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Style Counsellor Salmond

Alex Salmond was widely ridiculed after Mhairi Black revealed that her former party leader had offered the young SNP MP some unsolicited fashion advice. But just to show that Alex really knows what he's talking about when it comes to...Show More Summary

Style Counsel

SNP MP Mhairi Black gives a refreshingly candid interview to Holyrood Magazine and explains that she turned down some unsolicited fashion advice from her former party leader, the style-king Alex Salmond. More Summary

Style Council

My post about Alex Salmond and his Style Counsel reminded me that Paul Weller and Mike Talbot joined forces as The Style Council back in the 1980s - having previously played with The Jam and Dexys Midnight Runners, respectively.

Beyond the Fringe

Alex Massie makes a number of valid points in this opinion piece for The Times on Alex Salmond's decision to throw his lot in with the Kremlin controlled TV channel, Russia Today. More Summary

Da Da Da

Who would have thought the word 'Da' could provide a link between an awful hit song from the 1908s, a Camley cartoon in The Herald newspaper and a former first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond. The long title of Da Da Da is actually " Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha ". Show More Summary

Putin's Patsy

Camley's cartoon in The Herald addresses the risible claim that Alex Salmond is really 'using' Russia Today rather than allowing himself to become a 'patsy' and trophy presenter for the Kremlin controlled broadcaster. Putin's Patsy vs...Show More Summary

Dancing Bear

Alex Bell conjures up a powerful image with his description of Scotland's former first minister, Alex Salmond, as a 'dancing bear' over his hook up with the Kremlin controlled broadcaster, Russia Today More Summary

Rocking the Boat

I enjoyed this article by Darren McGarvey in The Scotsman is which the writer and activist recounts his treatment on Twitter after making some mild criticism of Alex Salmond's decision to hitch his wagon to the Kremlin controlled TV channel, Russia Today. Show More Summary

Speaker Shuns Salmond

I'll be interested to see which guests agree to be interviewed for Alex Salmond's new Kremlin TV show in the weeks ahead, but so far it's proving to be a hard sell than his recent 'comedy' act at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Herald reports...Show More Summary

They Shoot Journalists, Don't They

Here's a simple yet powerful statement from Scottish journalist Andy Nicoll on why it would have been easy for Alex Salmond to say 'No' to accepting a job offer from the Kremlin controlled Russia TV A Big Boy Did It...... (14/11/17)Show More Summary

Putin's Patsy vs Putin's Puppet

Iain MacWhirter rides to Alex Salmond's rescue in this piece for The Herald with the assertion that the former First Minister is no 'puppet' of President Putin. Well, yes, but no one ever claimed that Wee Eck was taking orders or instructions directly from the Kremlin. Show More Summary

Scotland, Catalonia and Chechnya

The Herald reports on a 'fake news' row which has blown up ahead of Alex Salmond's first outing on Kremlin TV. Maybe someone will ask the obvious question: "Is it not completely hypocritical for the Kremlin to support the principle of...Show More Summary

Sturgeon vs Salmond 'Stushie"

Here's the official statement from Scotland's First Minister responding to the news that Alex Salmond had secured a lucrative contract to present a chat show on Kremlin controlled Russia TV. A Big Boy Did It...... (14/11/17) 'A big boy...Show More Summary

A Big Boy Did It......

'A big boy did it and ran away', seems to be the underlying message from the former justice minister, Kenny MacAskill, who tells The Herald that had Westminster offered Alex Salmond a big international job, he may well not have hitched his wagon to the Kremlin controlled TV channel, Russia Today. Show More Summary

Alex Salmond: Sturgeon is prepared to call a Scottish Independence referendum as soon as possible after Brexit

Alex Salmond, former Scottish First Minister, tells BI that another Scottish independence referendum could take place within "a very sharp timescale" after Brexit. Salmond told BI that a "hard Brexit" would force the Scottish government...Show More Summary

Is Wee Eck's ego out of control?

Is Wee Eck's ego out of control, is Alex Salmond bigger than the SNP, is Russia Today a Kremlin mouthpiece, is Donald Trump a dangerous narcissist? Kremlin Mouthpiece (10/11/17) Alex Salmond hits a new low with the news that Scotland's former First Minister is to host a 'chat show' on the Kremlin-backed TV channel Russia Today. Show More Summary

Sturgeon vs Salmond 'Stushie'

Politics Home has an interesting analysis of the Sturgeon vs Salmond 'stushie' before concluding that it's a battle the First Minister has to win. salmond/news/politicshome/90501/analysis-why-nicola-sturgeon?...Show More Summary

Kremlin Mouthpiece

Alex Salmond hits a new low with the news that Scotland's former First Minister is to host a 'chat show' on the Kremlin-backed TV channel Russia Today. Russia's interference in America's presidential election has managed to destabilise...Show More Summary

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