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Alien Covenant Creature Bobble Head

This Alien Covenant Creature Bobble Head is truly scary, but then all of Ridley Scott’s aliens are terrifying. It depicts the alien from the Alien: Covenant movie. Just don’t scare yourself when you come across this guy in the dark. Only this time it is [...]

How Much Of Alien: Covenant Landed On The Cutting Room Floor

Ridley Scott edited quite a bit out of the final cut of Alien: Covenant. Here's how much of the film ended up on the cutting room floor.

Ridley Scott Cut Approximately 20 Minutes of Footage From ‘Alien: Covenant

Nearly all movies are tested in front of an audience before released to the public. There are many reasons behind this, and typically it’s a power play for studio heads to trick data into forcing filmmakers into change. Simply by steering the questions to receive the response wanted, one could ascertain that a film needs […]

‘Pirates’ Sinks ‘Alien: Covenant’ at the Box Office

Early estimates are in and they’re brutal. Not since the Friday the 13th remake can I recall a drop like this as Twentieth Century Fox’s Alien: Covenant was burned by Baywatch and sunk by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. In fact, the Friday estimates were so bad that Marvel’s Guardians of […]

2017 BAPE x Alien

A Bathing Ape rides on the release of Alien: Covenant with an Alien-themed collection. The drop features sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts that combine the brand’s ape logo with facehuggers, chestbursters, xenomorphs and glow-in-the-dark print.

Alien: Covenant” Reimagines A Familiar Evil as a New Villain For Our Times

Covenant is not a horror film despite the promotional material promising that it was returning ALIEN to it’s roots. In many ways it felt like a space adventure film that just so happened to have our favorite xenos along for the ride. This is not necessarily a bad thing, simply an unexpected one.   [Read more...]

Ridley’s Remake: "Alien" Through David’s Eyes

Warning: Spoilers for “Alien: Covenant” Follow It's an "Alien" movie. It's not an "Alien" movie. I don't care about these characters. What happened to Ripley? I feel I've been tricked. Congratulations, you have indeed been played. The architect of this xenomorphic rickroll is, befittingly, Sir Ridley Scott. Show More Summary

Hardy as Venom, Battle of the Sexes, The Emoji Movie, Alien: Covenant

On this week’s episode of GeekScholars Movie News, the hosts reassemble to discuss the news that Tom Hardy will star in Venom, the quasi-Spider-Man spin-off, they muse about who will eventually direct The Flash (if it ever gets made), and evaluate the trailers for Battle of the Sexes, and The Emoji Movie. After that, Fox gives his spoiler-free of Alien: Covenant!

Alien Covenant: 8 Things That Worked (And 7 That Didn’t)

Did you catch Alien: Covenant yet? CBR decided to look at the pros and cons of Ridley Scott's next chapter in the prequels that set up the original! The post Alien Covenant: 8 Things That Worked (And 7 That Didn’t) appeared first on CBR.

Today's Sci-Fi Oddly Adheres to Strict Gender Norms

From Sense8 to Alien: Covenant, the future appears to be binary.

Alien: Covenant (2017)

MAY 21, 2017 GENRE: ALIEN SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) I don't know what it is about Prometheus that gets people so worked up on both sides of the argument, but I hope we don't have to listen to the same online shouting matches...Show More Summary

Alien: Covenant’ Just Made David the Franchise’s Best Character

Before Ellen Ripley came into contact with a Xenomorph, there was David. There are a few hallmarks of Alien movies that can be found in each and every installment, and though Ridley Scott deviated a great deal from expectation with his divisive 2012 prequel to the original classic, there were no doubt strands of that […]

Infographic Map Highlights Most Popular Extraterrestrial Movie in Every State

Which alien movie is most popular in YOUR state? Alien: Covenant is number one at the US box office right now, proving that extra-terrestrials are as popular as ever with Americans. Inspired by the film’s success, the website Decluttr set out to answer a question that I’m not sure anyone has ever thought to ask […]

The May 25th, 1979 ‘Alien’ Premiere Was the Coolest Ever

Thirty eight years before new prequel Alien: Covenant arrived on the scene, the original Alien debuted in American theaters on this very day, May 25th, way back in 1979! What would it have been like to attend Ridley Scott’s Alien on opening night? While there wasn’t a traditional premiere event for the film, the opening weekend celebration at […]

Great Job, Internet!: Fact check: Satan did not write Alien: Covenant

It’s rare to see the kind of far-ranging critical disagreement that Alien: Covenant has engendered. Some are praising it as a great return to form for both the franchise and Ridley Scott, while others see it as a parade of rote slasher tropes awkwardly welded onto an old-school mad scientist yarn. Show More Summary

Alien: Covenant steelbook already available for pre-order!

Holy sht that was fast! Turns out there are already details and the cover available for the eventual release of ALIEN: COVENANT on Blu-ray! The film will be released in a Steelbook edition and you can check out the art for that below. There have not been a release date set for the Steelbook yet, but we do know the flick will be released on Blu-ray, DVD,... Read More...

A Workwear Jacket Worthy of Drake and “Alien: Covenant

If you look closely at the tactical vests that so thoroughly fail to protect many of the characters in Ridley Scott’s new film, “Alien: Covenant,” you may notice their distinctive pattern of two-inch-wide vertical quilting. This quilting...Show More Summary

Review: ‘Alien: Covenant’ Delivers On Scares and Intrigue

If Prometheus was supposed to be the planting of the seed, well, Covenant is that seed blossoming into a pretty flower. In the case of the movie, nothing is pretty, it’s scary and creepy, but very entertaining and intriguing. Prometheus was half the movie this is. Show More Summary

WIN a Copy of “The Art and Making of ‘Alien: Covenant'” from Titan Books!

Fan or not, there’s no denying that Alien: Covenant is one great looking film, lovingly crafted. And to celebrate the hard work and craftsmanship that went into the film, the lovely folks at Titan Books have given us a copy of “The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant“, the official companion book to Ridley Scott’s film, to give […]

BAPE’s “1st Camo Shark” Sweat Shorts Debut in New Shades for SS17

With its Alien: Covenant capsule set to debut this weekend, BAPE returns with more camouflage flair with the unveiling of its “1st Camo Shark” sweat shorts. Rendered in four tones consisting of traditional camo, red, blue and a pink/blue blend that highlights the iconic shark motif around the crotch area — these series of shorts […]

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