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Another Immigration-Enforcement Failure – in the First GOP Debate's Back Yard

As much as they would like to avoid it, events keep conspiring to force the Republican presidential candidates to discuss immigration. First, Kate Steinle’s murder in San Francisco by an illegal alien who’d been released by authorities...Show More Summary

Of Course: Another American Citizen Murdered by an Illegal Alien Who Had Been Set Free By Police

At Hot Air. The key bit from WKYC: According to the report, Razo, 35, admitted being in the country illegally. However, U.S. Border Patrol officials declined to take custody of Razo, the report shows. #SomeLivesDontMatter...

Steven Hawking Leads $100 Million Effort to Find Intelligent Alien Life

No government money-- the project is being funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. Well, I guess that's a lot of Russian government money siphoned off, probably. But none of your money. The project will just listen, not send out signals....

The sounds of Voyager's Golden Record

12 hours agoHumor / odd :

When they were launched in 1977, the two Voyager spacecraft each carried with them a 12-inch gold-plated copper record containing images and sounds of Earth for the viewing pleasure of whichever aliens happened across them. NASA has put the sounds of the Golden Record up on Soundcloud. Show More Summary

Contest: Win an autographed UK Dead Shadows DVD!

Contest ends August 5th, 2015. Hey all, DEAD SHADOWS, a sci-fi action film that I acted in (I played a badass Canuck kicking alien ass - yeah I stretched) is finally getting its UK DVD release (it's out now) and to celebrate, I'll be signing 5 copies of said DVD and sending them out to y'all. So how do you get a shot at stabbing one? Easy! Send an... Read More...

This Dazzling Aurora Will Help Narrow Down the Search for Alien Life

Auroras are among the most captivating phenomena on Earth, brightening polar skies with undulating ribbons of glowing charged particles. These eerie light shows have also been observed on many other planets in our solar system, leading astronomers to speculate that they might be as ubiquitous outside our stellar backyard as they are within it. Show More Summary

Illegal Alien Released By Border Patrol Charged In Ohio Crime Spree

An illegal immigrant charged with attempted murder in Ohio was set free earlier this month after the U.S. Border Patrol declined to take him into custody. Authorities indicate that more felony charges against the man may be forthcoming. Show More Summary

Obama’s Border Patrol Releases Another Illegal Alien Who Murdered and Raped Americans

Obama’s immigration department has freed another criminal illegal into the heartland this time by releasing a rapist who went on to murder an American citizen in Ohio. On July 7

Listen to the Earth sounds NASA recorded for aliens

21 hours agoHealth : The Checkup

It's now easier than ever to enjoy the audio summary of life on Earth that NASA sent out into interstellar space.The Golden Record is a funny thing. Sent off with the Voyager spacecraft in 1977, the phonograph recording (which is actually on multiple records) is meant to be a hodgepodge sampling of what life is like on Earth. Show More Summary

X-Files was inspired by Chris Carter's observation of alien abductees' hypnosis

23 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

In the early 1990s, Harvard psychiatrist John Mack studied hundreds of people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens and wrote multiple books about his research. He invited Chris Carter to sit in on one of Mack's regression hypnosis session with a self-proclaimed abductee, an experience that Carter says informed his vision for the X-Files. Read the rest

University Claims Not Using The Word “American” Will Move Us Closer To A Full Democracy

[guest post by Dana] Yet another institution of higher education seeks to strangle free speech in the name of unbiased and “inclusive excellence”: “American,” “illegal alien,” “foreigners,” “mothering,” and “fathering” are just a handful of words deemed “problematic” by the University of New Hampshire’s Bias-Free Language Guide. Show More Summary

Illegal Immigration Does Not Increase Crime and May Reduce It

Killing at the hands of an illegal alien spurs furious debate about closing borders and deporting the undocumented. It is the year before a presidential election and candidates denounce undocumented immigrants as the conveyors of Mexican violence into our country. When Robert J. Sampson, Harvard sociologist and criminologist, wrote about this news, he was not […]

Theatre - The Aliens

25 Aug-19 Sep Time Out New York gave Annie Baker's slacker comedy a five-star review when it debuted in 2010. Set in a Vermont coffee house, the play follows the formation...

Poster of the Week

Poster for Bad Tats by Aaron Huffman {{ image: 1 }} S ometimes you don't know what it's going to take to turn your day around until you come across a funny alien showing off its tattoos. Bad Tats w/the Rubs, Sunset Flip Sun Aug 2, Victory Lounge [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

Face-Off New Season Tonight on Syfy!

Season 9 begins with a cosmic bang as sixteen new talented artists work in teams of two to construct original alien animals that incorporate two models into one massive creation. This difficult task of fashioning the largest creatures...Show More Summary

The Republican Party Tried To Kill Its Demons In 2013. They're Still Alive.

WASHINGTON -- After the Republican Party took a drubbing at the polls on Election Day 2012, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus ordered an autopsy. The party, the coroner's report found a few months later, had alienated women and minoritiesShow More Summary

Newswire: A medical examiner to hunt serial killer, aliens in The Nye Incidents TV series

In case you secretly wish Temperance Brennan were more of a crackpot, Deadline reports that YRF Entertainment has just optioned a series based on The Nye Incidents, a comic book miniseries about a scientist who finds possible evidence of extraterrestrials. Show More Summary

MEXICAN ILLEGAL ALIEN Charged in Murderous Crime Spree After Border Patrol Refused to Detain Him

More American blood on President Barack Obama’s hands. An admitted illegal alien from Mexico confessed to a crime spree in... The post MEXICAN ILLEGAL ALIEN Charged in Murderous Crime Spree After Border Patrol Refused to Detain Him appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Convicted Killer, Illegal Alien Captured Re-Entering US from Mexico

Border Patrol agents apprehended a convicted murderer crossing the Mexican border into the US near McAllen Station, Texas. The Mexican... The post Convicted Killer, Illegal Alien Captured Re-Entering US from Mexico appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Hogan’s illness pushes understudy into alien territory — the spotlight

The Maryland governor’s chemo treatment has meant an expanded role for Boyd Rutherford.

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