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Is my drinking normal, or could I be an alcoholic?

The trouble with alcohol is that it’s everywhere. We don’t treat any other drug the way we treat alcohol, marijuana included, and in part that’s because we mostly don’t think of it as a drug. It’s what you down a shot of to loosen up on the dance floor, or to ease your social anxieties at your company’s holiday party. Show More Summary

Alcohol use affects levels of cholesterol regulator through epigenetics

(Johns Hopkins Medicine) In an analysis of the epigenomes of people and mice, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and the National Institutes of Health report that drinking alcohol may induce changes to a cholesterol-regulating ge...

Wine-making sim Terroir looks delightful

Confession: I spent a solid 10 minutes researching terms that wine enthusiasts and sommeliers use to describe alcoholic grape juice. I don't drink wine unless it comes in a cardboard box and up until today, I thought everything Paul Giamatti said in Sideways was made up. Show More Summary

Laugh like Tidus for real after getting drunk on this Final Fantasy themed wine

Final Fantasy has been celebrating its 30th anniversary in more ways than you can count and the latest involves alcohol! In a partnership with, Square Enix is releasing Ifrit Rouge and Shiva Blanc wines. The Ifrit Rouge is a 2016 Pinot Noir and the Shiva Blanc is a 2015 Chardonnay. Show More Summary

Lack of Information on Consuming Alcohol During Pregnancy Alarms Study Researchers

Pregnancy and alcohol have a difficult history. Doctors used to recommend it because it allegedly offered benefits to both mother and baby. However, over time, we have come to understand that alcohol during pregnancy can have some serious implications, such as heart defects and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Show More Summary

We Can Confirm That $5 Reddit-Famous Mascara Is Worth the Hype - and More

In a results-driven beauty world, mascara tubes can often read like alcohol bottles. In my wild youth, I'd scavenge liquor stores for 101-proof whiskey (oh, how my liver aches just from the memory), but now my vice is "-proof" mascara. Show More Summary

Did teetotaller Trump drink wine at the UN?

6 days agoNews : The Raw Story

President Donald Trump may have launched a line of wines, but when it comes to alcohol, he claims to abstain from it all. The president’s assertion that he doesn’t drink alcohol because of his late brother Freddy’s struggles with alcoholism flies directly in the face of a strange...

KIDS THESE DAYS: Today’s US teens about three years behind ’70s generation when it comes to sex, alc…

KIDS THESE DAYS: Today’s US teens about three years behind ’70s generation when it comes to sex, alcohol and getting jobs. The findings in the journal Child Development were based on an analysis of seven large, nationally representative surveys of 8.3 million teenagers between 1976 and 2016. The surveys sought to find out how those […]

Medical News Today: Drug may reduce desire for alcohol, especially in the evening

New research in mice shows that blocking a receptor in the brain's immune system substantially reduces the desire to consume alcohol, especially at night.

Found: The Earliest Evidence of Lager Yeast Being Used to Make Alcohol

Many centuries ago, back in the Middle Ages, Europeans started making the crucial beverage known as beer. At first, they made ales, which require a certain strain of yeast, Saccharomyces cervisiae, and was fermented at warm temperatures, from about 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Show More Summary

Washington Post News Article Argues It is Better to Tax Work Than Vacant Property in London

Economists usually argue that it's best to tax the things you want discourage, like cigarettes, alcohol, and gasoline, not things you want to encourage, like work. That is why it is striking that that the Washington Post could not find...Show More Summary

WaPo reports on a 15-year-old girl who prefers to stay home and spend time with her family and the mother who's worried about her.

The girl "has no interest in dating, driving, working for pay or drinking alcohol - and the rising costs of college keep her up at night," and the mother says: "On the one hand, I know she’s safe, she’s not out getting pregnant or smoking pot or drinking or doing all kinds of risky stuff that I can imagine would be age appropriate... Show More Summary

A 40-year study finds Generation Z is avoiding sex, alcohol, and driving like never before

Today's teenagers don't seem to care much about hitting the open road, scoring a six-pack with a fake ID, or asking their peers out on dates. According to a new study from psychologists Jean Twenge and Heejung Park, teenagers instead...Show More Summary

How to Speed Up Esbit Cube Cooking

Esbit cubes are solid fuel cubes used for cooking backpacking meals. Weighing just 0.5 ounces (14 g) each, they’re ultralight, you don’t need a container to carry them like an isobutane gas canister or alcohol bottle, and you can even...Show More Summary

Teens are growing up more slowly today than they did in past decades

(Society for Research in Child Development) A new study explored this issue by examining how often teens in recent years (compared to teens in previous decades) engaged in adult activities such as drinking alcohol, working, driving, or having sex. Show More Summary

CHANGE: A Nation Of Shrinking Drinkers: Who Wins And Who Loses As Booze Sectors Contract. “Generat…

CHANGE: A Nation Of Shrinking Drinkers: Who Wins And Who Loses As Booze Sectors Contract. “Generation Z is growing up with an aversion to alcohol, in part because its members don’t want to look wasted when they take selfies with their fancy smartphones. Millennials? They’re starting families, furthering careers and acting more responsibly, which makes […]

Solar-to-fuel system recycles CO2 to make ethanol and ethylene

Scientists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have harnessed the power of photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into fuels and alcohols at efficiencies far greater than plants. The achievement marks a significant milestone in the effort to move toward sustainable sources of fuel.

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