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Every Steven Spielberg movie ranked, from first to worst

Alfred Hitchcock, after seeing “Jaws,” said that young Steven Spielberg “is the first one of us who doesn't see the proscenium arch.” By which to say that free of the theatrical conventions that informed every other filmmaker before him, Spielberg was the first truly modern director. Since then,...

13 Unfamiliar Facts About ‘Strangers on a Train’

yesterdayHumor / odd : mental_floss

Alfred Hitchcock’s perversely amusing thriller hit theaters 65 years ago.

Hitchcock & Herrmann's Psycho with live score

Bernard Herrmann's score for Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho has become iconic. Now Ben Palmer and the Orchestra of St Paul's are offering the chance to hear the score live alongside a high-definition screening of the film. On Sunday...Show More Summary

Wilson’s Heart Is Like a Hitchcock Movie You Star In

Thanks to Oculus Touch and a pair of Oculus Touch controllers, Wilson’s Heart suddenly put me inside a 1950s Alfred Hitchcock psychological thriller.

That Time Steven Spielberg Got Kicked Off An Alfred Hitchcock Film Set

Did you know that Steven Spielberg used to be 16 once? Apparently, he was and he would sneak onto film sets, where he got to see and then immediately get kicked off of an Alfred Hitchcock set.

Great Job, Internet!: A fascinating look at the storyboards that shaped Hitchcock’s Psycho

When even the most serious of movie fans think of the groundbreaking 1960 movie Psycho, they’ll quickly acknowledge Alfred Hitchcock’s masterful skill as a director of suspense. After that they might consider Anthony Perkins’ unnerving performance as the psychotic hotel operator Norman Bates or Bernard Herrmann’s screeching otherworldly score. Show More Summary

Alfred Hitchcock Sixth-Scale Figure

The Master of Suspense is ready to come home with you as the Alfred Hitchcock Sixth-Scale Figure, but are you brave enough to let the man behind Psycho and The Birds inside your home? Standing 12-inches-tall, the iconic director who still inspires movie-makers is ready to take his rightful place among your movie collectibles. In […]

How Storyboards Were Used in the Making of the 1960 Classic Hitchcock Film ‘Psycho’

last weekHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

The wonderful online film series “Eyes on Cinema” took a look at the legendary 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho by way of a television interview with graphic designer Saul Bass. Bass was responsible for creating all of the storyboards for the film, which Hitchcock translated almost exactly onto film albeit with a great deal more […]

Psycho House: The Many Faces of the Bates Mansion

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

You’d recognize the Bates Mansion from the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho anywhere, right? Maybe not. Oh sure, you’d recognize images from the 1960 movie, but the house itself is different every time you see it. And you’ve probably seen it in other movies and TV shows and didn’t even realize it. Show More Summary

King Cuts, Wooden Sculptures Combining Directors and Their Popular Movie Characters by Mike Leavitt

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Alfred Hitchcock King Cuts is the title of Seattle artist Mike Leavitt‘s wonderful art project and solo art show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City featuring his wooden sculptures combining directors and their popular movie characters. The solo show opened on May 14th, 2016 and will remain on display until June 11th. […]

33 Years Later, ‘Psycho II’ is Still the Misunderstood Classic That Demands Your Attention

The sequel to Hitchcock’s horror classic is not only a satisfying piece of film, but arguably a richer experience than its predecessor “Then who did it?” “My mother, she told me so herself.” To many people Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960s horror film, Psycho, is an untouchable piece of art on a whole other level than […]

TV’s Obsession with the Devil Endures on ‘Outcast’

The new Cinemax series Outcast proves the old Alfred Hitchcock quote: “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” Based on the graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman — who gifted the world with the Walking Dead comic book series that later became the wildly successful AMC show — Outcast […]

The Unloved, Part 30: "Torn Curtain" & "Topaz"

Alfred Hitchcock was my first auteur. My parents rented me all of his films from Blockbuster or the public library. I knew they were his because the VHS box art had his silhouette on the cover (which probably accounts for my collector's OCD, come to think of it). Show More Summary

Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore & Sterling K. Brown Team Up For Red Nose Day 2016!

Mandy Moore and her This Is Us co-stars Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia flash a smile together while attending the 2016 Red Nose Day Special for NBC held at the Alfred Hitchcock Theater at Universal Studios on Thursday (May 26) in Universal City, Calif. The three actors were joined at the event by Scott [...]

Mondo Honors Alfred Hitchcock with His Own Collectible Figure and New Prints

There are plenty of action figures for the heroes of movies out there, but filmmakers don’t get the merchandise they deserve. Mondo is hoping to change that by giving legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock his own sixth scale collectible figure. Show More Summary

Mondo Releasing Alfred Hitchcock Collectible Figure and Movie Posters for The Birds and Vertigo

last monthHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Mondo has collaborated with artists Trevor Grove and Michael Norman to release a 1/6 scale collectible figure depicting famous filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock. They also teamed up with artists Adam Simpson, We Buy Your Kids, and Thomas Danthony to create a collection of stylized movie posters that celebrate his thriller films The Birds and Vertigo. The […]

Stranger Than Fiction: Colossal Birds Attacked Sailors Off Chile

By Jon Wyatt - In 1963 Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece 'The Birds' premiered on the silver screen and it has a cult following to this day. The story about flocks of birds taking revenge on humanity is fictional but terrifying attacksShow More Summary

An Introduction To Dark Pools

"Dark Pool." The name itself suggests that something sinister is going on. The term has been featured in several works of fictional mystery, including an episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour in the 1960s. In the financial world, dark...Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: “Darth By Darthwest” is the Hitchcock-Lucas collab of movie geeks’ dreams

It could have happened, even if it didn’t. The film careers of George Lucas and Alfred Hitchcock did overlap for a few years there in the ’70s, so the two iconic directors could have collaborated on a project had they so desired. Officially, no such project exists, so it is up to fans to imagine what might have emerged from such a union. Show More Summary

Cary Grants is Chased Down by a TIE Fighter in a Mashup of Star Wars and North by Northwest

last monthHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

“Darth by Darthwest” is an amazing mashup, created by filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu, of Star Wars and Alfred Hitchcock‘s 1959 film North by North by Northwest. It features Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) being chased down by a TIE fighter in a world riddled with sarlaccs and moisture vaporators. Close encounters of the third kind for Cary […]

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