiny 2 reportedly releasing in September. There will be plenty to do and celebrate in the meantime, as […]

A Closer Look at Destiny's Age of Triumph Gear

Check out this massive gallery showing off gear, raids, and more from Destiny's final update.

The Destiny: Age of Triumph launch trailer will hopefully hold you over until release next week

Destiny: Age of Triumph is out next week, and you can give the launch trailer a watch below. The final live update for Destiny 1 goes live on March 28, and includes all sorts of fun things to earn just for revisiting all the raids. It also includes the largest Record Book to date, the […]

Destiny: Age of Triumph – here’s a look at the Raid Gear, weapons and new Exotics

Today’s final Destiny: Age of Triumph livestream discussed the sandbox update to the game, and the studio showed off some of the armor players will be donning along with ornaments. As previously reported, there will be new armor available in Destiny when Age of Triumph goes live. The devs also said previously all raid gear […]

Destiny's Age of Triumph Stream Shows Off New Weapons and Gear

Bungie showcased new gear and revised weapons during its final live…

Destiny: Age of Triumph has new armor sets that give you robot legs and/or back tentacles

Destiny's Age of Triumph event is basically a "Greatest Hits" collection for all of your old glories, and no glory is greater than showing off sweet new armor

New Armor to be shown in Destiny Age of Triumph livestream on Wednesday

This Wednesday, March 22, Bungie will be holding a live stream for Destiny Age of Triumph, the developer’s final Destiny event for Xbox One and PS4 players. The new video will be focused on some of the new and updated gear you’ll be able to obtain in the game. The stream will be hosted by […]

Destiny – take a look at how different some of the returning raid gear looks with new Ornaments

Some of Destiny player’s favourite gear sets are returning with the Age of Triumph update, and Ornaments will be involved. On Wednesday, Bungie will host the third and final livestream detailing what’s coming to Destiny with the Age of Triumph update. This week’s livestream will give us a look at the changes being made to […]

Destiny: Age of Triumph – here’s a quick recap on Weekly Playlists, The Crucible, Bounties, more

If you missed the Destiny: Age of Triumph livestream earlier this week, Bungie has provided all pertinent information from it as well as a YouTube version for you to watch at leisure. Luckily, the Age of Triumph information posted below for Destiny has been organized for a quick read by Bungie. So, if you are […]

Destiny: Age of Triumph – Weekly Rituals, Treasure of Ages loot boxes, Ornaments, Gear, more

During today’s Destiny livestream, Bungie revealed Age of Triumph will include Loot Boxes with and some rather nice items when completing Weekly Rituals. This week’s Age of Triumph livestream focused on weekly Rituals coming to Destiny. Bungie also touched upon new rewards that’ll allow people to collect items they have missed from events in the […]

Bungie Outlines Destiny: Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals

Treasure of Ages will give players the opportunity to acquire event-based items they previously missed.

Destiny: Age of Triumph's new loot boxes let you catch up on missed gear from previous events

Just when you'd given up hope for ever collecting that adorable Ghost Ghost, Destiny: Age of Triumph's new loot boxes appear

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